The 3 religions: terrified foolishness, peaceful gratitude, and courageous participation

The 3 religions: terrified foolishness, peaceful gratitude, and courageous participation

English: President Obama had called on the two...

English: President Obama had called on the two former Presidents to help. During their public remarks in the Rose Garden, President Clinton had said about President Bush, ‘I’ve already figured out how I can get him to do some things that he didn’t sign on for.’ Later, back in the Oval, President Bush is jokingly asking President Clinton what were those things he had in mind. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“It is such a shame how my past has been,” says the high priest of terrified foolishness. “The past should not have been how it was. Certain political trends should not be how they are. Certain politicians should not be how they are. Oh, and the corporate media should not be so influenced by corporate interests. Those corporate interests who create governing systems and then fund and direct them to further their corporate interests should not be how they are. Certain economic trends should not be how they are. Also, my grandchildren should not be how they are. They should not be so naive and so arrogant and so presumptive and so young and so foolish and so idealistic. As for me, my age should not be how it is. My weight should not be how it is. My finances should not be how they are. My hell should not be how it is. Furthermore, social taboos should not be how they are. Isn’t it ridiculous how people talk about what should not be in a way that they really should not talk? They are just negative people, and people just should not be like that! I am simply appalled at how annoying and frustrating and disgusting and embarrassing it is to be around so many things that should not be how they are. It is such a shame and I apologize for eternally resenting you with frightened jealousy, even though I will hysterically defend my resentments as justified to the point of total exhaustion, but certainly not because of a frightened denial. I am not frightened. I am just sincerely right and anyone who does not agree with me is a terrified fool, which no one should ever be, especially not me. I should withdraw in to isolation, except that isolation should not be so isolated because everyone else should follow me because my withdrawal and condemnation are the pinnacle of bravery and sanity and service to others.”
English: The Egyptian temple of Philae. Taken ...

English: The Egyptian temple of Philae. Taken by Reiner Martin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is actually rather interesting how my past has been,” says the high priest of peaceful gratitude. “The past has some interesting patterns. Certain political trends are at least somewhat notable. Certain politicians are surprisingly political. The corporate media may be slightly influenced by corporate interests. The corporate interests who create governing systems and then fund and direct them to further their corporate interests are actually not all that distinctive. Certain economic trends are slightly intriguing. Also, my grandchildren can be kind of funny. They can be strange and surprising and say unexpected things and are a riveting mixture of unpredictable and predictable. As for me, my age could be interesting or not. My weight is what it is and sometimes I notice it. My finances are only important to me when I actually pay attention to them. My purgatory is a mixture of fascinating and totally boring- which can be disappointing. Furthermore, social taboos can be unusual. Isn’t it remarkable how people talk about what should not be in a way that can be so passionate and sincere? They are just sincere, passionate people, and people like that just can be so passionate and sincere! I am simply amazed at how annoyed and frustrated and hysterical and embarrassed people can be about so many things that they insist should not be how they are. I am so grateful that I can recognize passionate anger as simply a form of madness, like a dog with rabies. I realize there are risks in associating with people in such a mode. They can be so consumed by perfectionism that they are like robots of terrified foolishness. I remember how often I used to apologize for the same things over and over, like eternally blaming someone with frightened jealousy, even though I hysterically defended my condemnations and resentments as justified to the point of total exhaustion, but apparently just because of a frightened denial. I was so frightened that I hid my terror. I habitually insisted that I was sincerely right- about a long sequence of things, some of which superseded a prior thing that I previously insisted was the only right perspective- and I condemned anyone who did not agree with me to push them away, which may be irrational but it certainly has a logically predictable outcome.”
Capitol Building Side

