Family first

Family first (and why aristocrats promote anti-aristocratic patriotism)



Throughout all creatures, there is a biological priority of promoting the family. However, throughout all cultures, there are also patterns that favor some families over others. 




Coats-of-arms of the ruling families, above th...

Coats-of-arms of the ruling families, above the city gate of Motovun, Croatia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Families first




Why is there systematic favoritism? Because some extended families work together to promote the interest of that particular network of extended families. They may gather together to create services like fire fighters and security guard patrols that serve the entire network of extended families. They may set a very specific boundary- such as a city limit or an exclusive membership list- and, beyond that boundary, the agencies that they create to promote their families do not operate. Of course, the boundaries are set by group process, so they can be changed by group process, too.






What about ME first?




Why do some cultures promote anti-family principles and practices? Because certain families recognize the value in minimizing competition! If the overall culture distracts from the importance of family or even represses the universal natural urge to promote family, then the families who create those anti-family cultural patterns are still favoring their own families, but this time by interfering with the natural biological priority of all creatures to promote their own families (or at least interfering with those families which are not members of their exclusive network of geographic isolation or whatever other membership requirements).




Two very common forms of “anti-family” tendencies are extreme narcissism and extreme patriotism. In many cases, both of those two “anti-family” principles are recognizable in the same individual.




Little patriot

Little patriot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




How would extreme narcissism favor some families over others?




There are many self-destructive or self-sabotaging behaviors that can be programmed in to the masses through public education training as well as the indoctrination propaganda of commercial advertisements and mass media. Pleasure-seeking consumer addictions (gambling, shopping, chemical dependency on pharmaceutical medicationscan be cultivated not only to deplete the resources of the masses, but to generate profits for the businesses owned by the ruling families (whether legal businesses or the even more exclusive illegal businesses that are violently monopolized by the ruling families through the use of legal systems that strongly discourage competition by non-members/non-insiders, such as when a County Prosecutor may not be as harsh or aggressive in pursuing criminal allegations against their own nephew or their nephew’s employer).





How would extreme patriotism favor some families over others?




One factor is that when people are worried about national politics and are narcissistically arguing over such issues, then they are not promoting the interest of their own families. So, if some families can create sensationalist distractions and diversions, that can stir up panic and hysteria and confusion among the masses and make it very easy for the ruling families to employ the masses in the service of the ruling families. 




For instance, in the case of the various US invasions of Europe (such as World Wars 1 and 2), it may be that the interests of the United KINGdom (and of the royal family in particular) may have been served by the large numbers of young men from another continent who risked their lives in the service of British political and economic interests. In addition to the US soldiers who were killed or injured or traumatized, huge portions of the US economy were diverted to promoting the war effort. Immense national debts were entered by the US government. Who did they owe those debts to? Which ruling families in particular?




Now, not only could certain ruling families promote extreme patriotism such that young men from one continent would be subjected to intense propaganda so that they would agree to travel far away from home at great danger to themselves to “liberate” a foreign nation (and then set up permanent military bases and occupy that nation for the last 7 decades), but the ruling families might even arrange for the families of those soldiers to then pay for the war effort. The cost of the war effort could stretch across many decades of repaying huge debts to the ruling families who enticed their ally in to war and then lent enormous amounts of money to the ally to finance the ally’s participation. 




Your Patriotism Can be Best Demonstrated by Se...

Your Patriotism Can be Best Demonstrated by Sending Us Your Suggestions For Improving Our Operating Methods^ – NARA – 534161 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




What’s another example of the exploiting of human resources for the benefit of a ruling family?




Imagine that in 1917, the British rulers published a declaration of an intent to colonize the resource-rich regions of the Middle East. To further that end, they would create alliances with many local ruling families (“governments”) as well as even establish a new nation and new standing army there. They would eventually promote the developing of nuclear weaponry by that nation while simultaneously creating hysteria about the possibility that non-allied nations (targets for invasion and occupation) might be developing “weapons of mass destruction.”




Various critics promote various conflicting (distracting) interpretations of the inconsistency of “arbitrary” anti-nuclear and pro-nuclear policies. However, there is nothing arbitrary about them. Generally speaking, all nations promote their own nations having the most potent military force and then take actions to threaten non-allied competitors who are seeking to also develop similar or even more powerful militaries. When they or their own allies use chemical weapons or torture, that may not be as frequently referenced in school books or in the media as when their allies use chemical weapons or torture. Similarly, when the County Prosecutor’s nephew engages in certain behavior, that is considered a “private matter” to be handled within the family, while when non-insiders are even accused of similar behavior, a very different sequence of events unfolds.






So why would a government give a farmer a 30 year jail sentence and only give a rapist a 3 year jail sentence, but then the President of the nation pardons the convicted rapist anyway? 




