Picnicking on panics of contagion (playing with language)

English: Concertina razor wire at a prison

English: Concertina razor wire at a prison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A.R.R. wrote:


“I think that the ordinary man or woman sees their life as a prison. For me, waking up meant the realization that there is no prison, that things are not as set in stone as I’d been taught, and that we are not limited as they’d like us to think. The prison is a mental construct/matrix of lies built upon lies, like a giant spiderweb that tells us we are powerless, and victims of circumstances beyond our control. When it is seen clearly, it loses it’s power over us.


 a cornerstone of the dark mental construct is the belief that contagions exist.”




JR replies:


The model of “how can i compare my life to a prison” is notable. It is “low-value” to me, though. [at least… eventually]


Português: Uma cela moderna em Brecksville Pol...

Português: Uma cela moderna em Brecksville Police Department, Brecksville, Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We have immense power and authority. We may pretend not to though and then desperately defend our pretenses, even to the point of condemning those who do not flatter our pretenses approvingly.

I lost the ability to walk a few years ago. I did not want relief, but a cure/ total remedy. 

I did not seek the assistance of mainstream practitioners [or only minimally]. I “manifested” a cure that cost me less than $5 (plus shipping). I recovered the ability to walk literally overnight.

One pretense of mine that did not endure through that development was the idea of “I need my family’s interest/care/rescue.” They did not rescue me. My path extended beyond their competence.

Anyway, I like this prison analogy: I am a guard at a prison where I claim everyone else is wrong /evil and so I need to stand around and guard them. I simply stand on the inside of the cell while they go about their lives freely outside of the prison.

That is a metaphor for a pretense of powerlessness. I cannot experience freedom by insisting that I must remain on post as a prison guard inside of a cell. Of course, I am free to use my power and authority to invest in such pretenses.




[her reply above was actually chronologically right AFTER what I wrote above, but I made the editorial choice to put her comment first here on the blog, then this is my next reply to her reply:]




So, I appreciate your courage to explore these topics. We are talking about language, right? You use the word prison poetically or metaphorically.

However, I have visited prisons (as well as mental institutions that were basically prison camps as well). I have worked in the corrections “industry,” in the legal industry, and I even spent several weeks in jail in St. John’s, Arizona, a few years ago. 

There are prisons. In fact, just knowing that there are prisons can be frightening. When I was very young, before I knew that prisons existed, I was not afraid of being sent to one nor grateful that they exist.

Further, it seems quite reasonable now to me for most people to BOTH be grateful that prisons exist and to be afraid of being sent to one. That is just common sense, right?

What about contagion [which is the original topic that she had brought up]? Is there any truth to legends of a “black plague” or genocidal chemical warfare as enemy civilians were given free blankets infected with smallpox?

Maybe such contagions did exist. There is a word for contagion and I suspect there is some truth to the idea, like perhaps malaria can spread so quickly that we would call it a contagion.

Further, when we speak of contagion, I think of things like “contagions of incurable scurvy.” Scurvy is a diagnostic label. It is not incurable. It is not contagious.

But are there metaphorical contagions at least? Yes.

In some cultures today, we could say that there is a contagion of hysterical hypochondria. There is a contagion of mental illness as systems of mind control promote guilt in the mainstream herds. The herds are easily disturbed by references to contagions as well as to conspiracy theories about governments (the ones far far away from us of course) that threaten our system of holy justice with a totally different type of government based on tyranny and coercion and deception, which is of course a huge contrast to our system which never ever would use reverse psychology because our mainstream herds are far too intelligent and alert for that kind of silly Santa Claus myth to work on our advanced supreme race of cyborgs.




English: Santa Claus with a little girl Espera...

English: Santa Claus with a little girl Esperanto: Patro Kristnasko kaj malgranda knabino Suomi: Joulupukki ja pieni tyttö (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So, if people “too publicly” question the fact that contagions of incurable scurvy could be the officially-recognized myth of our religion of “science,” then they are obviously mentally disturbed and therefore need to be imprisoned for their own welfare. A lot of folks- perhaps even Aajonus [a nutrition researcher who is respected by both myself and the lady who made the “life is like a prison” comment above]  – may present contempt for certain mainstream myths.