Capitol Building Side (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“If you are interested in something about my past, I might be open to talking about it, but for what purpose?” asked the high priest of courageous participation. “The past seems to change depending on who you ask about it, right? For instance, different political trends are intriguing to different people. Some people focus on a certain pattern of behavior as they condemn it, but they are still focusing on it and energizing that pattern in their consciousness, right? We glorify and vilify various celebrities, including political celebrities. Various systems influence the attention of the masses, as well as their perception and behavior, such as the mass media and the governing systems of public education and correctional justice industries and so on. Economic trends not only guide political trends, but can be influenced by political campaigns, which seems to be the point of political campaigns, like taking land or resources from some colonized group and calling the redistributive extortion “taxation” while punishing anyone who attempts a similar system of extortion without a proper license from the ruling warlord club.”
“By the way, did I mention that my grandchildren are the most unusual children that I have ever met? I admit that it could be that I simply pay more attention to them than I have ever paid to any other children, but they are absolutely delightful, at least as long as they are not around very often. They are just so incredibly loud, you know?”
“What else? Let’s see, what? Oh, well, if you are so interested in my age and my weight, that could be a reflection of some social anxiety. Do you want to record my fingerprint patterns as well?”
“Okay, my finances are very useful. I appreciate that I can use these little monetary tokens of government coercion to influence the behavior of other people, like if I want to influence the media or the politicians or the people having a garage sale. I give them these little tokens and they give me products and services and so on.”
With this check, the United States completed t...

With this check, the United States completed the purchase of almost 600,000 square miles of land from the Russian Government. This treasury warrant issued on August 1, 1868, at the Sub-Treasury Building at 26 Wal, New York, New York, transferred $7.2 million to Russian Minister to the United States Edouard de Stoeckl. The purchase price of the 49th state? Less than two cents an acre. Original located in the National Archives, Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of Treasury. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“In exchange for these little magical holy objects, I can even hire the government thugs to perform evictions and garnishments and foreclosures. Have you seen their new assault helicopters with machine guns and missiles? These folks are serious about crowd control. Did you hear what those government thugs did to that crowd in Nazi Germany or Vietnam or ancient Rome? When the Trojans deceived their enemy with the fake horse filled with soldiers, that was the key to the effectiveness of their campaign of slaughter and crusade and so on. They apparently played to the naivete and ego of the enemy leader, unless of course the enemy leader was actually in on the whole thing. You never know with those military historians, right? Have you noticed that the victorious side always publicizes a version of the past that glorifies their victory?”
No political correctness

No political correctness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“As for social taboos of political correctness and so on, some people find it interesting how taboos form and how they change. Consider the behavioral manipulations of the FDA in the US. They train the masses how to behave in regard to diet and health. With the help of the school system and corporate-controlled media, certain perceptions and presumptions can be programmed in to the masses. The masses are trained to think about health in a certain way, like which medication will most quickly interrupt what immune system function? One day, a medication is a miracle, then the next day it is featured in a lawsuit, then it is banned, then it is unbanned and compulsory for everyone, then the government even pays for it because no one in their right mind would buy any if they were not forced to subsidize it through the coercive court system’s extortion revenue rackets. The next week, we find out that all along the government knew that the medication could easily be irrelevant for six dollars worth of a common substance, so of course there is a massive program to discourage people from using that common substance instead, like by putting people who possess that substance in jail or dropping bombs on places where it is grown. Governments govern and rule and regulate and control. That is what they are for. When I lie to my grandkids about Santa Claus, that is also to govern and rule and regulate and control.”
Español: Papa Noel Distrito C Madrid España

Español: Papa Noel Distrito C Madrid España (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Is it really so shocking if Trojan horse is full of a bunch of Trojan soldiers? How many times do the masses trust in the next Trojan horse? Is accepting gifts from government officials always in the best interest of the people being offered the gift?”
“When a realtor talks about how you should buy real estate, is that supposed to be unbiased? When a salesperson talks about how you should buy their brand of paint or their medication or vote for their candidate, isn’t that supposed to bias you toward doing what they earn a commission to get you to do? When a public school teacher tests you on whether the FDA’s recommendations are holy and sacred, has the teacher grading your test done any research on biochemistry? Are they competent in their field or are they just using an answer key that someone else provided, along with using a curriculum that someone from the central office of the indoctrination program of the church of holy imperialism requires that they use?”
English: President Barack Obama writes at his ...

