the hypocritical condition of unconditional love

  • Sensei…I want to know do you have any interest in peace or love? In ‘my’ peace or love? What is your interest? I feel like maybe you empathise because you have been [through the same kinds of things as me]? Maybe…tell me dammit hahaaha

    Unconditional Love (film)

    Unconditional Love (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Been through “the mind hell” is what I mean..haha I am so not playing that game anymore or I am watching the demise…so what?

    Demise of nothing…Mooji. nothing…nothing…nothing as he bats at the air…..hahahha

  • Today
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Honestly, I don’t know if I have an interest in “you.” Considering the time I have spent interacting with you, it is reasonable to conclude that I have had such an interest. Our mutual amusement was also our mutual learning process. Yes, I empathize from my own experience. It is just some spontaneous empathizing and joking, so “interest” seems like a bit strong of a word, but something like that at least.

     We could say that I am open to you.
  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes open is a more appropriate word…as that is what I meant…interest sounds gay…good point

  • Today
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Now that you mention sounding gay, open sounds rather gay as well: “I am open to you, big boy.” So, to be clear, what I meant was that I am willing to interact with you.

    Further, one form of peace is just accepting what is as what is, including myself and my mind and my words and so on. Unconditional acceptance could be called love. However, to be unconditional, that means that I accept what is as what is even if what is includes me “conditioning someone” or setting conditions (like in business or whatever).

    I reject the idea of “unconditionality” as “the great goal.” We may say, “on the condition of unconditionality, then I will be okay finally and will earn my way in to eternal peace, but just not yet.” That is just more of the same old mental illness of hypochondria.


    unconditional. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes sensei….I see that…and I also see my hypochondria as well as I see it in others….I am willing to surrender to conditions when the time is right.

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

      “What is” refers to “the conditions that are actually present.”

      • Daniel Fritschler

        Well yes..but I am talking about any future conditions…I have accepted the conditions….up to and including my fucking engine and car being fucked up . I will need to get another job and be a bus rider….so what… the past I would have been pissed or actually cared….now I am accepting the conditions that are before me.

        In fact just last week I spent 500 dollars on a starter and inspection….that should piss me off but it isn’t….for whatever reason.

        • 6:14pm

          Unconditional Love (Glen Campbell album)

          Unconditional Love (Glen Campbell album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

          J R Fibonacci Hunn

          What about future conditions? Are there certain historical events that you reject in terror and wish to avoid in the future- subjects that are “too disturbing?” If so, fine. In that case, then pre-occupy yourself with anything to stay distracted from certain aspects of “what is” that “should not be.”

        • Daniel Fritschler

          No no you misunderstand I reserve the right to accept conditions if I want and avoid them if I want…that is the beauty of being aware of what is happening….having a choice instead of blindly following.

        • 6:16pm

          Unconditional Love (Donna Summer song)

          Unconditional Love (Donna Summer song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

          J R Fibonacci Hunn

          When you needed to vent repressed anger, then anything that happened was a candidate for being the trigger of venting. So what?

        • Daniel Fritschler

          Yes you are right….and so what?

        • J R Fibonacci Hunn

          For instance, I say “Hello, Daniel, I notice that we have some common friends on facebook and my name is…” and then you are already like “fuck off, dude. I am going to unfriend you if you do not stopping pissing me off.” Then I said, “that is really interesting.” Then you waited for me to say more and… I did not.

          Then you said, “what the FUCK is so interesting?” Then I said, “what you said is very interesting.”

          Then you said,” yeah, you’re right. It was interesting. Thank you for fucking noticing. Now FUCK off!”

          English: For many, Valentine is about expressi...

          English: For many, Valentine is about expressing your love. For kids, Valentine is a learning process of sharing what they have. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

        • J R Fibonacci Hunn

          Then I said “You’re welcome!”

        • Daniel Fritschler

          Yes that is the game I choose to play…so what?

        • J R Fibonacci Hunn

          Then you said “who the FUCK do you think you are anyway?” Then I said, “Oh, I don’t know. Just a nobody like everyone else, yeah?”

        • J R Fibonacci Hunn

          You’re funny!

          Hypocritical Oaf

          Hypocritical Oaf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

        • J R Fibonacci Hunn

          (the things you say)

          So am I!

          Welcome to the funny club.

          • Daniel Fritschler

            Well good and at times you can laugh at me or with me…that is good right…I feel like if we lived by each other we could be friends…yes or no? And I won’t be offended

            Thank you fellow funny club member

            English: An illustration of the unconditional ...

            English: An illustration of the unconditional love between a young girl and her dog. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

          • J R Fibonacci Hunn

            You’re welcome!

