the confusing secret of forbidden fruit

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  • Daniel Fritschler

    So language is the eternal…the power of language…let me ask you what besides language has any power?

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    The “activity” of noticing… plus the activities of hurricanes and lightning and bullets and absolutely everything else!

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Haha yes I guess that makes some sense…noticing yes which some would describe as nothingness as it can exist without something…but something ie. Language cannot not exist without noticing or nothingness. In a sense?

    No extra not just cannot

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Correct. Language is the “field” in which we can distinguish between the contrasting duality of the eternal (noticing) and the temporal (lightning, bullets, labels) which are like branches of a tree.

    In the tree of language(“life”), noticing is the root (or maybe the trunk) and the entire realm of language is for categorizing and organizing (creating) the variety of the branches: this and that, these and those, good and evil, day and night, what should be and what should not, etc…

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Also, the “forbidden fruit” is focusing on what is passing (or just subjective). Focus on the trunk and root. That could be  the original teaching of the Hebrew’s Genesis story.

  • Daniel Fritschler


    You have only said this all a hundred times…but it seems to be sinking in now

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Forbidden would be arguing about labels. “Is the fruit really an orange or is it really a citrus fruit?”

    That is the folly of hysterical fanatics. They argue about fruit (trivia) and do not even experience that they ARE the process of noticing.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes sensei…bow once again

    Sinking into intellect still doesn’t make it the noticing…but I am noticing

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    “Is Obama a racist or is he a hero or is he a villain?” That is arguing about linguistic categories as if the categories have some fundamental accuracy. Language is for directing perception and behavior. Language is not the pathway to truth (to the eternal).

    There is no pathway to “what I am.” “I am” Is the “secret” Hebrew meaning of the English word God.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    You cannot get to the I AM through eating the forbidden fruit (through arguing about language). That is what God told Adam and Eve- “it will not make you in to God”.

    He was not forbidding them to eat the fruit out of personal fear that they were a threat to his power. He was just saying “that is irrelevant and… Unfruitful.”


  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Fixating on “which fruit is best” would be “missing the point” (the Greek meaning of the English word “sin,” which so many Christians misunderstand, but confusion and sincerity are all part of the puzzle, the magic, the mystery, the mechanism).

    Religions organize perception and behavior. It is okay to taste the fruit (to taste whatever we notice is already in our mouths). How could that not be okay?

    It is forbidden to worship the fruit. Do not mistake perception or confuse perception (and labels about perception) for being objective truth. Beware of fundamentalism & fanaticism & all other forms of idolatry- like worshiping creeds over recognizing the “I AM” which is the source of all creeds, all words, all languages.

    Most religion may be black magic. So what?

    Forbidden fruit-b

    Forbidden fruit-b (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Santa Claus may be a slightly misleading mechanism of influencing behavior. So what?

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Haha yes so what? Tasting the fruit might become fruitless but it will never effect the root….and I guess that is the point..

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    The Holy Empire is led by a war-mongering, child sex ring hiding priesthood of Babylonian Pharaohs. So what? Yes, They train us to be good while they are evil. So fucking what? [This is respectful of the trauma caused, but just not hysterical about thinking that I personally am responsible for preventing all evil by 7 O-clock today or else I will go to hell.]

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes so what…I understand sensei. “Shut the fuck up” doesn’t mean “don’t taste the fruit” – it means “so what….noticing will always be noticing so….so what?”

    [JR rephrases: we cannot be made in to what we already are through some ritual.]
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    They tell us “do not murder,” but then recruit us for the next holy crusade… against Islam or heretical protestants or niggers or jews or chinks or nazis or… racists.

    They did not say “do not kill.” They say do not murder- “do not kill unless it is authorized by your rulers – us! Or else we will kill you slowly in public and then send your soul to hell for eternal terrorizing.”

    They perform rituals of human sacrifice called Capital punishment, and of course the remote rulers in the Vatican may use some reverse psychology and say “we condemn all the governments of the earth for their violence. God will punish them for their crimes” (meaning that we will send some Jesuit assassins to torture them if they are disobedient.)

    The arm condemns the hand for where the arm has put the hand. That is just a theatre for the sheeple, a mechanism of the effective shepherd.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    The coercive holy inquisition of torture and extortion and intimidation is their way. “We say what to forbid, not you. It is forbidden for you to even explore the reality of the linguistic categories of good and evil. Leave that to the priesthood or else we will threaten you will eternal damnation in hellfire and torture.”

    Isn’t torture what they put in their pictures of hell? They are terrorizing obedience by creating a myth of hell.

    That is another functional analysis of the Hebrew Talmudic tradition. Their system of terror (of justice) is Programmed through their indoctrination. So what? So… That is brilliant. So… That is how it really does work.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Brilliance is brilliance and noticing is noticing…to notice the brilliance is not to be hypnotized by it or [to be just] a sheeple…so what?

