Why to dismiss all criticism of Obamacare as racist hysteria

  • Monthly multiple sclerosis MRI animation

    Monthly multiple sclerosis MRI animation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Mandatory participation is an “artificial” increase in demand, which could drive up prices. Who lobbied hardest for Obamacare? Those supporters are probably from the same industries that will be most benefited by that government redistribution program.
    Government spending

    Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

    If companies like Monsanto (& ADM, Dow Chemicals, etc) are concerned that public health in the US may be improving and thus demand for their remedies could decline, then a program like Obamacare might be something for them to create and promote. I recovered from Multiple Sclerosis with something that cost me less than $5, but there is no massive marketing program to tell physicians about that solution because that natural substance cannot be patented (so there is very little profit margin). Eventually, physicians like Dr. Terry Wahls documented some methods like the one I used and got published, but that did not create the solution. The solution was always available. That just publicized that solution- and only barely so far.

    Lots of medical solutions can be excluded from the mainstream’s awareness using massive bureaucracies to regulate what treatment methods are legal (legal to publicize as well as legal to offer privately). Governments can only censor science, not alter it.

    English: The UK diagnostics headquarters of th...

    English: The UK diagnostics headquarters of the Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffman-La Roche, built on the former location site of Ericsson offices. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    For instance, governments can fund projects to try to figure out the problems with popular models of astrophysics. However, the simple reality is that the “electric universe model” has always been much more accurate than the standard popular models, whose flaws have been hidden by adorning them with completely speculative theories about “dark matter” and other fanciful theories to “explain away” the massive flaws in the old but popular Newtonian models- which are decent models historically, but now are obsolete.

    Each new space probe sends back data that NASA calls shocking. Why? Because the data consistently disproves Newtonian models and consistently fits the predictions of the plasma/ electric universe scientists. Huge amounts of money are spent to try to “update” the flawed and rather unscientific models, which tends to keep attention and resources away from the clearly superior model, which does not really need any additional research to support it.

    So, huge amounts of human intelligence are diverted by governments away from clearly accurate models toward familiar but obsolete models. Why is an electromagnetic model such a huge threat to the mainstream culture? Most people don’t care about astrophysics. That is not the issue, so what could be…?

    English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

    English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Because the “mechanical” models of biochemistry basically suck. An aggressive funding of biophysics research would soon make almost all pharmaceutical interventions obsolete.

    I do not work in market research for a pharmaceutical company (or I would not be divulging the above info), but the job of such a market research consultant would be to identify threats to demand and then propose methods for interfering with public awareness of methods that are “too competitive.” All government programs are created by special interest groups to advance the special interests of the special interest group. For instance, public schools systematically promote the interests of those who set up and guide public school curriculum (such as armies and pharmaceutical companies and so on).

    SS Pharmaceutical company factories in Narita,...

    SS Pharmaceutical company factories in Narita, Chiba. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    So, in modern consumer culture, there is a huge buzz about anti-oxidants. But what is the ultimate result of consuming things high in anti-oxidants? An anti-oxidant provides exactly one free electron.
  • Thus, the biggest threat to the anti-oxidant “industry” would be a cheap, freely available supply of free electrons. For instance, the earth.Those who never directly touch the earth (or insulate their contact with rubber-soled shoes) will surely benefit from consuming foods high in anti-oxidants. However, a small amount of time daily spent physically touching the earth (or a tree, like is done by tree-huggers), will also transfer a huge amount of electrons from the earth to the human.So, the entire medical industry thrives based on chronic systemic inflammation (which leads to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, you name it). What threatens the entire industry? Healthy people who do not experience inflammation because there are electrons available for efficient metabolic activity.

    Lack of energy? Fatigue? Insomnia? Headaches? Stiffness? High Blood Pressure? Hormonal imbalances?

    All can easily be solved by providing an abundant supply of free electrons (ASSUMING that there is adequate hydration, since water is conductive for the distribution of the electrons). Without the free electrons, just adding chemical compounds is ineffective.

    For instance, a corpse has chemical compounds, but no intact electromagnetic field. Which is more important to the functionality of “the corpse:” adding more nutrients or providing a moderate shock to the chest?

    BioCamp participants getting insights into the...

    BioCamp participants getting insights into the pharmaceutical industry (Photo credit: Novartis AG)

    So, if moderate amounts of electricity can restart someone’s heart after it stops, but a pharmaceutical drug cannot, then electricity is clearly the more powerful intervention. Further, if large amounts of electricity can kill someone (like a lightning bolt), then once again biochemistry is clearly a relatively minor issue.

    Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company, Limited ,Dos...

    Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company, Limited ,Doshomachi Chuo-ku Osaka-City Osaka Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    However, what percentage of medical research focuses on electromagnetic TREATMENTS? 1%? .05%?

    By now it is widely known that electromagnetic fields are great for precisely measuring health (ECGs, MRIs, CAT scans, etc), but I am sure, on my supreme scientific authority as a lobbyist for the pharmaceutical companies, that there cannot be any valid therapeutic value for electricity- except in the one case of restarting a stopped heart. Anyone who suggests otherwise is clearly disloyal to His Majesty, Obama.


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