          • Daniel Fritschler

            Now why can’t I make connections in reality

          • J R Fibonacci Hunn


            how many realities are you talking about this time?

          • Daniel Fritschler

            Maybe I am not as funny…and more defensive?

            All of them

          • J R Fibonacci Hunn

            If we had met in person, you might not have liked me. You might not have “given me as much slack” as you did online.

            You might have reacted more harshly and withdrawn.

            (more intensely)

            • Daniel Fritschler

              Yes probably true….hmmm so the cure to hypochondria is what . I get it buddy

              I am trying not to be funny so you won’t post this on your blog

              It is very personal and private haha.

            • 6:27pm

              Unconditional Love (Cyndi Lauper song)

              Unconditional Love (Cyndi Lauper song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

              J R Fibonacci Hunn

              I think you left out “is” – “what is” is the cure. The cure for agonizing over the imaginary is to stop agonizing over the imaginary (stop doing the hypochondriating).

              Sorry to inform you, but this is definitely going on the blog.

              • Daniel Fritschler

                Haha yes that seems rational….choose peace over all else and attachments will fall away….. Jack ass mitch mother fucker…put that in your corn pipe and smoke it sensei

                Is that going in too?

              • J R Fibonacci Hunn

                How dare you call me “Mitch!”

                Yup, all of the realities are going to be published on the blog.

              • Daniel Fritschler

                Wow it will be a very busy blog or mind game then

                J R Fibonacci Hunn

                yes, the usual

                • Daniel Fritschler

                  So sensei are the thoughts that appear to be mine…more or less crazy than any other thoughts?

                • J R Fibonacci Hunn

                  compared to what!

                  This is pretty brilliant: “I reserve the right to accept conditions if I want and avoid them if I want…that is the beauty of being aware of what is happening….having a choice instead of blindly following.”

                  Unconditional: Love Songs

                  Unconditional: Love Songs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

                  • Daniel Fritschler

                    Fuck off . It isn’t brilliant but it is being aware

                  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

                    Oh my, so crazy you are!

                  • Daniel Fritschler

                    Haha yes I am sure.

                    • Daniel Fritschler

                      Conditions are born in thought…without thought there would be no conditions…everything exists with or without thought…so conditions can be accepted or simply ignored and be -ing won’t be effected one iota. Mitch!!

                    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

                      con-dition is from the Latin roots meaning “with speaking” (with diction, with dictating)

                    • 6:56pm

                      Daniel Fritschler

                      Exactly so thought form

                      Verbalizing thoughts

                      What am I missing? Or what are you missing?

                    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

                      “What do you say,” said Jesus to Pontius Pilate.

                      Speaking “creates” how we relate with the rest of what is.

                      If you define “conditions” as ONLY the result of what you speak, so be it. That to me is just another delusional model, but any model is just a model, so that one is also valid- just not especially precise or useful according to “my” model.

                    • 7:00pm

                      Daniel Fritschler

                      I never said that[.] there are conditions in nature…but when it comes to humans it is all unnecessary isn’t can accept anothers conditions or laugh at them….so what?

                    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

                      “It is unnecessary” is one “condition.” However, “let me tell you what is necessary” is already starting to sound like hypochondira, right?

                      Saying “so what?” is a lot like “do you say it is important and, if so, how could it be important?”

                      • Daniel Fritschler

                        I don’t know man I am just confused right now….not accepting anothers conditions is not fear….it is choosing peace over all else…what the?

                      • J R Fibonacci Hunn

                        You mean not “settling” for certain conditions. You accept what they are, but also that you prefer something else or have some other priority or commitment that you could promote and cultivate.

                      • Daniel Fritschler

                        Now I have Liz saying I am hearing voices in my head…what the hell is going on…I don’t hear voices?

                      • J R Fibonacci Hunn

                        Accept the conditions as the conditions, then accept your reaction as your reaction, then accept your response as your response. You can have a reaction without having any response. You can;t really have a response without first having a reaction though.

                      • J R Fibonacci Hunn

                        I used to relate to Liz as an authority, but then I found out that she talks to herself when she is taking a shower, so that destroyed all credibility that she had. Remember that the best way to perpetuate agonizing is to agonize.

                        Anyway, since I am not deaf, I do hear a lot of voices, plus many other sounds. If you are deaf and you still hear voices, then- in my expert opinion- you might be lying.

                         (“So what?”)
                      • Daniel Fritschler

                        I guess I have blown a gasket at this point

                      • J R Fibonacci Hunn


                  Flickr today

                  Flickr today (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


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