If a farmer sells raw dairy products and that is in conflict with the interests of the local ruling families, then that qualifies for being targeted, plus their trial and incarceration itself may be very lucrative for the ruling families who run the private prison industry and the governing industry. In the case of a confessed rapist, such as the famous case of a rapist in Arizona named Miranda (who was not notified of his right NOT to self-incriminate, which later became known as the “Miranda Right”), not only was his confession retroactively ruled inadmissable to the court ritual proceeding, but his entire conviction was overturned (with no legal way of ever pursuing a new conviction) and he was simply released from imprisonment immediately.



As for the power of US Presidents to issue pardons, that is similar to the powers of similar officials in other nations. Note that governments are violent systems of favoritism, though one of their most important “weapons” is propaganda (psychological warfare), including the cultivation of a particular ideological blindness to the basic function of all governing systems, which is simply to influence the attention, perception, and behavior of the masses… all in the service of “the ruling class” (the aristocracy) who establish and sustain the systems of governing.




Aristocrats value loyal taxpayers and human resources. They need soldiers and farmers and bureaucrats and health professionals and merchants and laborers. Government-regulated schools are established to promote the interest of the rulers. In some cases, governments not only regulate schools, but even fund them (giving them immense influence), or, in extreme cases like when creating mandatory boarding schools on Reservations, government employees may actually directly operate the schools. Children may be forcibly removed from their family to be placed in the boarding schools. The speaking of criminal languages, such as Navajo, would be a crime punishable by a life sentence in prison.




"The historic home of Galway's most power...

“The historic home of Galway’s most powerful (medieval) family.” A “town castle” built in the 16th century. Its facade features the arms of the Lynch familly, one of the Anglo-Norman ruling families of Galway City, and Henry VII. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




What about ideals of justice?




The origins of the word justice (from the mythological deity “Justitia”)  point to the rituals of ancient rulers when dictating their rules to the masses. What the rulers identify as the correct pattern of behavior (and enforce through their superior military might) is what is right or just. 




By the way, the word right also is derived from the word for king. Whatever the ruler established (by force) as the rules of public conduct is what the public calls their “rights.”






What about how our nation is obviously superior to all others?


All nations promote that idea. So, let’s be realistic about the history of the US and other modern nations. They promote the interests of certain ruling families in particular, also promoting the interests of a hierarchical network of collaborators and instrumental allies (but to a lesser extent as we go down the hierarchy’s  pyramid), and then of course perhaps even targeting specific groups of families for colonization or extermination (Navajos, Vietnamese, Germans, Koreans, Iraqis, etc…). 




Note that there is absolutely nothing unusual about the general pattern referenced here. However, for those Americans ashamed of US history, it is natural to have a reaction of extreme patriotism and then say things to the effect of “we must correct this system to bring it in to accord with our holy ideals of public school propaganda!” Or perhaps the propaganda ideals were not created and publicized to actually reform reality. From the perspective of psychological warfare, propaganda would be meant to impair perception by the masses of the simple reality of the function of governments, plus promote confusion and demoralization and hysteria and paranoia.




Extreme narcissist patriots serve their nationalist ideals in order to promote their own egotistical protections from their latent shame and terror. It can be terrifying to admit the vast military power of governments relative to one’s own limited individual capacity. A narcissistic individual (or extremist group) when opposing an army is typically going to be massively outgunned. 




I learned some of these principles through the writings of BBC employee George Orwell (whose wife worked in the Ministry of Information). The BBC (a government-operated mass media outlet) made his most famous book, 1984, in to a movie a few years after the book was released. It was the best-selling book of the century. It was a classic case of government-sponsored anti-government anti-propaganda propaganda. When the movie was aired, lots of reactionary patriots called to the BBC to provide the BBC with their names as people who were offended by the content of the creative work. Note the irony of their self-reporting to the BBC, given that the main theme of the book is that the anti-government conspiracy was cultivated by the government as a program to entice intellectuals to report themselves to the government. The book’s heroic rebel, Winston Smith, advances in to the rebel movement only to find that it leads him to the top of his own government, and then he is tortured and returned to duty as an employee of the government propaganda machine. 




Exactly how similar is the storyline of the book to the personal history of the author? I personally do not know! I do know there are many similarities.




Yale patriotism

Yale patriotism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




How do I recommend that you promote the interests of your family? 




If you are not a member of my family, then I recommend that you invest your attention exclusively in reforming your own nation’s system to conform to the propaganda ideals that you worship passionately. Ignore your family. Ignore your health. Ignore your finances. Reform your shameful system so that you can earn a place in heaven when you die, or else of course you will go to hell and suffer eternal torment.




If you are a member of my family (or would like to be within my network of collaborators), then contact me privately. I might have slightly different recommendations for you than those immediately above.
















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