Imperialist culture and indoctrination about marketing, borrowing, spending, etc

  • Aggressive marketing campaigns are common, thi...

    Aggressive marketing campaigns are common, this one features Coco Lee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    SB wrote: (in reply to  the “closing the gap between marketing-based misperceptions and economic facts)

    Re:”That is an awesome set-up for someone like me- but also rather frightening.” — Why frightening? Where’s the trust 😉

    Everything you say makes total and complete sense and is really hard to disagree with. I feel like such a puppet. ‘-‘

    I have another question, though. Why do you think some marketing campaigns fail (as in the target audience is not as responsive as predicted) even though the money, time, and effort on the failed campaign may match (or exceed) that of a successful one? Isn’t it our interest or lack of interest (meaning we lack enough interest to research the truth/panic/sensationalism) behind the marketing campaign?

    Also, an aside that I cannot resist…. I see you are using the diamond industry as a driving example in your text…. So I am compelled to ask….. Are diamonds on the mind as of late? [a reference to a wedding ring]
  • Haha 😉

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Frightening because when social order rapidly shifts, there will be social unrest and political unrest. There will be a lot of “bad” things happening “randomly” (like just more argumentativeness and antagonism among the general public toward most ANYONE).

  • Generally speaking, a social psychologist or socionomist would call it a shift from an EXTREME of “positive social mood” (like “we are all in this together) toward not only reduced exuberance and euphoria and optimism, but blame and rage and so on. (AKA “negative social mood.”)

    Brewer Obama Rock

  • And you do not believe we are in that now?

    •  I certainly feel like we are… Ppl are clawing and stepping on (hurting) each other to further personal gain all around us. Everyone want more and more and more. Money is everything and the only thing for so many
    the distinction between criticism and fearful shaming
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    In the mid-1990s in Japan, there was a shift toward “throw the rascals out” for all incumbent politicians, comedians running for election and WINNING, lots of “anti-corporate” journalism, lots of political resignations, lots of uncertainty.

    We are in a polarizing phase now in the US.

    The extreme “positivity” orientation is more extreme than ever.

  • Optimism

    Optimism (Photo credit: hynkle)

    There are also counter-reactionaries to the hysterical reactionary “positive thinking” crowds.

    there is growing cynicism, plus growing interest in self-sufficiency and personal responsibility and “family first.”

    Money has always been “everything.” People were just isolated in social groups before in which “the successful” would cluster.

    Things like sporting event attendance is WAY down in the US.

    Those “social cohesion” factors are not as attractive now when people are not as in to lavish spending. They are starting to face their finances and also their terror for being alone/isolated.

  • As for marketing campaigns that fail, how do you measure that? Some do backfire, but that is rather rare. Lots of competing campaigns are out there and some “catch” public interest. That is the nature of the industry- try 25 things and then simply watch which one dominates or “clicks.” That is why we have market research for everything from movies to campaign speeches. The market researchers will show 3 different endings for the same movie to assess which ending is most well-received. Sometimes a DVD will even have the alternate ending(s).

    Leonardo DiCaprio at the Body of Lies film pre...

    Leonardo DiCaprio at the Body of Lies film premiere in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • As for diamonds, they are one of my favorite references. The movie “Blood Diamonds” a few years ago was relatively popular (starring Leonardo DiCaprio) and (as far as I know) it showed some of the history of how the diamond companies go out of their way to enslave Africans and enlist children in to civil wars and so on. The history of the diamond cartel is easier to research online than most others. It is also famous simply because Edward Bernays was so involved. He is called the founder of the Public Relations industry. He was hired to market World War 1 to the US public. He organized the false news reports and a long list of extremely effective marketing ploys, including emotion-stirring newsreels. PR people know about him. The public does not. The public thinks that propaganda only happens in other nations. That is how effective Bernays was!

  • He was hired, if I recall right, by European banking interests that wanted the US to rescue the UK… and borrow an enormous amount of money from the UK in order to do it.

  • It was so successful that it was followed by the “roaring 20s” in which a new “credit balloon” was implemented in the US. Then, in 1929, there was a shift. By 1933, the US government made it a felony to own gold bullion and the masses complied, turning in their gold bullion for Federal Reserve Notes. On January 31, 1934, that paper money was re-valuated overnight to have 41% less purchasing power.

  • pyramid eye horus triangle

    I’m talking about the Federal Reserve’s “US Dollar” Note.

    From the perspective of anyone familiar with bankruptcy, it was obviously a bankruptcy process. The underwriters of the US debt (the US citizens) were the only ones who could not legally own the gold bullion.

    Foreignors could still “redeem” their Federal Reserve Notes for gold bullion- but they also had a 41% overnight loss when the banks opened on February 1st and once again allowed redemption of the currency.

    new myth, old god (and the origin of heaven and hell on earth)
  • This info is trivia in a way. It is also understandable that this information is not well-publicized. However, you can verify all of it. It was an amazing transfer of political and economic power from the US citizenry to the Federal Reserve and the European banking interests who created the Fed and own it. It is a private bank. Did you know that?

  • The US Dollar is not a government currency. It is a private currency issued by the Federal Reserve.

    Anyway, Edward Bernays is the single most famous propagandist / PR specialist in history, at least within the field.

    Outside of the PR field, people know George Orwell.

