How to stop experiencing fear in 666 simple steps

Do you know how to stop experiencing fear? Do you know how to stop experiencing frustration?

First, by resisting the experience of frustration, does that perpetuate the experience and multiply it… or relieve the frustration and the fear behind the frustration? Do you recognize that frustration IS frightened and indeed IS the resisting of fear?

How do you stop being frustrated (resisting fear)? Stop resisting the fear. Experience the fear. Calm down. Stop pushing so hard and pretending not to be afraid.

Harry re-experiencing an event from his youth

Harry re-experiencing an event from his youth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The frustration is a signal of fear. What exactly is feared? The trigger for frustration is probably related to the actual fear, but probably is a bit of a diversion or obscuring of the primary fear- like the one that when you reference that fear directly, that alters breathing and causes tears to come to the eyes.

So, you may say that the situation is bad. You may fear it “getting worse.”

What exactly does that mean? (Like how could it get “worse” that you would fear?)

Samantha talks with her bridesmaids

Samantha talks with her bridesmaids (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you notice that, then you can also notice a contrasting possibility: how “it” could be better, what you value, what you would appreciate, what you hope for. Rather than pretend not to value some outcome more than another, rather than pretend not to experience hope or disappointment or fear of disappointment, one could notice that the pretending has been pretending.

Beyond all of the pretense of advaita and similar forms of spirituality, there is the shifting of human experience. The spiritual disciplines provide for a “game” in which the emotions can be respected, then recognized, then even appreciated.

So, we begin by ignoring the game of spirituality, then being involved in it (because our family “expects” it, etc), then perhaps being cynical (rebelling against the family), then a renewed sincere interest (probably in a different form than whatever our family encouraged), then perhaps obsession and addiction, then sincerely “telling everyone” how great it is and how they should all be less like how they are and more like how we pretend to be (AKA “being a total asshole/ provoking people/ driving them away/ fucking with them”), and so on. We eventually get disappointed by the game, recognizing the futility of the pretense, and that may be the outcome for which the game is designed (which is consistently available through fully playing the game of spirituality): it can only be won by recognizing the game as a game and then quitting. By quitting, then one can actually play the game as just a game.

How do we stop being frustrated? We do not. We accept that being frustrated is just being frustrated temporarily and does not alter “who I am.” Then, the momentum of the resisting diminishes.The resisting is the source of the frustration.

Scared child

Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do we stop resisting fear? Be afraid. Welcome it. Study it. Respect it. Appreciate it.

First, fear it. Then, permanently avoid focusing on the subject of reverse psychology. It is very frustrating to attempt to pretend not to be focusing on something by focusing on it.

After you have completed those two steps, then I can tell you the other 664 steps which consistently and inevitably lead to a spiritual awakening. You are very close. Just keep striving and concentrating and stressing over the issue.

Do not keep making the situation worse by relating to the situation as if it should not be how it is. Do not keep resisting fear by pretending that you are beyond fear because you are so spiritually arrogant that you no longer experience fear.

You are desperately terrified of fear. You are frightened of terror.

You are just like billions of other humans. So what?
What if you stopped trying to “get somewhere” just for a moment? What if you were okay with “getting nowhere” (no desperate, anxious urge to escape from your experience- including your emotions)? What if you calmed down and recognized your fears and your hopes clearly, then accepted pretense and avoidance as possible behavioral choices that you might practice in a moment of fear? What if you welcomed emotion and the variety of human experience? Would finally be reborn as a mere human, once again?


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  1. Eric Tonningsen Says:

    Thank you for your pingback, JR. I appreciated your post’s message.

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