Waking up from naive confusion to clarity

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JR writes:


“I know you share with what you would call good intentions. However, the “social triumph” theme is not required.


For instance, if one sees the reality of court systems and tax systems, one sees that they have been based on coercion and extortion from the beginning. That is what they do. To call them corrupt is just a new labeling by an individual or group.


Noticing what they are is not a change in what they are. It is not systematic progress. It is the personal recovery from a delusion of propaganda. There were already billions of people who did not experience that delusion. To claim that your own recovery from a delusion is a grand triumph is… another delusion.


Also, “real positive change” is just one way of labeling a change. Everyone always calls the changes that they promote “positive.” Wake up!


People “came together” to create systems of courts and taxation and called it “real positive change.” New systems of coercion and extortion will rise and fall. New systems of propaganda will rise and fall.


Can the media focus on doom and gloom as well as blind, delusional optimism? Yes. No, reality is not limited to what public school systems, churches, and mass media programmed us to perceive. But an arrogant (naive?) sense of triumph at having “defeated” the programming is… “a bit early.” The personal condemnation of one culture is not the destruction of all culture, which might be rather disappointing if it happened.”



” I figure it is weird to just stop where I left off. So, here is more.


I happen to live in one of the civilizations that is most militarily dominant of all global empires in human history. I have a computer and electricity and so much wealth, a huge amount of which came from the labor of people all over the globe and the resources found far away from me. Without the system of imperialist colonialism and hundreds of US military bases, the absence of the intimidation factor would tremendously effect international trade.


Mount McKinley, or Denali, in Alaska is the hi...

Mount McKinley, or Denali, in Alaska is the highest mountain peak of the United States and North America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Where would I get gasoline if not for the US soldiers occupying Iraq? (I know: Alaska). But the point is that our global police state, our new world order, our global empire… is still in operation. If I smugly condemn the currency system that I use to get groceries and pay rent, that is… ironic.


The top 1% of income earners on this planet are those who earn over $35,000 per year. A hugely disproportionate number of them are in North America. It would be very callous of me to assert that the vast wealth and luxury that is in my midst is unrelated to the massive systems of corruption and military imperialism. Most people are ashamed of course of these connections, but they could give their land back to the Apaches and move back to Europe and be beggars and gypsies if they wanted… and I notice that most people do not do that, do they?”


Apache wickiup, by Edward S. Curtis, 1903

Apache wickiup, by Edward S. Curtis, 1903 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


JL writes:


“Lol k so it’s merely noticing what is taking place. You are correct that labeling does not help. We are in a place where we must know one and until then we can notice the other. That is how the evolution and quite frankly the universe/god works.


How can we learn what love is? How can we learn what fear is? How can we evolve to only be present to one thing? These are ultimately the questions to answer.


Another thing in many of your posts it may come off as you know everything or you have to prove you are smart. I am doing what i can do to be responsible for my insecurities in wanting to prove i am worthy. Coming from Landmark Education you may understand where i am coming from.


Lastly, I thought it was rather funny and posted it merely on that also acknowledging for some that may be awakening or see these things may distinguish it differently. No where do i push separation rather awareness of what is taking place. Violence will not make that happen. Ignoring it wont happen. The acceptance and restoration of integrity of self will create change not avoidance and ignorance.”



Delusion (Photo credit: FLASHFLOOD®)


JR writes:


“Hi J.L., my sense of you (from prior interactions) is that you are open to alternative perspectives. I ignore posts like these most of the time. I used to make them myself as well.


So, I know what I know, some of which may be imprecise or even totally inaccurate, and I make up a fair amount of stuff as well. Anyway, I am smart. I just made that up, and making it up proves that I am smart, whatever “smart” means. It’s “just a possibility,” too, right? I declare being smart.


Wow, that was very exciting, wasn’t it? Now, what else?


Well, we could exchange comments about what should happen and what will make that happen or not. Violence should not happen and violence is clearly the wrong way to prevent violence.


Now we have that out of the way, too. What else would be fun?


We could stop doing anything and see if that prevents change…. Nope. Stuff kept changing here as I sat waiting until something changed.


Well, I guess what is left is to either create change or create “continuity.” Change will happen, but slowly enough with some things that they will seem to continue stably (since we just get too bored with them to notice really slow things like the grass growing in the soil).


So, prioritizing… how about doing some of that? Okay, I… I am going to close facebook now! (it’s really not a priority)….”


English: An American Lady butterfly against a ...

English: An American Lady butterfly against a cloud-filled sky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


JL writes:


“The way you create your point Is great and I do appreciate it.
I do also get where ya coming from as well. 
Feel free give you possibility often times I love reading it.
Lastly, could be me being grumpy from not smoking. 
Lastly, funny and very clear on the sarcasm.”




JR writes:


“The disclosure (publicizing) of information is called publicity/ public relations. I know a bit about that. It is also called propaganda and branding and various other things that more or less overlap.


Cultural institutions train the masses in what is good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong. Different cultures emphasize different things. In certain Arab cultures, it may be very bad for women’s faces to be exposed in public. In the US, women are encouraged to wear cosmetics so that they look younger or healthier or more sexually attractive (whorish?) than they actually are.


It is totally reasonable that some Arabic men say that western female politicians are all whores that just do whatever the lobbyists pay them to do. That is a valid point of view.


Rage is valid. Condemnation is valid. Violence is valid. What does valid mean? Valuable!


There is a value to all things: a time to love and a time to hate, a time to sow and a time to reap, a time to celebrate and a time to panic. Well, that is also just a point of view. It is from the Old Testament (the Hebrew tradition) in a book called Ecclesiastes.


English: Ecclesiastes, (קֹהֶלֶת, Kohelet, &quo...

English: Ecclesiastes, (קֹהֶלֶת, Kohelet, “son of David, and king in Jerusalem” alias Solomon, Wood engraving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For me, I might say that most of modern Christianity is in a spiritual dark age, deep in confusion and delusion. Confusion is “things should be what I think they should be because that is what I was trained to presume.” Clarity is “every pattern is a distinct pattern, including the patterns of indoctrination and confusion and arguing.””


J.L. writes:


“Yes it is all valid.

We have come to a point in which all is interrelated. When we can discover for ourselves what it is to be spiritual or religious we may see its time for evolution nit revolution.
One world government has good and bad attributes.
Bad connotation as of now.
When we all get we are all one we may then accept each other as we never have.
You are getting into a conversation I’d much rather have in person.”




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