English: President Barack Obama writes at his desk in the Oval Office 3/3/09. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Of course slaves are loyal to their masters, at least for a while. That is why systems of reward and punishment are developed by the masters to govern or rule or control or influence the perceptions and behaviors of the human resources. Some slaves are so dependent that they are fanatically loyal. Some slaves are so disruptive that they are discarded. Some of those discarded slaves realize that being discarded is the best thing that ever happened to them. However, most of them are so ashamed of “failing” to be an exemplary slave that they never relax enough to be grateful.  They live in a purgatory of trying to rescue everyone else from hell. They are following the propaganda program that glorifies a savior. Unless they can be the savior of humanity, then how can they ever earn their way in to heaven? “
“Have you ever noticed that people who insist that they need to eventually earn their way in to heaven also insist that they are not already there? They may insist that heaven is eternal, but just not yet.”
“Do they seem to you to be somewhat panicked about how their religion is the only right one? If so, then maybe they are not ready for anything unfamiliar. If they want to push other perspectives away, why disturb them or antagonize them? They can have a lot of repressed aggression, so poking on their terrors and shames can be just plain dangerous.”
“I consider it a taboo to poke on other people’s taboos. I think it takes courage and intelligence to accept people’s taboos and hysterias and idolatries, like about which medication is the holiest and so on. If they insist that their government’s imperialism is the least imperialistic, so be it. If they claim that all imperialism should be less imperial, so be it. If they condemn all propaganda, so be it. If they protest against the existence of reverse psychology, so be it.”
English: U.S. Capitol building

English: U.S. Capitol building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I might even encourage my own herd of human resources to protest against reverse psychology. Maybe I can even get them to start a chant against the patterns of social conformity promoted by their enemy, and against the propaganda systems of their enemy, and ridiculing the taboos of their enemy, and the divide and conquer techniques of the enemy rulers, who tell people who their enemies are and why.”
“They are offended by our freedom and our courage and our intelligence and our independent thinking. They are jealous of our superior political system and our colorful sacred flag and our holy scriptures, the Constitution of Superior Political Salvation, which guarantees the separation of church from state. They do not even have our FDA to guide and protect them.”
Altar San Nicolas Tolentino Terrenate

Altar San Nicolas Tolentino Terrenate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Their government thugs use force to extract wealth from the masses. Their grandparents deceive their grandchildren with myths about some ridiculous character named San Nicolas or Papa Noel or however they pronounce it in their language, which is the most evil language in human history because it is composed of a ridiculous sequence of symbolic sound codes that are actually meaningless gibberish and totally incomprehensible to anyone as smart as us.”
“They are just so stupid. We really should kill them soon. After all, they are threatening the environmental sustainability of the planet. Literally, there are just too many of them. Someone should do something about this. We need to rescue the planet from our enemies. We need to save humanity from those humans. It is the only way. There really is no other alternative, except to remain in hell for eternity, but first we must escape from our terrified shame by conforming to the behaviors that our saviors have programmed us to perform. We must pay taxes. We must vote for the most holy candidate. We must be champions of all that is sacred, like the Constitution, the separation of Church and State, and the eternal triumph of our secular empire over the tragic tyranny of religious imperialism. We must reform the FDA. We must prevent the New World Order from catching on in the last few centuries. Our sincere fanaticism will save us. Technology will save us. Science will save us. Reverse psychology will save us. And when we have earned our way in to eternal heaven eventually, Santa Claus will reward us by revealing the truth about how to understand the opposite sex. It’s so simple that you will be amazed that you did not recognize it already. It’s almost like you have been intensively indoctrinated not to notice the obvious, but of course that is impossible because everyone knows that people should not condemn things just to hide the reality about those things. That’s just TOO simple. It must be something else. Oooo- I wonder what it is! This is SO exciting!” 

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