part 2 of 2: Moderation in Zen / Advaita / Jnana Yoga

The Compass of Zen

The Compass of Zen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Daniel Fritschler

    wait… re “there are no others” & “all is an illusion”…. these things are just medicine? they are said [in order] to bring us back to the flow. We are the flow and only let thoughts and beliefs that have no basis in truth “take us away” from what is. So medicine to clear the mind? i guess

    kind of like when I smoke it clears the mind?

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    “there are no others” can interrupt obsessing over others.

    “all is an illusion” can interrupt most anything

  • Daniel Fritschler

    yes wow thanks again

  • 2:14pm

    English: Sudden Insight

    English: Sudden Insight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    J R Fibonacci Hunn

    here are some shapes on a screen

    is this your mind over here on this screen?

    If you type some words that I read, then where is the boundary of my mind?

    I perceive my own mind.

    My own mind is everything that I perceive.

    One myth is that mind is inside of the body

    another myth is that the body is inside of the mind


    Zen (Photo credit: Josefe aka Hipnosapo)

    how can that be?

    what if all that is perceived is the mind?

    So, the body can be perceived- which makes is a percevied body or minded body or a body in mind or a body of mind.

    If this screen is “in mind” and this body is “in mind” and even “the enitre solar system” is in mind, then perhaps mind is rather large.

    Daniel Fritschler

    holy shit…sorry speechless over here

    it’s okay.
    it is ok.


    Zen (Photo credit: seamlessgem)

    there can be the activity of language “in mind” which says “my mind is just the language that I use over here, which is distinct from the activity of language over there, which is not my mind, but someone else’s.” That is totally legitimate.
    mind is unlimited it is boundless then?
    all perceiving arises within mind
    Mind is just a verbal category. There is no such thing EXCEPT as a verbal category.
    That is what the Zen masters reference by “no mind.”
    But if there is no mind, then there is also no such thing as the verbal category of “Zen Masters.” Mind is “within” language.
    The presence of the divine being can be speechless or can use words. Mind only arises through language. “You” are the presence beyond language which creates language and uses it.
    “The Divine Being” forms language, which creates “mind” and other verbal categories. Language can also refer to a source beyond language as “The Tao” and so on. Those labels are just labels.
    once mind is divided in to perception through language, then contrasting perceptions (like “body”) can also arise, all well as “my body and your body” or “my mind and your mind.” Those labelings are all “done” by the Divine Being.
    If the Divine Being is speechless, then is it still the divine being?
    I am just blown away here
    when there is no one in particular here, then no one cares either way.
    i am ignorant in some ways apparently
    but then again that isn’t me
    right, “ignorant” is just an identifying. Identifyings come and go.
    yes all of them transient


    zen (Photo credit: mkebbe)

    if you are the divine being who forms all things through speaking, then which one of your forms is the most permanent?
    which one of your shadows is the real shape of your shadow?
    If a dog is running through a park, which position of the dog as it runs is the real position?
    all of them
    all of them or none of them. All of the positions can argue over which is the most real. All of the forms of Divine Being can compete to be the least transient.
    ahh the agreement of the unagreed
    So then one naturally must ask, of the 50 states in the US, which one is the most real?
    They all exist through the functioning of language.
    They are all equally real. They are all equally false. Anyone can say whatever about them though and they are still just identifyings in language.
    all things remaining equal
    I just got a phone call.
    all things remaining equal or moderation in moderation do you enjoy destroying a person’s “truth” because I am enjoying it
    ok later thanks
    truth- but only in moderation!
    🙂  moderation
    Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind

    Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  1. heartflow2013 Says:

    Thanks for the pingbacks… Unique format and much more readable than I expected at first glance 😉 cheers! tomas ☼

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