Was Lauryn Hill convicted for a conspiracy theory?


Lauryn Hill was sentenced for non-compliance with a tax extortion racket as well as for her resentment and contempt and arrogance and shame, not for inaccurate theories of conspiracy. Of course her ancestors were oppressed. What is unusual about that?

Chief Sitting Bull

Chief Sitting Bull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Should Native Americans be exempt from income taxes because the US stole their ancestral lands and nearly decimated their tribes? Should the Japanese and German people have the “legal right” to evict the US military from the bases in the various US colonies throughout the planet? What kind of precedent would that set for Iraq and Diego Garcia and the Native American tribes? Should anyone in North America with any portion of European ancestry go back to Europe and give their real estate back to the full-blooded natives? Most people in North America are so steeped in the fanatical idealisms of National Socialism that they would not know a Nazional Socialist empire if they had been living in one their entire life.

Consider that belief systems are cultivated by authoritative institutions, such as the core institution of modern socialist imperialism: public schooling. As for the idea that force and coercion only work “for a limited amount of time,” the last several thousand years have included a “notable” amount of organized coercion, including by a very popular form of social institution called “courts” (as established by kings and pharaohs and popes and other ruling classes of governing the masses). Courts dictate liabilities that the masses owe to them, called taxes (AKA extortion), and then dictate what form of payment is accepted (which is called legal tender or currency), and then set exchange rates, like the money changers at the government temple may give you a single metal coin at a rate of 2 healthy sheep per ounce of coin.

Why did the court systems pick (for use in currency tokens) rare or “precious” metals that only they had access to mining? Perhaps because only they had access to mining the metals made in to the “legal tender” coins- so they could trade a few dozen sheep to soldiers and miners in exchange for exclusive access to some rare metal that they could force the masses to “buy” (for use in paying invented tax liabilities and tithes and so on) at a rate of thousands of sheep… for the same amount of metal that only cost them a few dozen sheep to access. That’s been an extremely lucrative business… though it can be “a bit bloody” at times.




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