Is the government “just trying to help?”

  • There seems to be the concept of helping others and then the concept of helping strictly yourself. I find the most enjoyable moments to be the ones where the self can be enjoyed and the possibility of helping others is possible. Therefore to release the concepts of what should be done or what could be done will only allow the self to blossom right before the eyes of anybody who is paying attention.
    English: The School of Athens (detail). Fresco...

    English: The School of Athens (detail). Fresco, Stanza della Segnatura, Palazzi Pontifici, Vatican. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    To suggest that sharing thoughts with others could be negative is not to understand that all of us have the capacity to learn from each other when there is an openness to it. I am willing to even go as far as to say it is up to the listener or receiver of communication to interpret the communication as they deem necessary. Therefore in actuality there is no responsibility to the one who is conveying the message as they reserve the right to interpret the dream as they wish.

    Therefore to have the openness and/or freedom to express one’s interpretation is a blessing and is in a sense divine creativity in action no matter how it is interpreted by the receivers. Therefore the author assumes no responsibility for how others might feel or interpret it’s work or random Facebook bullshit. Thank you and have a good day  

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    • Daniel Fritschler The thing that separates divine creativity and egoism is repeating words or concepts for acceptance is pure egoism which we can say is a form of the divine just not a creative one.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn The transmitted message and the experience of the audience are distinct, yes. The concept of “who is responsible for what” is simply another claim formed in language. That concept has it’s function.Who should be punished? Who should be glorified? Who should be avoided?All of these are possible constructions in neuro-linguistic pattterns of noticing, of the forming of attention, of the structuring of consciousness.
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    • Daniel Fritschler There should be No punishment for expression…but you and I both know that isn’t how most see it…there is no responsibility in any of it unless one deems it necessary to punish another…so it is all just a concept and it’s function is what sensei?
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn “There should be this and not that” is just a concept too and of course no one should have taboos. They are forbidden. Reverse psychology obviously should exist, but it does not. It is a serious problem.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Language is a biological function, most of which operate within the realm of natural selection, like which insects mate and multiply and which insects get eaten etc…. There are many insects that speak as if they are human, but zombies and ghosts are equally valid labels for them, at least in the mouths of poets like the ones on CNN.
    • Daniel Fritschler There are only concepts of problems….but are there any real or actual problems in language JR?

      Henry Moore, Reclining Figure, 1951, Fitzwilli...

      Henry Moore, Reclining Figure, 1951, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Yes. Only in language are there any real or actual problems. And that is precisely the problem!
    • Daniel Fritschler For who or what?
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn I did not say yet. And I really should have. I apologize.What you may not get is that I pretend to be so powerful that I claim to be responsible for all the problems that I make up by relating to language as a problem. I should be more sincere. Please forgive me. Thank you.
    • Daniel Fritschler Ok smart ass..take the powerful thing out as we all know language only has power over the ones who give it attention or power. Anyways reverse psychology gets to the root of all evil….did you know that? Oh powerful one?
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn If you say so. Anyway, when I get off of this bus, then you are going to be more or less powerful, more or less responsible, more or less alive. That is a promise. Or that is a request. Or that is a joke.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Sometimes, the activity of language seems to be happening. Is it possible to notice that activity as just a bunch of activity?Probably not, right? How could anyone ever notice the activity of language and then just create a lack of victimization by language and say “so what?” Is that even impossible or not?And why on earth would my favorite sport team ever have done the things they did? It simply makes no sense whatsoever!?!?!
    • Daniel Fritschler Ah so the game of duality or relationships is all about cause and effect. All communication be it verbal or otherwise falls under the dual rules.

      Me and my 542 bestest friends (on Facebook)

      Me and my 542 bestest friends (on Facebook) (Photo credit: tychay)

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Look, if it is all your responsibility, then you are omnipotent. That is a lot of power and influence.

      Unfortunately, for some people, having power over all of the world is just not enough and Satan’s attempt to tempt me eventually is disappointingly frustrating for Satan because unfortunately for him, I already have power over every activity in consciousness. If only I could get rid of having power over all activity in consciousness though… that would truly be freedom!

      But when Satan asked me to trade him my consciousness for the power that I already have, I realized that I was simply not capable of it. I would never be free of my own alertness.

      It was like I was possessed by it. I was trapped inside of my own trap which I had pretended to invent, figuratively speaking.

      Did I disappoint Satan? Should I have helped him out by agreeing to his bargain?

      Alas, I fear that I may one day regret that I totally ruined his life, but for now I do not even notice such a possibility. I am focused on other things, such as reverse psychology, for which I am want you to know that from the bottom of my heart, I am truly insincere and yet it seems as if there is absolutely nothing that I can do about my lack of disturbance and mental illness.

