Spiritual bravery, panic, and social pressure to conform (re gay marriage, diet, etc)

Here is another conversation relating to recent blogs. This is from a private chat on facebook with someone who is aware that, when I find a conversation with her extremely interesting for sharing with others, then that I will share it. She only asked that I  not use her picture and I chose not to use her name.

Dear JR,

I just had a few quiet moments long enough to read your previous commentary on investments using one’s own money vs. borrowed money, the risk involved, and the panic involved when risk is proven to be high. [JR’s note: I said that it when gambling with someone else’s money instead of one’s own money, it does not change the odds, the risk, the fact that it is still high-risk gambling- even when gambling on real estate speculation with borrowed money.]

What you say makes complete sense when you break it down the way you did, using the examples you did (specifically the perspectives of your examples). Like the cancer example… Seems ridiculous to trust mainstream doctors with a fatal diagnosis and treatment plan regarding a disease they admit to knowing nothing about [or at least that they insist on calling incurable- I did not say “know NOTHING” 😉 ].


Ritalin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But most people do not think that way due to the panic involved and the desperation they feel with the diagnosis. It is also the intense, innate need to have some sort of scapegoat “just in case” things don’t work out in your favor.

The guilt [or fear, worrying, agonizing?] involved in opting out of “trendy” or mainstream investment strategies or medical treatment strategies when considering the possibility that alternative strategies may also fail can be crippling. Failing is difficult to handle as it is but can be made easier to cope with when the masses are failing for the same reasons/poor choices. We can all be miserable or in financial ruin or sick together.

And this leads to your point of view on panic vs. peace and BRAVERY when making decisions. You are urging people to put their own effort into researching and looking at data from an open-minded perspective. Being proactive instead of reactive can help remedy that extra “barrier” of panic and desperation faced when REacting to “bad news” and allow you to use peaceful logic in your assessments.

Bravery (the hardest part, in my opinion) expands your option list with alternate choices…. Choices considered radical …. Choices often ridiculed by the main stream. Often a “radical” choice is the right one and you have to be brave enough to take your well being into your own hands by making that choice WHILE withstanding societal pressures. This, in my opinion, is extremely difficult to do…. You pretty much have to be confident and secure standing with a few other “fanatics” making choices that are viewed by the masses (which includes highly educated and trained professionals) as ridiculous and IRRESPONSIBLE while contending with your own, personal, internal guilt of “what happens if I am wrong” (which can be intense when the success or failure of your entire family is hanging in the balance). For some (like you), it is ridiculous and ignorant and irresponsible to fall into “herd logic” when your own well being is at stake. Do thorough research, remove extreme emotional reactions, remain logical and practical, and humbly open your mind to everything. For most, just considering this causes a well of panic to rise and then the fight/flight response kicks in, and we generally choose to flee from logic and just let someone else (main stream) make the decisions for us. Seems easier than tackling and beating the panic and facing the understanding that you have no one to blame but yourself if you fail.

As far as what you mean when you say many will have “new” value for family and spirituality…can you expand?

I feel like I am missing a big warning here… What am I missing?

Do you mean that families will go back to basics? Depend on each other (not government) for survival?

JR replies:

Agonizing over what to do is crippling, yes. It is better to be crippled (paralyzed) then to keep making high-risk choices. Soon, after one has agonized enough to interrupt the momentum of blindness to high-risk behavior, then one can relax from the pre-existing panic of blind conformity and begin to explore cautiously- or perhaps with reliance on someone considered unusually trustworthy. (I’m not telling you all this just for my entertainment or just to disturb you- [not JUST that], but to invite conversations for actions guided by a commitment to responsibility.)

Spirituality for me is the study of language as well as of attention itself. Those who are spiritually advanced are immune to propaganda and hysteria. They are not blind herds panicking in contempt and shame.

