Blood rules. Ink fools.

Blood rules. Ink fools.

A harmonic oscillator in classical mechanics (...

A harmonic oscillator in classical mechanics (A-B) and quantum mechanics (C-H). In (A-B), a ball, attached to a spring, oscillates back and forth. (C-H) are six solutions to the Schrödinger Equation for this situation. The horizontal axis is position, the vertical axis is the real part (blue) or imaginary part (red) of the wavefunction. (C,D,E,F), but not (G,H), are stationary states (energy eigenstates), which come from solutions to the Time-Independent Schrödinger Equation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Physics and biology are studies for predicting action. By measuring the electromagnetic charges of two fields, equations can be used to predict the amount of attraction or repulsion expected.

What is true in physics also guides biological processes. For instance, physics can be used to predict the stimulation of nerve signals and the transmission of sensations, as well as the forming of chemical bonds and the releasing of those bonds. Biology is not contrary to physics. Biology is an extension of physics.

What if there was a revolution in one’s understanding of physics? Could that also produce a shift in the understanding of biology (and even other fields)?

Quantum mechanics is a specialty within physics that measures the influence of consciousness on… the rest of consciousness. Even by measuring something, physicists can actually alter reality through the process of measuring.

By shining light through a set of slits, physicists can check for the dispersal pattern of the light that reaches a flat surface beyond the slits. What are slits? Slit is a label for the absence of something. Slits are actually just labels for “holes” or gaps within some other material.

The reality is that there are stable patterns of materialized energy (solidified energy). In the case of a piece of firewood, we know that the solidified energy can be converted “back in to energy” by exposing the solidified energy to sufficient heat (a particular form of energy that some people say is slightly contagious).

So, if we make some wood in to a flat panel like a board, and then we “carve out” some tiny slits “in to” the firewood, what we have then is the same panel of firewood except with just a little less wood (solidified energy) where there are now only empty “slits” (the absence of firewood). The slits are just gaps in the solidified energy of the panel of wood.

slit scan water

slit scan water (Photo credit: Kyle McDonald)

So, imagine that we shine light at the panel. Of course, most of the light is blocked or absorbed by the panel (which we might even light in to fire with a sufficient concentration of light, which is energy). So, we take some mobile energy and shine it at some solidified energy and then measure how the mobile energy “behaves” after it “goes through the holes in the panel.”

The mobile energy of light can be bent (or focused, refracted, etc) by various kinds of solidified energy, such as a piece of curved glass or a mirror or even a panel of wood. That is common knowledge.

However, quantum physics goes beyond rudimentary physics and measures the influence of the process of observing or measuring. The energy of the observation can also influence (or bend) the movement of a beam of shining light.

So, can different forms of observation consistently produces different influences? Can “highly-trained observers” produce more intense results than “average?”

Biology is all about energy. Patterns of energy (life forms) reproduce similar patterns of energy, like a seed from a mustard tree produces more mustard trees, while a tiger does not reproduce to create mustard trees, but to create more tigers.

Observing is influencing. When a tiger focuses on a creature that it would like to capture and kill, the target prey may sense the attention of the tiger. Hairs on the back of the neck of the prey may straighten out because of the electromagnetic field “shined” from the tiger toward the prey. Those prey who are least sensitive to those electromagnetic impulses and waves may be most likely to be captured and eaten. A tiger may focus on a few different possible targets before launching forward in an attempt to kill the next meal.

 Language is influence

Evolution and Human Behavior cover

Evolution and Human Behavior cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, I will be addressing the issue of family soon. All of what I have stated so far is simply to clarify some conceptual foundations including demonstrating some principles in language.

Language is influence. I am establishing patterns of consciousness and presenting them through language. When someone who is fluent in this language (English) is attentive to this sequence of linguistic symbols, there is a shift in the consciousness of the audience.

If I simply reference the color red, again, that produces a shift in the consciousness, attention, and experience of the audience. Language is a tool for influencing consciousness, just like measuring light alters the “behavior” of the light (a form of energy or consciousness).

Language allows for the transmission of patterns of consciousness. Language is a tool for communicating patterns of consciousness.

