The salvation from hell of the guilty ego

Guilt by Association Vol. 1

Guilt by Association Vol. 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Human cultures contain patterns of linguistic concepts of “what should not be,” which is the source of guilt and blame and so on. If something should not be, then someone could be to blame for it, such as me (guilt). Maybe I should have done more to prevent it at least, right?

It is arrogance to look out across creation (life, reality) and say “here are the things that should not be.” I can say “here are some things that are familiar and over there are some things that I fear,” but isn’t “that simply should not be” just a hysterical fear?

To think that “concepts of what should not be are concepts that should not be” is of course the logic of hypocrisy (as in unrecognized irony).  Consider that there should be no such thing as reverse psychology, which is a form of deception, which also should not be, as well as jokes, which also should not be, as well as sequences of words, which also should not be. Isn’t it just horrible how many things should not be?

You know what else should not be? I’ll tell you: negativity. There is just way too much negativity in the world, plus not enough “prosperity-consciousness,” plus too much “scarcity consciousness,” plus not enough of the things that are missing, plus too much of so many things that there are way too much of, like dangling prepositions at the end of sentences plus many other forbidden things that I do not dare to speak of.

The Redistribution of Wealth

The Redistribution of Wealth (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

So, bullying should not be, but it is. Disproportionate redistribution of wealth through systems of organized coercion should not be, but governments do exist anyway.

The naive sheeple believe sincerely that “what should not be” is “what should not be.” They should not though. The spiritually awakened recognize that “what should not be” is a set of words that functions to hide the obvious. They should not recognize that either. That is arrogantly eating forbidden fruit which will make you in to God, which you are not already, which would be really tragic, right?

So, once it is recognized that some words function to hide the obvious, then there is no correction that is required. There is no need to save the planet from the planet. Of course, we should though, but there is just no need, no desperation. 😉

Now, why is there no longer any need for salvation (political salvation, spiritual salvation, ecological salvation, etc)? Because guilt has been absolved (dissolved) once it is recognized that it was always just a function of fright in regard to presenting a social pretense that some alleged historical sequence “should not have happened” (and thus SOMEONE is guilty- to blame- for it). Once all of the things that should not have happened are just things that may or may not have happened, then guilty fears are… just another temporary functioning of consciousness, just a pattern of perceiving. So what?

Who is to blame for what might have happened? Oh, most anyone could be I suppose. Anyway, on to important subjects: would you like some more tea?

The Guilt of Janet Ames

The Guilt of Janet Ames (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, language never did anything but direct perception and behavior. It will continue to do that, though of course it obviously should not.

What dies when the Hell of guilt just dissolves? When guilt “dies,” the ego “dies” with it. The ego or character is a filter that identifies a rigid set of what should be and what should not be, including how people should be or should not be. In other words, it is just an accumulation of inhibitions and pretenses and expectations, and that is the glorious function of the ego: to fixate on expectations and inhibit perception in order to maintain sincerity in regard to collective delusions that are otherwise obvious as collective delusions.

Want to hear a joke? Here it is: “there should be no ego!”

Hilarious, right?


DF replied It is not that there should be no ego, you asshat…but if one wants peace or just unconditional love, there must be recognition of the things that can take these things away….namely the ego or egos…which are for amusement only….so what?


Then, God struck him in the head with a lightning bolt as if to say: “And so it is written in the Holy Word of God:

The Devil came up to Jesus and said “You are awesome and brilliant, dude! However, I really wonder sometimes if your efforts to be a perfectionist are just not good enough. So, I have a solution for you. You give me your ability to perceive and then I will take away the one thing that takes away your ability to perceive. You give me your capacity to be aware and I will give you rulership over the whole world. You give me your ego and in exchange I will give you everything that your ego wants.”

The Architects of Guilt

The Architects of Guilt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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