Alarmist Santa Claus reveals new illuminati conspiracy

It is intelligent to accurately perceive both danger and opportunity. Every situation includes a range of potential costs and potential benefits. There is a very wide range of contrasting perceptions among different people or even for myself across time.

Many of us perceive very little through direct observation but instead focus on ideals about what they have been trained and programmed to perceive (to expect). Who among us has not been trained to reject or resist certain possibilities as “what should not be” or “what is too frightening to even contemplate” or “what is too disturbing to mention?” Further, even if we were not trained in the arts of pretense and suppression, there is still the phenomenon of sudden exposure to brightness which can be blinding at first.

So, it is functional to pretend not to BE whatever is socially rejected as “how we should not be.” It is also functional to pretend not to notice whatever is socially denied as “what should not be.”

My presumption is that you have recently become more and more alarmed because of a series of experiences that have allowed you to be more sensitive than most people. On the one hand, it is fascinating how the masses are influenced, programmed, trained, and governed by those who direct their attention, their perception, and their behavior. On the other hand, it is terrifying and humbling.

I believed in Santa. I was fooled. Then, when I found out that I had been fooled, I was embarrassed and pissed off and of course I tried to undermine the systemic deception of the entire Santa Claus lie. A few decades later, I have moved on to other issues and, alas, still the great religious deceptions of Santa Claus and other myths continue. It is almost as if systematic deception is socially valuable and functional!

Anyway, when the eyes are not yet adjusted to extreme brightness, that first exposure can be disorienting, frightening, and humbling. If you post alarmist things somewhere like facebook, I could presume that you may be drawing attention to yourself in the hope that someone will say “you are getting quite perceptive, so would you like for me to calmly show you the basics of what is really going on so that you can be both perceptive and relaxed, rather than somewhat perceptive but also upset or reacting or at effect?”

Or, maybe you are hoping that the NSA will see your brilliant posts and notice how smart you are and then come and rescue you from the circumstances of your life. By the way, what’s taking them so long, anyway?

I know that you may THINK that you are interested in “sounding the alarm” to “save everyone” and “prevent what should not happen” from happening, but if you are willing to set aside those “heroic” contexts at least for a moment, we could talk about how these topics are interesting to you. We could talk about how the new experiences of being alert (rather than being a zombie) are important to you. We could talk about how isolated it seems to be when you are the first alarmist (as far as you know) among your peers and acquaintances.

Keep in mind that everything you have ever been programmed to believe through the mass media, or through public indoctrination schools, or through religious propaganda systems, is absolutely true with no possibility of imprecision. To the one who is sincere, everything that they already believe is for them “the truth,” which can be a major impairment to accurate perception, including the precise recognition of dangers and opportunities.

But you probably are not interested in precise recognition of risks and opportunities. You probably would rather be “right” (keep your existing presumptions without reference to their accuracy or functionality- simply because they are familiar). Yes? No? Maybe?


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