Why you are already guilty of heresy


Contentment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, these words are NOT meant to influence you in any way. Even to suggest that is just evidence that you are projecting evil intentions on to me, by falsely accusing me of black magic, because no one should ever intentionally influence anyone else… of course!

First, think about however you feel, then realize that how you feel should not be how you feel. Never! Of course, if you do feel guilty, then that is a sign of spiritual advancement because guilt is the best way to get to heaven eventually.


Contentment (Photo credit: jon-)

What you want to be especially careful of is the experience of contentment. Do not fall in to temptation and desire by experiencing contentment. If you ever do that- oh, have you already… oh my that is very bad news- well then that just means that it is going to be a few more lifetimes of compensating for your prior contentment and deficiency of guilt before you can get in to heaven (where you will feel eternally content… unfortunately)!


Contentment (Photo credit: Concubine)

According to the holy scriptures of the US Declaration of “how to think for yourself just like everyone else by obsessively worshiping this specific document as you were programmed to do in public indoctrination schools,” the only thing that is worse than contentment is questioning the sincerity of my spiritual authority. I am only telling you this- again, not to influence you in any way- but to compensate for my own past contentment as an infant (for which I am feeling very very guilty). I was traumatized by all of that contentment and relaxation and happiness, so now I have to share with you the good news of the way to enlightenment, which is by repeating the words that God told Joshua Josephs, which were then accidentally translated by Terry Wilson (under the intentionless direction of King James Brown), and then shared with you by me for no reason at all, so that I can be the savior of the people like you who are very guilty of having ever felt contentment.


you're shaking with guilt

you’re shaking with guilt (Photo credit: JenavieveMarie)


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