Court systems of wealth redistribution and organized inequality


Currency systems of organized extortion

Money is a ticket. It is a ticket that buys a certain unit of organized violence from the court system that administers that currency system.

The court system establishes demand for the ticket by implementing an extortion system to coerce wealth from the domestic population within their jurisdiction (the geographic area where they monopolize the use of organized coercion by using organized coercion to punish and attack other competing systems of organized coercion, which they label as criminal extortion).


Court systems of organized coercion

The dominant system of extortion calls their extortion system by labels such as “taxation.” In ancient times, the soldiers (AKA tax collectors or thugs) of the first court systems forced the population that they governed to exchange tangible wealth for the court system’s currency unit. That could be exchanging a sheep or chicken or bushel of wheat or barrel of oil for a set amount of currency.

The rulers of the court system set the exchange rate. In other words, the court system dictates the exchange rate and enforces it with organized coercion. Those who do not comply with the taxation system (by “trading” real tangible assets for the sacred currency unit) are subject to garnishment, levy, foreclosure, and so on. In other words, the tax collectors were going to take a portion of every farmer’s harvest, so the farmer might as well accept a sacred token of “money” as an “exchange” for the wheat that the tax collectors were already wheeling away.


Tax systems of organized justice

The tax claims against the population are literally just claimed as in announced or dictated. Organized coercion is used to promote compliance by the population. Further, extensive systems of religious indoctrination may be implemented to program the masses to accept the system’s currency token as the sacred object of the system, plus to assert that the current religion is not only better than all other governing religions, but is not even a religion at all, but is simply inherently and unquestionably legitimate.

The systems of disproportionate redistribution of wealth are called systems of justice, meaning systems that promote the “proper” distribution of economic inequality. The religious priesthoods of ruling courts dictate what is justice and what is not justice (called “injustice”), and then enforce those particular definitions through the monopolizing of organized coercion. In different places and at different times, definitions of “justice” and “injustice” vary. Mainstream media and the religious indoctrination systems of public schools may present ideals that “justice” (or “right” or “good” or “holy”) is fundamentally connected to specific patterns of activity, but all systems of indoctrination present that same ideal and none of them present the exact same set of behaviors as the behaviors that correspond to the invented linguistic label of “justice.”

A ruling court system can of course change their definitions of justice or injustice whenever they want. Why? they are the military rulers. So, they can promote new constitutional amendments or create new rebellions and revolutions.


Conflicting systems of organized coercion

When one system of extortion invades (or “liberates”) another, we can recognize that the exact same claims to legitimacy are made by the new ruling group. Why the sudden new religion and complete disregard for the prior legitimacy of the prior system? Because the operation of organized coercion is a new one to that geographic area.

Organized coercion rules. The foundation of legitimacy is organized coercion.

When the system of organized coercion known as Nazi Germany was replaced by a new system of organized coercion, that was just a different system of organized coercion. The foundation of government is always organized coercion. When systems of organized coercion conflict, then eventually one will either merge with the other or conquer it (or perhaps both will collapse because of the conflict, but then some other new system of organized coercion would eventually arise).


The religious ideal of justice

So, another connection between courts and religion is the new commandment of the Hebrew tradition which was given to Noah. Before the ten commandments given to Moses (in the book of Exodus) and before Noah, Jewish scholars assert that 6 primary commandments were given to Adam by God (in Genesis 2:16 ) , and then a later seventh commandment was added: “the formation of courts of justice.”

Courts of justice means consistent systems of organized coercion. *Consistent* organized coercion promotes stability and order and predictability.

Basically, the seventh commandment (which would be around the time of the 9th chapter of Genesis) was for humans to enforce the first six commandments or laws. The story is that God promised not to destroy humanity with another flood IF the humans would “police” themselves.

London, Royal Courts of Justice

London, Royal Courts of Justice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, courts of justice were established and of course these courts eventually needed the respect and support of the masses. So, for respect, the courts implemented rituals of human sacrifice (like what Moses was doing later in Exodus as he prepared to sacrifice his son to God).  For support, they extorted wealth from the masses in systems of taxation, fines, fees, and so on (all of which increased demand for their sacred currency token).

How do governing religions alter demand for their sacred token? By altering tax rates, fines, fees, and so on, they alter demand. Further, by promoting public compliance (through acts of terror or propaganda mythology), they can increase public demand.


The Criminal Justice

How did they punish unlicensed (unauthorized) killing? By issuing death warrants to license the “legitimate” killing of murderers! “Murder” was criminalized, not killing in general, and certainly not war. (See Ecclessiastes and dozens of other references to God authorizing or even commanding the use of warfare by the Hebrews).

English: Aztec ritual human sacrifice portraye...

English: Aztec ritual human sacrifice portrayed in the page 141 (folio 70r) of the Codex Magliabechiano.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How would a crime like kidnapping be punished? By abducting and imprisoning those convicted or at least accused of criminal kidnapping.

