functionality, confusion, and humor

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Functioning is all that is happening. The after-the-fact  linguistic labeling of something as “my choice” is just another function of language.

    “I chose to be male because of a past life.” Really? Okay! So what?


    English: Shield of the United States Marine Co...

    English: Shield of the United States Marine Corps Security Guard Deutsch: Wappen der United States Marine Corps Security Guard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    “I will choose to be a security guard.” Congratulations!

    “I choose to have been born in the USA.” I’m so proud!


  • Daniel Fritschler

    What do any of these labels have to do with the things outside of language? Confusing

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Outside of language, there are no things. There is just the wordless functioning of life itself, which is also the source of all linguistic functioning, like all linguistic identifying of things and “I” and “we” and so on.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes exactly

    Yes I understand that

    The source

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    The Living ONE (“Yahweh”, etc) has various names for various facets likes a human has various limbs.

    but the facets or limbs are only “isolated” in language. There is no such thing as isolation or separation except in language. Or maybe there is. So what?



    English: Repartition map of the languages over...

    English: Repartition map of the languages over the world (version blank of key). See File:Languages world map.svg for full description. Esperanto: Mapo de la etendo de la lingvoj en la mondo (senpriskriba versio) Français : Carte de la répartition des langues dans le monde (version vierge de légende) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes so what? No idea. I suppose the only reason we keep meeting each other like this is because I confuse what you have just stated…I get all mentally twisted up…it seems.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Good point

    English: Tawi Tawi, Philippines (June 17, 2006...

    English: Tawi Tawi, Philippines (June 17, 2006) – A Department of Health security guard pauses for the playing of the United States National Anthem played by the U.S. Show Band embarked aboard the U.S. Military Sealift Command (MSC) Hospital Ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19). Mercy is on a five-month deployment to South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer’s Mate Don Bray (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    One of the big myths is “there should be no confusion.” Really? Says who?

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes confusion is functional to have clarity at some point….but you are right it all goes hand in hand..

    And I dont know who said it but they were lying

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    I say that there should be no sausage. None. It is a crime and an insult and a threat.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes sausage can be….especially if it is big and black….asian sausage is ok I have heard….nothing to be threatened by

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    There should be no parody of reverse psychology. There should be no taboos because they are totally forbidden.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes the forbidden fruit or the allegory of?

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    I think you were confusing sausage with penis. Penises are okay. Sausages are not.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Haha oh yeah sensei thanks for clearing that up

    So the fobidden fruit is the thoughts of something or anything at all being forbidden

    Or negatice or bad

    It is all bullshit

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn


    Marine Security Guard students perform rapid-f...

    Marine Security Guard students perform rapid-fire exercises on the Department of State pistol qualification course Feb. 4 as part of their MSG graduation requirement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    The defining of something in particular as evil is the root of all evil. That is why Satan should not have been so disobedient to the all-powerful tree of which he was just a branch, until his eternal salvation on June 3rd, 2007.

    When he covered his dick with some ivy leaves or something. Or maybe he got circumcized by some Jews. Whatever. He is much better now though.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Haha yes great story as they all are….

    Maybe he got poison ivy or some shit

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    English: A Marine Security Guard reviews the e...

    English: A Marine Security Guard reviews the embassy’s security alarm system with the regional security officer. Text from (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Religions should not promote obedience to any particular authority. That is wrong.

    By the way, do NOT rub poison ivy on your dick. It is highly over-rated.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes calling the tree anything when I am a branch of it is working against the self….I see that as all of the branches have started growing away from me . The poison or the plague

    Haha yes wrong as in painful

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    I am so sorry that the other branches are like rays of a concentric thingy and you are not all tangled up in them anymore. That is tragic. How are you ever going to untangle yourself from the lack of tangles?

    Also, do you know anyone who can undo my circumcision because it is ruining my life?

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Haha…I know they messed up my circumcision too…. I get it you cant go back and replace the foreskin

    You cant go back it will make things bitter

    A pillar of salt

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Also, some myths that I was taught when I was young are limiting my perception. There should not be any myths because they are confusing.

    And my perception should not be how it is. This sucks! Can you feel my pain, people?

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Haha yes…I see how sad and pathetic these displays of attention are…good point

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    There is just too much salt in the world and I do not know what to do about it and I feel so guilty. I regret not feeling more guilty earlier in my life. How am I ever going to make up for it?

    I hate religions that promote guilt. That is so rare and unusual and odd that any religion would do that because all of the rest do not promote guilt at all.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Haha yes you are so literal all the time…you really need to stop being so literal all the time

  • Daniel Fritschler

    I suppose if there is too much salt and I didnt do anything about this it is because the salt is the log in my own vision….now that the salt has been seen…so what? Take the log out and enjoy the ride..instead of the dwelling on guilt which is the whole point of anybody who isn’t enjoying this ride called life….what do you think?

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Guilt has a function. Promoting guilt has a function. Religions have a function.


    There is NO development that has no function. The idea that “there is at least one development that has no function” also has a function.

    confusing one thing for something else may serve a function of showing one’s loyalty to a tyrant, conforming to a cultural myth to fit in and not be attacked.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    “My teacher is the most bestest because she encourages us to think for ourselves by using essay questions on her tests rather than multiple choice items.”

    But… how exactly can a teacher promote “thinking for yourself?” Communication is influence. To promote that others think for themselves, would it make more sense to ignore them completely or give them a curriculum of “how to learn to be spontaneous in 72 easy steps?”

    The best days are not planned

    The best days are not planned (Photo credit: Marcus Hansson)

    In what cultures do we see “thinking for yourself” made in to a sacred ideal and idolatry? Fascist cultures? Isn’t that a bit ironic?

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Haha yes you are right…promoting anything would be promoting something….so you can promote not to promote….pretty silly

    Can not

    The diver

    The diver (Photo credit: Roel Driever)

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Which ideal that I have been programmed to have by society is the one that most demonstrates the importance of “thinking for myself?” Would it be the programmed ideal of “think for yourself?”

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Ideals are values are presumptions are biases. That is not a problem. That is the function of linguistic activity- to create bias AKA focus.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes I see the function and understand how I habe been confusing a function for an ideal

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    There should be no ideals, no focus, no programs, no conditioning, no priorities, no presumptions, and no linguistic constructions. It is only for your own good that I ram this in to your head.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Haha..I am sure…asshat

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    no preferences, no authority, no confusion, no negativity, etc

    no denial, no antagonism, no rebellion

    no reverse psychology


  • Daniel Fritschler

    Oh…well what is left then?

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    The problem with reality is that everything has a function.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Yes that just totally sucks

    It is a major problem

    We need to fix it

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    in order to compensate for your shame and guilt, you should prevent things from having a function and also make the things that do not have any function have a better one.

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Or see the functions and the patterns and understand them and then work with them….maybe?

    Haha yes…persecute the self…ne a martyr. ..give out of lack so that I can be burdened for others…..very wise sensei

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    sails are not meant to work with the wind. that is heresy and blasphemy and insanity. that is not the function of sails. wake the fuck up, dude.

  • Daniel Fritschler


    Haha yes sir





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