“The more afraid the followers, the more brave their leaders must be.”


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English: US Postage stamps, Boston Tea Party, ...

WOW! Postage stamps were only EIGHT CENTS in 1973 in the US. English: US Postage stamps, Boston Tea Party, issue of 1973, block of four, 8c (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




“The more afraid the followers, the more brave their leaders must be.”




Who has the courage to face fear without condemning it, without rejecting it, without retreating from it? Who has the courage to admit any fear, to value it, to welcome with humility and gratitude the intelligent function of fear, and allow the fear to focus attention on a new value?



Fear interrupts prior activity. Extreme fear can lead to freezing (paralysis) as well as panic. One very basic response to fear is screaming and another is crying or weeping.



Guilt is the frightened hiding of one’s own fear (as in the fear of fear itself). Guilt typically leads to paranoia and agonizing. When there is a guilty fear of the exposure of a misperception as a misperception, terror can lead to much hysteria and even physical strain, such as the tensing of muscles to look away in shyness, to repress facial expressions, or even to refocus the eyes to blur vision (creating near-sightedness through emotional suppression).



Scared child

Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


With naive sincerity, a terrified worshiper of a misperception can blame an isolated cause, targeting one or more villains, vilifying some scapegoat. This is distinct from desperately saying “I am afraid of _____ and I request your help.” This is more like saying “No of course I am not afraid but you should agree with me that you should do something about this!”



It is sensationalizing. It is terrorizing.



When a inflammatory label is thrown across some one or some group, like to cover up the details with an emotional distraction, that is a slanderous accusation. “To throw a label across something” is the meaning of the two Greek language roots “dia-blo,” as in diabolical or devilish. Deception by means of an inflammatory accusation is what I mean by “vilify.”



English: Schemata of Webster Tarpley's model o...

English: Schemata of Webster Tarpley’s model of state-sponsored false flag terror operations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




The inflammatory accusation can evoke emotional panic and thus distract people from any actual direct observation or contemplation. Consider the term “false flag” used in warfare, which means to carry out some act of violence in a disguise, so as to divert blame to some uninvolved party. The term “false flag” literally refers to the use of a flag on a warship that is a captured flag from some other ship. Pirates could raise the flag of a neutral naval power and then get closer to their target before revealing their true flag- which was a flag designed specifically to instill terror in their target, since the flags used by pirates were a signal of their savagery and brutality.




One of the most famous cases of a false flag operation was the “Boston Tea Party” (though it was more of a property crime than an act of violence). The people involved dressed up as Indians (if not to direct blame on the Indians, then at least to obscure their own identities). Thus, any group using a term like Tea Party can be expected to be willing to use deception and false flag operations to promote their interests. Labeling a warship “The Tea Party” would be kind of like flying a flag that says “we celebrate false flag operations with patriotic fanaticism.”



"The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor&...

“The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor”, lithograph depicting the 1773 Boston Tea Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Can false flag operations be effective in distracting people, diverting attention, systemically directing hysteria? That is certainly possible, right?



Who benefits from terrorizing the mainstream herds? Who dares to influence their perception and their behavior? Who dares to organize them and lead them?



Who dares to have the courage to take a diverse group of disconnected people and make a clan out of them- a group of allies who share a common interest? Maybe they believe in a fictional Devil or enemy, but the methods of an effective leader are whatever works. There is a concern for practicality over familiarity.

If the followers are so afraid that they do not even admit their own fear, then a leader may focus them on a perceived problem to motivate them to activity. Or, a leader may simply begin blazing a trail and wait for others to eventually follow.



Every method is the best fit for some particular context. Each method is also ineffective in some other context.



That is called a holistic model. It is inclusive, which is the original meaning of the words”Catholic” and “Holy.”




So, an architect or mason is someone who creates a plan and then builds the structure piece by piece, step by step, brick by brick. Those who follow the structure of the architect make themselves in to followers of their leader. Note also that by opposing something, that requires focusing attention on it.



In the book 1984, how did the government recruit perceptive intellectuals to identify themselves to the government? The government set up a program that criticized the government and then baited the rebels all the way to the initiation rituals.



The leaders may direct the herds through creating a consensus of contempt.  Blind rage is the blindness of contempt. For those who have the eyes to see, let them see.



or are there seven emotions emotions that are ...

or are there seven emotions emotions that are universal? (Photo credit: booshooo)


English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









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