      Everyone else is crazy and I am just slightly confused. I think….

      So, just how confused exactly should I pretend to be? Let me see if I still have Satan’s phone number because I think that he has some expertise in the art of reverse sarcasm.

      Help Shellified LP 01

      Help Shellified LP 01 (Photo credit: Pineapples101)

    • Daniel Fritschler Hey listen buddy leave me and mental illness alone to talk about all of this….I am crazy and going to commit a chemical attack against Arizona if you keep it up.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn “You know, if I want to present the pretense to others that I am extremely confused, then I should probably concoct some idea of a distant authority in whom I rely for guidance. Only confused people rely on remote authorities for guidance, right?”Satan is a clever one, eh? For a while I thought he was talking about Santa, but then I realized that Santa is not even real.
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    • Daniel Fritschler Wait I am confused…
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn A chemical attack? Why would you ever attack a chemical? They are just innocent little molecules? What did they ever do to you, you cruel and malicious human!?!?!Anyway, I am crusading this week against cholesterol and fat. They are very bad chemicals. They must be stopped and prevented. You should join my crusade!The people also need to be warned about the dangers of oxygenated hydrogen (AKA water). People are drowning all over the world due to a lack of government centralization of power to combat the horrible enemy of… chemicals.We are going to need more funding. Please send your balance due (since the tax rate was just raised by my agents in Congress who are horrible villains and I completely oppose what they do and have no influence over them whatsoever) to the following recipient: “The Sworn Enemy of Satan”Satan is quite horrible. It is a good thing that we have heroes like the Sworn Enemy of Satan to protect us from the bad guys, whose existence justifies the system of mandatory taxation.

      Help! 5D Problem

      Help! 5D Problem (Photo credit: aturkus)

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Satan: “When in doubt, believe whatever the media tells you because they are totally unbiased.”Jesus: “I doubt that I will ever be in doubt. I am no doubting Thomas, dude. I am the Son of Christ!”
    • Daniel Fritschler Wow you should put this on your blog as this actually makes sense and could influence many to join the dark side to fight against the likes of yoda and luke Skywalker maybe even Batman. You know if you can’t start to take my battle or struggle more seriously you might force me to stop making all of this up just so I can be the hero and beat it.


      HELP (Photo credit: monojussi)

    • Daniel Fritschler Just Beat It to the tune of Different Strokes for different folks. …”what you talking about Willis or Michael Jackson”….just look at the Man in The Mirror and you will be fine you crazy mother fucker….and I quote.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn “No one wants to be defeated. Show them how funky and strong is your fight. It doesn’t matter who is wrong or right. Just beat it. Beat it. Beat it. Huuu!”
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn I do not know how this conversation got to be about masturbation, but I want you to know that I am totally against masturbation.
      Daniel Fritschler Well I just wanted to take this as seriously as you are…I am against it in a physical form but I love intellectual orgasm…
      J R Fibonacci Hunn I am against confusion. I do not like it. I wish that it did not exist.Wishing that something did not exist is called what? Delusion? Sincerity? Antagonism? Reverse masturbation?
      Daniel Fritschler Bahahah good one but I also get your point.
      J R Fibonacci Hunn Glad to be of help. I can retire from my position with the government now.”The government: we help people to help themselves.”
      • Daniel Fritschler The government also is quoted as saying “Fuck the people we will do what we want to do” so they can be very bipolar b ut again I see what you are saying. Hey maybe I can get SsI because of my mental illness you think? Maybe I will show them my posts and then it will b clear the extent of my mental illness  . Then I could spam Facebook even more….you are on to something help myself to the government and the free money that I will steal from the taxpayers. ..thank you sensei bow
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      • J R Fibonacci Hunn That is NOT what I said! You have made of mockery of my sincere offer to help you. You are ungrateful. You are a bastard. You are… a Steelers fan.
        • Daniel Fritschler Hey wait a minute you take that back as while I accept the rest of what you called me I am so not a steelers fan as I am a cheesehead and have been for like….Packers going all the way baby….unlike that high school team out in Arizona….what are they called again the shards or cards or something like that
        • J R Fibonacci Hunn ooo damn you!
      • Daniel Fritschler You asshole….it is as if you are using me to exploit my mental illness for your blog….I am in tears now….this is unreal how is it helping me to make me look bad In frint of all of your fans….I have a reputation as an upstanding citizen that you are ruining….this is bad…this is real bad…I will perform a JR attack if you keep it up…forget about attacking the chemicals
      • J R Fibonacci Hunn Just for the record, I am NOT an asshole. I am an assHAT. Learn the difference!
      "Helping People to Help Themselves" ...

      “Helping People to Help Themselves” – NARA – 514472 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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