Is that [contempt] a sign of maturity and wisdom or a sign of hysteria and naïveté? Santa himself taught me never to be deceptive. However, I admit that sometimes I have wondered if he might have been joking all along and I just did not recognize the joke as a joke at the time.




Anyway, I saw on the TV news today (that is a lie) a very important and credible expert say that governments deserve to be both feared and respected. But he was obviously insane because his comments did not fit with my presumptions, so I just discarded him as a conspiracy theorist who just wants attention or is promoting his book or whatever. 

I really just cannot stand irrational scumbags like that who promote their own economic interests through the media. I would never do something so low and evil and wrong and disturbing and guilty and jealous and sarcastic. Why? Sarcasm paves the road to good intentions!

Vote for Gary Johnson and Rand Paul. They will fix everything. 

Something is wrong. They will fix it.

I insist hysterically that something must be wrong and I know who else besides me can identify exactly what is wrong and then provide me political salvation by campaigning in favor of fixing what is really wrong with my life. These saviors are going to really do the trick. I insist!






Oh my god, I just read an article about a new type of bacteria called mitochondria that are infesting the cells of animal species all over this planet in order to promote this other totally new thing called aerobic metabolism. It is apparently almost as good as ketogenic metabolism. 

Anyway, the contagion of mitochondrial metabolism was officially announced by the FDA as not being a curse created by the black magic specialists of the bad governments trying to take over our good government with totally different methods. Fortunately, we have a total separation of church and state, so religious myths could never be part of our scientific models about what should be and what needs fixing because it should not be. 

I am planning a panic next weekend by the way if anyone is interested. Oops- not a panic… A picnic! I would never plan a panic because, duh, that is like identifying some pattern as what should not be and then denying it and dismissing it and hoping it goes away by itself and then -wham- suddenly I realize that I may have been in the mainstream herd as exposed to programming about what I should panic about and what I should trust the government to prevent (or whatever). It is very very important to trust the government because they are so reliable, like the USSR had this program called Obamacare which the USSR promised would last forever and that is why the USSR must never dissolve. If they dissolve, who else is going to be responsible for my welfare besides me? I would totally panic if that happened- or maybe i would picnic if that happened- definitely one or the other because both would just be plain silly! LOL




She replied:


“No disrespect intended JR, but your manner of speaking has made your words incomprehensible to me. Maybe you are misunderstanding me as well?


I’m guessing that you disagree with my saying that contagions don’t exist. I understand that bacteria can spread, however they only consume dead and/or diseased tissue, not healthy, so they aren’t a problem for someone who is not too toxic. Viruses, on the other hand are not contagions and the idea that they are is a belief that has been installed in the masses for control purposes. You seem to agree with this in one paragraph then disagree in the next… not sure what you are trying to say.”


English: Dorchester Penitentiary in New Brunsw...

English: Dorchester Penitentiary in New Brunswick Canada. Opened in 1880 as a maximum security prison, it now functions as a medium security facility. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




I was being playful (for fun and also to make a point). First, I agree with all of the existence of all of the patterns and phenomenon that you reference. There is no “controversy of fact” (a lawyer’s term) but there is a huge variety of how different people can label (relate to) the same developments.

For instance, as I also see your comments with Daniel H., I am inviting a relaxing in regard to “whether or not contagions exist.” Let’s simply drop the “either/or” debate/fight/argument. The WORD of contagion does exist and it COULD BE useful at least to someone sometimes.

People use the term contagion to refer to a sudden and widespread *recognition* of some similar medical issues. Before I was as “perfectionist” as I later became, I used the word contagion without a whole lot of precision or concern… or paranoia. Yes, the label “contagion” was meaningful to me, like appropriate for my intellectual stage of development.

To go even more extreme, there really are massive crop failures sometimes. There really are sudden declines in the population of animal species (such as humans), as well as sudden declines in physiological functionality (“contagion”).

Further, there really are “imprecise” uses of the term “contagion.” That was what the whole “contagion of incurable scurvy” sequence was about.

Finally, part of my “fun” was to test for who would respond to all of that and how. Since you brought up issues that often would be categorized as “mental health issues,” (like delusion) I “re-framed” all of that, too….