Next, is there really “social pressure” that you eat a certain diet? Or, is there just internal pressure within you from being afraid that other people might realize that their opinion and their paranoia are less important to you than your own health? They can talk, but is that pressure? [Compared to the verbal threats of a bunch of armed thugs at your door (“cops”), the talk of an unarmed person is not much of a threat really, right?]

Will they threaten to never come over to your home for dinner unless you play their favorite music (Metallica of course) in the background and offer them soda and ice cream and vodka and donuts and obviously let them smoke cigarettes (or marijuana or heroine) inside your living room every time they come over? That is not really pressure. That is their terror. They are terrified.

If you are planning to ask them for a $10,000, then feed them what they like and so on- or take them out to eat. They do not pressure you. They present programming to you to test you, to attempt to influence you, even to herd you in to conformity, but to the one who is at peace spiritually, all that happens is a recognition of their shame and terror.

If you change your private investments (if you have any), so be it. If you sell a home and start to rent (or buy a less expensive home), so be it. If you file chapter 13 bankruptcy or whatever else, so be it. If no one is suing you to prevent you from selling your old mutual fund, then there is no real pressure on you to continue to own it. There are many things that you are free to do and that most people would never know about anyway.


Fda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eye fillet of grass-fed beef.

Eye fillet of grass-fed beef. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But public education and commercial advertisements on TV certainly are a form of social pressuring. There is also the reality of whatever is in stock at Albertson’s (a grocery store) and whatever is not in stock. But Albertson’s does not pressure you to buy cookies instead of grass-fed beef, or to buy low quality eggs instead of organic free range eggs from a farmer’s market. Albertson’s invites you to come to their store and shop there. They provide a shopping cart. That is not “social pressure,” but social opportunity!


Albertsons (Photo credit: Editor B)

So, regarding culture and economics, I mean that there will be two contrary trends. The masses who rely on centralism and socialism will be impoverished by the results of blindly following the herd (like in FDA dietary choices and hysterical real estate speculation) and then disappointed by the inability of socialist Ponzi schemes to keep their promises (like when the USSR collapsed, leaving lots of people very disappointed who were expecting the USSR to support them). As all of that accelerates, more and more folks will also form small networks of responsibility- extended families, churches, secession movements, etc.

Seat of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Gr...

Seat of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Grand Kremlin Palace in the Moscow Kremlin, February 1982 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But if you study something like how Pol Pot took over Cambodia, you will see that the rise of communism can be rather like an organized crime group invading and stealing everything in the name of “justice and equality” and so on. To the prior government, Pol Pot was a rebel, right?

So there are a variety if stages of “non-conformity” or rebellion. One can eat well and even raise food. One can use legal tax sheltering methods (and asset sheltering methods) and invest wisely- which is extremely rare right now. Of course many desperate people will turn to crime to survive, (from dealing drugs to prostitution to straight forward burglary and mugging) though turning to violent crimes like that is basically the early stages of rioting and civil war and… none of that produces any food.

Food is the key to long-term warfare. American critics of communism tend to assume that the communists did not distribute food to the masses because of incompetence. That is a naive presumption. Communists (among others) cut off distribution of food to the masses as a political weapon. The criminalizing of raw milk in the US can be viewed as hysterical idiocy by the government or as an act of war to reduce the health of the fringe of people who are taking responsibility for eating in alignment with biochemistry.

janet jackson

Note that “bad news” is for programming and demoralizing the masses, just like political controversies and celebrity controversies are for distraction and provoking outrage and arguing. Gay marriage, for instance, is not important to communists- no more than the controversy of Janet Jackson’s nipple at a super bowl halftime show. They just use scandals to further their goals. Maybe some scandals are not even planned and cultivated, but many are.

If people are ashamed of the president or outraged or cheering for him, then that means they are paying attention to the president. Think of the German public’s support of Hitler or Mussolini. History books imply that those men were in charge. What if they were puppets of hidden groups… of funders and lobbyists and organized crime syndicates who profit off of war and recruit people to start wars?

