The myth of benign government

The myth of benign government





Government House, Baku

Government House, Baku (Photo credit: indigoprime)


Governments govern human conduct as well as human perception. Many other organizations fit that broad description though. 




More specifically, governments are fundamentally violent. Governments influence human behavior using extortion rackets (of taxation and the invention of other public liabilities owed to the government, such as parking tickets, speeding tickets, and building inspection permits).



The Logo of Sindh Local Government

The Logo of Sindh Local Government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Governments coerce payment from their targets using relatively stable systems of organized violence to produce a redistributing of wealth. The redistribution of wealth by governments is always “inequitable,” with some benefiting more than others and at the expense of some more than others.



Governments organize a centralized diversion of access to resources to disproporti0nately benefit specific recipients (with subsidies, tax credits, benefits, grants, co-signed loan guarantees of groups like the FDIC, etc). The expense for these redistributions is also disproportionately from specific sources.



Seal of the United States Federal Deposit Insu...

Seal of the United States Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. It is primarily based on the the Treasury seal, especially the older version which was still in use in 1933. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



That systematic redistribution of resources is the primary purpose of governments. Ideals of “fairness” and “justice” shift over time to match with government programming: “who deserves the biggest disability subsidy? Who deserves the biggest reparation for racial discrimination: freed slaves or colonized natives?” These ideals shift over time, usually gradually, to justify the latest revenue programs, such as a $1,000 minimum fine for filing taxes late or a $500 minimum fine for driving a car with a cracked windshield or a $200/month fee for mandatory national health insurance.


blason du governorats

blason du governorats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, in order to increase the efficiency of their wealth redistribution programs, governments also influence human perception to increase compliance and enthusiasm. This is done through programming of the commercial media (licensed by governments) and through programming of the public school system (operated directly by government bureaucracies).
Obviously, the more people who are directly employed by government bureaucracies, the easier it is to produce compliance. For instance, when maintaining a nursing license requires proof of having filed taxes on time, the rate of compliance approaches 100%.





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