the business of trends: 6% gains in 4 days

The following is an email that I just sent to a new client.

I’ve only traded for four days for you. In the first three days (July 8-10), I held a single trade open for those 3 days and produced a 5% gain. Today I produced another 1% gain (and closed that position before the end of the day, so there is no possibility of a decline while markets are closed).
I am emphasizing the speed and size of the gains because some people think of 5% or 6% as a decent profit for a year (and great for an average monthly profit). After a few more weeks or maybe not for a whole extra month, I expect you to have a very different perspective on markets and the opportunity of trading WITH the trends. Maybe you will have a bigger commitment to increasing the size of your deposits so that you can get out of your current business that you find stressful- a business that depends on specific kinds of temporary trends to do well (and otherwise does not do well at all)- and instead focus on the business of trends.
Trends are where the profits are. You can “accidentally” profit temporarily by “accidentally” being on the profit-side of a particular temporary trend. Or, you can begin with a commitment to partnering with all trends, whatever they are.
This means being open to reality about how trends form, plus how they accelerate or decelerate (gain momentum or lose momentum), and how they reverse or end. You do not need to be interested in the details because that is my role (to identify trends and capitalize on them), but, if you are interested, I can tell you more.

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2 Responses to “the business of trends: 6% gains in 4 days”

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