The Imperialists: their values, methods, and attractive results

The Imperialists    


Imperialism (Photo credit: Digital Game Museum)

Their results: 
giant, steady increases in prosperity
Their values:
1) prosperity over popularity
2) responsibility over blame
(results over excuses) &
3) realities over ideals
Their methods:
1) not just reliable investment methods that produce far above average gains through above average analysis like “only buy select groups of investments in the midst of accelerating rallies, then monitor the price trends and leading indicators to conservatively re-diversify by taking profits as soon as momentum slows” (AKA “market timing“), but further…
2) to disproportionately increase their profits, protect their interests, and reduce their costs (such as tax payments), they also hire lawyers, accountants, and other specialists (such as lobbyists and PR consultants).
A Soviet poster showing the 'Prompartiya' unma...

A Soviet poster showing the ‘Prompartiya’ unmasked as spies and wreckers led by Western imperialists. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3) They may even systematically influence the values, perceptions and behaviors of the masses by hiring and training media sensationalists, political spokespeople, and public school teachers– all of whom program the masses to value whatever the imperialists benefit from the masses valuing, such as valuing popularity (conformity) over profitability, ideals over reality, and contemptuous protests over responsibility.
(Since there is an inevitable gap between the various ideals of what should be and the realities of what actually is, imperialists like for it to be very popular among the masses for them to divide themselves in to two or more groups who sincerely and passionately blame each other for reality being so consistently different from their ideals and presumptions and myths. The anti-imperialists may feel so much guilt and terror that they blame others for any below average results produced by their own actions… rather than considering what new actions could be more adaptive and beneficial and valuable).






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Or, instead, click here <link is not live> to learn why you should jealously blame the imperialists for your own hysterical inflexibility (plus, why your sincerity about your good intentions should be accepted by everyone as valid justification of any disappointing results that you may seem committed to keep producing, which justifies your resentment for all of those horrible and naive people who “just do not understand” how heroic your victimized martyrdom is).




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