How did the courts pay for their system to punish theft and to force thieves to pay compensation for thievery? By implementing systems of organized coercion (as in taxation or court-authorized extortion).

How much wealth would the population be forced to provide to support the ruling court system? That varied over time and geography, as you may have noticed.

Eventually, sacred tokens were created that court systems accepted as a method of paying off the tax extortion claims that the court systems invented. If someone had enough sacred tokens to cover both their taxes and the fines for the particular crime they were accusing of committing (such as driving in excess of the speed limit or an unauthorized act of ritual human sacrifice), then the court system would not (typically) abduct, imprison, and kill them. Or, occasionally court operations of violence might still conduct violence against people who did comply- but who is going to police the police? Only higher levels of the ruling system can rule over the lower ranking members of the priesthood that rules through monopolizing organized violence.


But GENERALLY, the court systems of organized coercion operated consistently from case to case. That is why the great goddess of the last few thousands years, called Justitia in Latin, is sometimes depicted as blind- because she is blind to at least certain details of the case. (She simply measures the weight of the currency put on her scale: is it enough to cover the dictated amount of the tax debt? If not, she raises her sword to conduct violence for coercion, for terrifying the rest of the population in to compliance.)

Court systems have developed some rather odd exceptions, like releasing from confinement a confessed rapist for such technicalities as failing to properly inform the suspect of the right to remain silent. (This was the case of a man named Miranda and the right to remain silent came to be known as “the Miranda rights”). However, even in the case of such odd exceptions, the courts systems were generally consistent in how they applied the incredible array of exceptions.


Hence the legal profession was born, because the simple 6 commandments given tot Adam developed in to 613 Jewish commandments and then thousands more, with a multitude of variations from one jurisdiction to another. Who would sort through these “codes” that are called legal “codes” because they may mean something different from what the the unschooled or uninitiated think that the linguistic codes mean? Lawyers! Judges! Magistrates (Magi)!

These initiated priests swear oaths to conduct themselves in specific ways during the rituals of the ruling temple. They go through extensive training and are subject to lose their privileged status for non-compliance.


Using coercion, immense systems for promoting inequality could be implemented, including through taxes and wars and crusades and invasions (“liberations”). Further, propaganda in churches and public indoctrination schools and mass media could promote compliance with the system of organized inequality through coercion and could also promote the labeling by the masses that such systems were not religions but something more valid than mere religions: the most sacred thing of all, government!


The Criminal Pardon

But wait… what if a person was convicted of crimes but then the elite members of the court system of organized inequality wanted to “pardon” the criminal? Great!

Things like presidential pardons are accepted parts of many court systems of organized inequality. Maybe someone is a confessed rapist (and maybe they were properly read their rights, so when they confessed, it did not magically “cancel” the validity of the criminal proceeding), but even though they confessed to committing rape, they also proved their good citizenship by giving several million dollars to build a library in the name of President Clinton or President Reagan. Well, then obviously they may deserve a Presidential pardon, right?

Who is authorized to grant a criminal pardon (“redemption, salvation, release from hell”)? Only an authorized member of the ruling priesthood of organized coercion has the authority to grant a pardon which will be honored by other members of the ruling system of organized coercion (“governing”).

The Royal Courts of Justice Sign, London

The Royal Courts of Justice Sign, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Royal Courts of Justice Sign, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Court systems of wealth redistribution and organized inequality

Court systems redistribute wealth through consistent systems of organized coercion. The court systems create demand for sacred tokens called currency by dictating tax claims that the public must pay through the use of the sacred token of currency (or else be subjected to abduction, incarceration, garnishment, etc). Finally, the court systems can set or alter exchange rates as they wish, like one unit of sacred token per bushel of wheat or per ounce of gold (and of course the court systems monopolize access to the gold mines with their armies before creating demand for something that is not otherwise especially useful like gold).


What is valuable about gold? It is rare, but so is a six-fingered hand. What is really valuable about gold is that court systems of organized inequality could monopolize access to gold mines and then gather up lots of gold, then sell it to the masses in exchange for things of real practical value, like wheat or sheep.

Why would the masses exchange perfectly good sheep or wheat for a little sacred token of gold? Because the court systems of organized extortion dictated that those who failed to comply were subject to punishment by such things as public rituals of human sacrifice, such as the often-repeated story of the torturing and crucifying of the most famous icon of modern systems of Holy Imperialism: Jesus.

Deckengemälde Justitia Pfarrkirche St. Oswald,...

Deckengemälde Justitia Pfarrkirche St. Oswald, Otterswang Bad Schussenried, Landkreis Biberach, Baden-Württemberg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sculpture of Lady Justice on the Gerechtigkeit...

Sculpture of Lady Justice on the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen in Frankfurt, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shelby County Courthouse, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Shelby County Courthouse, Memphis, Tennessee, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Justitia, Old Bridge of Heidelberg. Taken with...

Justitia, Old Bridge of Heidelberg. Taken with a Canon 5D. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Papstgrab, Justitia

Papstgrab, Justitia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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