    He wrote two of the best-selling books of the last century: 1984 and Animal Farm.

  • 1984 is a classic piece of anti-propaganda propaganda. Most people do not recognize that. Most people do not know that he worked for the BBC (as a propagandist). Most people do not know that within a few years of George publishing his book, the BBC made it in to a TV show. It remains the icon of government-sponsored anti-government anti-propaganda propaganda.

  • (note- these are not “secrets.” If you look on the book jacket of a george orwell book, it might even say that he worked for the BBC). It’s in any biography of him. He was not a secret agent working for the BBC with a “cover.” He was just a regular employee.

    And what is the central twist of the plot in the book?

    It is that the government sponsored the anti-government rebel group.

    Anyway, back to current culture, I think that the “baptist hate groups” are totally psy-ops PR manipulations [psy-ops = “psychological warfare operations for diving and conquering the masses]. There are real, sincere people on every side, but I presume that there are PR people behind the scenes cultivating the antagonism.

    Notice how much animosity there can be so suddenly for a particular target of media condemnation (like a bombing suspect).

    I remember a few years ago (asking on my blog or something) if Osama Bin Laden would be able to walk down the street in NYC without being mauled.

    (to death)


    the media creates targets for aggression. like with what I mentioned about pro basketball, it is about a single celebrity personality- the media did not vilify the Iraqi people, but only Saddam Hussein.


    However, the US has killed huge numbers of people there with PR campaigns encouraging the “collateral damage” because “it is justified” because “Saddam is responsible for 9/11.”

     Who predicted what reversed the growth of Phoenix, Las Vegas, Greece, and Ireland, etc?

    so, a single person is focused on- the glorious michael jordan or gandhi or MLK or… the vile Saddam or Osama or (Thatcher or Bush or Obama or whoever).

    they are the icons or celebrities of our culture.

    English: Caricatures of Leonardo DiCaprio, Cin...

    English: Caricatures of Leonardo DiCaprio, Cindy Crawford, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you want to use this or any other one of my images outside of Wikipedia, or commission me for an original piece, contact me on my Talk Page. For more of my artwork, see my User Page. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Outside of mainstream media and schools, your kids would not hear about the “holy saints” of our culture (or the great demonic enemies) for the first several years of their life probably. But, as they become young adults, “everyone” is already accepting the myths and legends presented by public schools and tv news and movies.

  • People may think that the movie Pearl Harbor is basically accurate.

    They are the same people who thought that the Santa Claus thing was basically accurate.

    I was among them. It is natural to presume.

    wrong label

    So, lobbyists are competing with each other for personal gain. PR firms are competing with each other for personal gain.

    sport teams and armies are competing against each other for personal gain.

    Realtors are competing against each other- for what? For lots of handshakes? No, for commissions.

    Traders are competing.

    Gamblers at a casino may not think that they are competing against each other, but when one gambler wins, does he or she say to everyone around them: “here, I will share some with you because you were standing nearby gamlbing when I won?”

    When people bet on sporting events and win, do they say to the person who lost the bet, “you owe me $100, but how about we split what you owe me in half just to make it fair and you just give me $50 and we call it even?”

    “We are all in this together” in our imperialist battle against the enemy.

    the marketers tell us who the enemy is.

    there are lots of marketers telling us different things.

    If the enemy is drug users, then that polarizes users and non-users.

    If the enemy is liberals, then that is a media polarization of the culture.

    If the enemy is gun owners, that is another polarization.

    Who is never the enemy? The media (the marketers).

    the PR propagandists.

    They are always the invisible heroes who tell us which hero they have selected for us to save us from whichever enemy they have selected (or which one of their candidates that the public has really “eaten up.”)

    For reactionary patriots, Rand Paul is the great hero. You are not a reactionary patriot, so you may not even know that name.

    He is being groomed to be president in 2016.

    He is the son of Ron Paul, who was a long-time “hopeful savior” for reactionary constitutionalist bible-thumping patriots.


    In other countries, the leaders are different of course because we have so many languages and cultures.

    the enemies in one place are the saviors somewhere else

    everywhere, marketing and PR are important.

    the only thing more important for the domination of the masses may be the weapons of the mercenary forces (cops, armies, etc).

    Police confront protestors in Algeria:
    police algeria

    However, the indoctrination of the young people who will become soldiers is of central importance. The weapons do not fire themselves, right?

    So, public schools are now common throughout western civilization.

    Basically, indoctrination and military domination always go together. The US navy even calls some of its training facilities indoctrination camps. They program the recruits with the doctrines selected.

    This image is actually of an Indoctrination Course involving US Marines. Apparently, a “Sergeant Major” is training the Staff Sergeants in proper indoctrination methods.

  • We have a military priesthood in our empire.

    The rituals of indoctrination are of central importance to the functioning of our systems of social order, our courts, etc

    This is generally the same throughout europe and most anywhere.

  • “• Indoctrination: This is the initial phase where recruits are given an introduction to the different… techniques.”

    that is a quote from at

    it would be reasonable to say that I am “indoctrinating” you with this presentation of info.

    My “doctrines” include things like “notice when you are frustrated. That is a sign of an inaccurate presumption.”

    Another is something liek this: “if you value above-average results, do not expect them from average methods.”

    hui  4


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