    Also not to “waste” noticing on condemning it [condemning anything]

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Thy teach us what to condemn. They train us in what to be terrified to even notice- and certainly not discuss. Brilliant!

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes brilliant…the matrix

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    They issue threats and and warnings and then the authors put it all in the mouth of a character named “God the omnipotent.” Brilliant, huh?

    What is the *function*? Influence! Organizing perception and behavior.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes you are…as well as the authors yes

    Yes influence of noticing

    Or the direction of it [the directing of the noticing of the masses]

    [and of their] behavior

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Governing! So the most powerful form of governing is what is not noticed as governing at all….

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Haha also briliant

    You are unplugging me now…fertile ground….thanks morpheaus

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    “So, now be careful to do what works well for YOU and avoid what does not work well for YOU.” That is the true meaning of “do good and abstain from evil-” the practical, functional meaning (as distinct from the agonizing hell of those who worship moral fanaticism).

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes I will proceed with caution . But I hear you

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    And of course children will be given different rules than grandparents.

    And who is the one who delivers the rules? The ones most developed in the use of language do. The authors have the authority, not the bureaucrats, who just follow the instructions of those who structure their perception and behavior.

    Well, okay… bureaucrats may deliver the rules, but the rulers define the rules.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    So all perception and behavior is influenced all the way down the line…’cept for the ones who notice what is happening and then they become an author? Individuality as opposed to persona in language…most are characters but you are an author…?

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Rulers deliver the rules to their agents first (the official governments) who then deliver the next set of rules to the subjects, which are different rules than the ones that apply to the oathsworn officers of the holy empire.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Everyone is always an author. The rulers program the masses to notice their own “fruit” , condemn it as evil, and then blame their ex-girlfriend.

    “She is the reason that I have no authority, which I really should have!” That is all a trance installed by the black magicians- or close enough for this version of the theatrical presentation.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    “My fruit should not be my fruit. My fruit should taste sweet just like the officers of the empire programmed me to expect.”

    “Get married: then you will be happy and go to heaven… Plus we will benefit from billions of people hiring us to give a public blessing to what most of them were going to do anyway…”

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Haha…yeah…this version of the theatrical presentation…love it

    Damn ex girlfriends…they spoil all of the fruit

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    “Blame the shepherd priests!” Is defined as the universal crime of heresy. (of Disloyalty)

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    “They are not good shepherds like they claim to be. They benefit from the things they tell us, which they should not. They really just want tithes and tributes and taxes and they should be more generous, just like they tell us to be. They just want us to be generous to them! It is almost as if they are trying to influence our behavior, which is WRONG!”

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    “I do not WANT to support them by paying sales tax. I refuse! I demand a hearing with the Pope. You people have no respect for me!”

    What are you people doing with MY tax dollars? You are doing evil things and then I feel guilty when I find out and then I say “this latest government is NEWLY CORRUPT. We must reform the system to make it less violent and less disproportionate.”

    We need Ron Paul, no, Rand Paul! We need a real candidate who is not a puppet. We need a holy rebel as our impotent figurehead.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    So many distractions….no wonder so much confusion

    LBRP hebrew

    LBRP hebrew (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    “I promise to reform the system and make it good and just and more holy. We will rebel against tyranny! We are the most courageous and heroic patriots in the history of fanatical patriotism!”

  • Daniel Fritschler

    It is true however most don’t care…and the only ones that need saved are the ones stuck in sin as yoi described earlier

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    “Confusion is your fault- or your girlfriend’s. Look around and notice that no one else is at all confused- which proves how uniquely guilty and ashamed you should feel.”

    “Rand Paul will bring political salvation finally. Obi wan is our only hope!”

  • Daniel Fritschler

    I see sometimes I mistake confusion for being oblivious…big difference…so being confused in language isn’t sin..

    You are riggt those who are oblivious are not confused they know exactly what they are told and follow accordingly

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Confusion is a sign of waking up.

    from naive oblivion

    Daniel Fritschler

    Ahh and then comes clarity…after all of the confusion wears off or the patterns show themselves

    ‘God’ as some call it shows itself to those who notice

     Narrow is the way

DF: Don’t you think confusion is caused because grief and emotional inmaturity or at least one form of confusion
JR: Confusion is easily produced such as by speaking too quickly or by wrong inserting language sequence not expectation how familiar is it?
DF: Oh look at that you meant inserting wrong
JR: repressing grief out of terror means a block to perception.

grief cannot even be perceived for it to be most effectively repressed.

to repress grief, we MUST confuse it for something else.

“Rise, Lord Vader. I will be the Black Pope behind you and you will be the White Pope!”


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