Prison dorm, Leavenworth, Kansas

Prison dorm, Leavenworth, Kansas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Plus, earlier while I was crunching through the bones of duck to get to the marrow, I was also typing a bunch of facebook replies here making fun of lots of the kinds of “political commentary” that I have heard from Paleo folks and Primal folks and Ancestral Health folks and so on. Let’s be attentive to our language as well as our diet. 

I still think David Wilcock is “imprisoning” people with his “low-value” (to me) commentaries. But I also appreciate him. There was a time when I valued him as an authority, at least in regard to certain issues.



” we’ll have to agree to disagree about DW. I think his two recent books, Sourcefield Investigations, and Synchronicity Key are awesome, but I like your ideas about language, and also the use of syntax — which I see has been deliberately manipulated to contain the masses within a delusion.”






J.R replies:




Anyway, I have always liked Wilcock’s primary content. However, with my expertise in economic analysis, I just thought his “good-intentioned” comments about silver were “unfortunate.” 

Then, when he kept referencing Ben Fulford as credible and relevant, my evaluation of Wilcock simply plunged. Fulford has consistently made specific extreme forecasts about global politics (especially the US) and, to the best of my knowledge, has been repeatedly wrong very clearly. I cannot say for sure that Fulford is a “disinformation agent” of the CIA or a similar agency of psychological warfare, but he appears to me to have all the of signs.

In regard to one of Ben and David’s favorite political “hopes,” I’ve known about “NESARA” since 2002. That has been 11 years of “just keep waiting one more week and then the ETs are finally going to save us- really, this time is for real.” Eventually, those myths do start to look… rather mythological.



prison (Photo credit: kIM DARam)


Incidentally, I also sent Aajonus an email challenging him as to the EFFECTIVENESS (relevance) of the political commentary that he made at the end of the red Primal Diet book that I bought from him around 2005 (one of the times that I met him in person). He did not reply.

I emailed the Gary Johnson campaign, too, offering my summary recommendations. No reply there either.

Around 2004, I emailed Aaron Brown (the head of CNN) about the coming global economic destabilization. He actually did reply back (or an aide of his maybe). The reply said, in brief, “that is not daily news. We focus on new developments, not long-term analysis of the recent past or the possible future.”

I thought his answer was “slightly” reasonable, but mostly BS. There are lots of commentaries on CNN that present longer-term analysis. 

In fact, intelligent forecasters (competent ones that are actually accurate) are even on TV occassionally, such as Robert Prechter who was on Bloomberg TV on Oct. 19, 2007: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo6TwLyOW1A . (If you notice the date and notice what happened in the next few years and then watch the video, you may be intrigued with his perspective). Anyway, Robert Prechter laughed at Max Keiser and Peter Schiff in a live interview on August 19th, 2013http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIrlWyyr_HA but it is notable who is open to “highly-precise” forecasts and who is terrified of them, ridiculing them, yelling, interrupting, etc….

Anyway, back in 2004, I thought “more people should know about this. They should pay attention to me!” Now, why do I want Prechter on TV (or to be on TV myself)? Why should the mainstream herds be presented high-value analysis? Why should I care?

So, David Wilcock’s political and economic commentary could be relevant eventually. To me, it contains very high doses of wishful speculations and… delusion. But hey I could be wrong, right? 

By the way, I mention Keiser and Schiff because those guys present themselves as specialists in their fields and then people like David Wilcock come along and quote Keiser and Schiff about silver and currency hyperinflation. Whoever is talking about it does not alter the fact that some stuff is clearly nonsense (like me clowning around above), while some seems plausible (maybe to those easily panicked due to extensive ideological programming) but is only clearly nonsense on closer inspection (like lots of what Wilcock paraphrased from Keiser & Schiff), while some is clearly accurate- over and over and over.

I understand that Wilcock may have sincerely perceived Keiser and Schiff to be competent. Wilcock may simply have not known how to tell a competent economic analyst from a sincere clown. I might not be all that precise is sorting competent airplane pilots from actors faking it. I just don’t know enough about it to make that distinction.

However, I do understand language. That may sound trivial, but what if it is very important? On that note, here is a video of mine:www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yPoE9bXaYo






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