Consciousness Evolving

Consciousness Evolving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Observation is influence. Language is influence. Consciousness is influence. Consciousness responds to consciousness, whether with attraction or repulsion or a more complex behavior of

Confusion is a relatively disordered pattern of consciousness. Confusion can be created in regard to certain subjects to promote focusing on some other subject.

It is like clearing the top of a table to be able to put something on it. First, the top of the table must be clear before something can be put directly on top of the table. If anything is already on the table, it must be cleared away first.

Governments govern through influence

So, governments create programs to influence humans. Governments create systems of rewarding and punishing which are designed specifically to influence human behavior. Governments govern not only behavior, but also perception (as in “mind control”). For instance, that is what education systems do.

Government-regulated education refers to systems for influencing human behavior (like schools) that are regulated by other systems of influencing human behavior (like school boards or church councils or legislatures or courts). Even more regimentation could come through schools that are not just regulated by governments, but schools that are funded or even directly operated by governments.

Of course, governing behavior can be done without governing perception, but governing perception can produce dramatic increases in efficiency. So, schools train students to perceive certain things in certain ways and to value certain things more than others. All of that involves language.

Students can be taught that slits are possessing a panel of wood and spreading across the wood to destroy it. However, that is too directly contrary to observation to be very effective. What about this, though…?

Baldness is beginning to possess the head of the old man.” Baldness is just the absence of something, just like panels of wood may not have any hair. So, if we are taught to label certain slits as bald, then we are focusing away from the fact that the panel of wood is just a stable form of solidified energy which produces repulsion when similar forms of solidified energy approach it.

A dart flies toward a panel of wood. The dart and the wood are similar patterns of stable energy. The dart lands in the panel and stays there.

In contrast, sound does not “land in” the wood. Sound “goes around” the wood.

The dart flies in to the wood and lands there. Then the sound “thwunk” bounces back toward where the dart came from, but also in many other directions. Where did the sound come from? It is a new form of the old energy that was “in” the dart and/or the wood panel.

Note that I referenced energy “in” the wood. I did not call the wood energy. I said there was energy in the wood. I implied that wood is not energy, but a container for energy. Further, that patterning of language is quite useful, right?

So, before long, I notice that an incurable baldness is spreading across the surface of the wood panel. It is not just one or two slits, but a big hole now where there is no wood at all but only an empty hole with nothing in it except for a label. Further, there is no hair where there is no wood. There is nothing. You can see right through the nothing because it is nothing.

The first few hydrogen atom electron orbitals ...

The first few hydrogen atom electron orbitals shown as cross-sections with color-coded probability density (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, you may be wondering why did I mention what I mentioned about government schools. Well, there was a reason.

Anyway, back to the subject of the incurable baldness spreading across the panel of wood, a new panel replaced the old panel and the new panel is growing hair very quickly. It was apparently some kind of a transplant in which the energy of the new panel is reforming itself in to the form of energy called hair.

Now, you may be wondering why did I mention government schools at all. It is not because they influence perception or behavior. They don’t. That is not why they exist. They exist to promote families.

Pro-family governments

The way that government schools promote families is by preparing the human resources (the students) for extensive commercial assignments such as in the military or in factories or government bureaucracies. People should not be interested in procreation, which is immoral (or even criminal) without proper licensure from the relevant governing agency. In order to rescue people from the dangers of procreation and family, they are taught to focus on more important things, such as preserving the honor and dignity of the government.

On other words, students are trained to perceive only the things that the government wishes for them to perceive. However, this is morally wrong. Therefore, we must reform public education so that students are not exposed to language and other instruments for influencing the behavior and perception of the human resources.

Government schools are a leading cause of incurable baldness, which is contagious and is spreading from wood panel slit to wood panel slit. The way that people use language has nothing to do with the way that language is used in their midst, especially not during the very impressionable years of 6-21.

en: The Holy Family pl: Święta rodzina

en: The Holy Family pl: Święta rodzina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Governments should teach students how to effectively court appealing members of the opposite sex and produce lifelong happy marriages. Governments should never influence students in regard to what is attractive in members of the opposite sex. That is going too far and is immoral and criminal which is why governments would never do that (because they are totally opposed to reverse psychology for the monopolizing of government-regulated methods of human resource management).

In fact, governments are so interested in not influencing what students find interpersonally attractive that the very best governments of all are governments that at least indoctrinate the masses to believe that their government is the best for a very good reason. Anyway, you might be interested in the very good reason, so I guess that I will go ahead and tell you about it eventually, but perhaps not yet if at all….

Therefore, when top-level government officials closely monitor certain issues within other government agencies, that may or may not influence the perception and behavior of the bureaucrats within those agencies. Note that when I say “perception and behavior,” I am implying that perception is not behavioral. Perception of course is behavioral in the sense of the behavior of electrons and of chemical bonding and so on, but other than that, perception is in no way whatsoever behavioral. That’s ridiculous.

Governments train students in what is presumed to be true (without any particular independent validation). Governments also train students what is ridiculous, obsolete, criminal, immoral, unpopular, and in any way threatening to the interests of those who plan and guide governments.

Fortunately, the best governments are not influenced by their founders or by isolated groups of lobbyists. Yes, lobbying may happen occasionally, but that is nothing like bribery. The very best governments are entirely free of any form of corruption, deception, secrecy, or spying. Spying is immoral and criminal, which is why we must very carefully monitor our citizens (and the citizens of other regions of the planet) to make sure that the masses do not suffer the evil repercussions of engaging in any spying (unless authorized by the relevant licensing board of course, in which case spying is not actually spying, but just a form of baldness). We’re just protecting them from themselves.

From each according to his ability, to each ac...

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The government hotline on political salvation

In contrast, in reference to the title of this piece, ink does not fool. I was just kidding about that. Ink regulates (rules).

Furthermore, family is not important to those who form governments or invade and colonize. Family is not important at all to anyone. It is trivial.

If you want to know who really cares about you, just ask the government. They will tell you that they care about you, if you just call enough times and wait on hold for about half an hour and then press the right sequence of numbers on your phone to let them know that you are just calling to find out who cares about you the most. It is them. They do.

You can rely on governments to always operate with only your very best interests in mind. Rumors spread by malicious native americans suggesting that sometimes governments operate without the best interests of all of humanity in mind are clearly signs of mental illness. They are just jealous anyway.

Ask any soldier and they will tell you that governments never would encourage citizens to risk their lives on behalf of the government or to advance the interests of the government. That is ridiculous, rude, and quite imprecise. The basic laws of physics clearly demonstrate that governments love you more than anyone else and they like your family the best of all families, but are otherwise totally unbiased.

The mainstream media naturally has no special influence on the perceptions and behaviors of the masses (except of course for commercial advertising, but the exception only proves the rule). There is no interest in governing or controlling the kinds of programming that the mass media installs in to public consciousness because conspiracy theories are all inherently preposterous.

If you have any doubt about that, just call back the toll-free government hotline. Press the right sequence of buttons and then the government-approved voice recording can tell you exactly which scandals are the most valuable for you to focus on, because governments are the most unbiased form of human social organization in the history of bald slits.

For example, if you want to know the diet which the government recommends to you and your family, call the hotline. If you want to know which organizations to avoid as the biggest threat to your perception (to prevent remission of incurable government-induced mental illnesses), there is a government hotline just waiting for you to first call, then next wait on hold for approximately 24 minutes, and then finally press the very best sequence of buttons on your phone.

We’ve got your health care covered. We’ve got your national parks covered. We know how to balance a budget and produce long-term partnership and affinity amongst our members and staff.

We’re the government. We love you. Thank you again for your loyalty to our operation of organized coercion designed to produce well-regulated flows of the disproportionate redistribution of affluence.

By the way, while there is no charge for the act of calling the toll-free hotline, you may notice that on your phone bill there are $81 of monthly taxes and fees mandated by the government for supporting our programs to teach people the dangers of communist propaganda and unscientific mythology. By the way, you may want to know that our incurable bald slits are the very best for bending light from particles in to waves.

Now, the only reason that we do not want you researching communist propaganda is that it may result in confusion as you wonder what is the difference between communist propaganda which programs the masses to avoid dangerous forms of propaganda and non-communist propaganda which also programs the masses to avoid dangerous forms of propaganda. As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, just call the government hotline again and we will repeat some emotional slogans and confusing programming for the best interests of you and your family. 

Karl Marx (1818-1883)

Karl Marx (1818-1883) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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