Pol Pot was trained by free masons in Europe. The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was supported by England and Wall Street bankers like JP Morgan. The plundering of the masses (aka communist revolution) is big business. Wars paid for by taxes are also massive redistributions of wealth to the military insiders at the expense of the middle class (and of course resulting in the slaughter of thousands or millions of civilians in the “hot zone”).

Prison where Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge tortu...

Prison where Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge tortured and killed thousands of Cambodians. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bravery is only hard for those afraid to admit their fear and their lack of military and economic power. For those who do not panic hysterically in shame at the thought of fear, fear is imply a refocusing of attention and leads naturally to bravery.

Your relative with the new baby has a health issue and everyone is afraid for her and acts with precision and speed and bravery, but do not even call it brave. They are not trying to appear brave for social approval. They are just brave and social approval is only an issue for those operating in a pretense to cover their terror.

Also, it is not “brave” to eat raw eggs. If you research it enough, you will naturally be convinced that it is far more nutritious than eating them cooked, plus you will naturally target high quality eggs instead of the cheapest. When eating raw eggs, the taste of the eggs is not neutralized by cooking, so you can really notice the difference between low quality eggs and high quality eggs.

Recognizing naïveté does not seem brave to the one doing it. 

I say I am curious and committed and others say crazy or brave or whatever. I do not really notice most of what they say, but someone really almost vomited just at the sight of me eating a raw egg. To them it was sincerely disgusting.

So, there are many offers of external salvation- vote for the right candidate etc- that are set up before the herds are triggered in to a panic. When promoting communist -style policies like “the patriot act”, the masses must be terrified by a threat- such as the threat of communism- in order for them to run eagerly in support of communist measures- blind to logic and the propaganda etc….

The pro-gold hysteria of “tea party” patriots is the same kind of terrified hysteria that drove herds of people in to manic speculation in real estate or stocks. “How do we protect ourselves from invasion? Silver and gold- not guns and not research and eating well- just silver and gold… and platinum… and diamonds… but that is all… oh, and the Bible.”

The British wanted to form the nation of Israel to advance their empire, so they needed someone like Hitler to offer a “final solution” (that was the political slogan) that would then be presented as “justifying” the British policy of invading Palestine and colonizing it. The “Balfour” declaration in 1917 set the stage for the Brits (and Vatican) to concoct a new invasion of Palestine/ Jerusalem.


The US supports Israel with money and nuclear weapon technology but does not support Iran with money and nuclear weapon technology because we are part of the imperial invasion to take over that region’s natural resources (in alliance with Israel and in a holy war against Iran/Islam). We now have two new colonies in the region: Iraq and Afghanistan.

General Wesley Clark, U.S. Army, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, 1997 – 2001, says the right after 9/11, he was given a classified document, which illustrated plans “to take out seven countries in five years”, indicating that 9/11 was planed as the catalyst for war.  (source)

Notice that when the US made Japan in to a colony in the 1940s, the US military never left and now no one talks about “bringing the troops home.” The US is an imperialist military superpower (a global police state, the new world order).

US troops are in South Korea, Germany, and dozens of other countries with permanent US military bases. Why? We say we are protecting the world from communism or terrorism or imperialism or whatever we say. [But is that kind of answer really logical?]

By the way, I do not recommend talking to the average person about these things. I do not even really know how you are reacting but you seem reasonably open. Conversations on subjects like diet (or even on gay marriage) allow for a measuring of someone’s balance of panic, hysteria, logic, bravery and so on.

nipple bikini


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2 Responses to “Spiritual bravery, panic, and social pressure to conform (re gay marriage, diet, etc)”

  1. The RunningFather Blog Says:

    haha funny. And thanks for the soft porn at the end. 😉

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    You’re welcome. I suppose that naked young women are one of the most frightening sights to people steeped in modern culture (in which clinically diagnosable levels of sexual repression are apparently epidemic). I also think there is a decent case for more social isolating of males and females so that males will not be distracted.

    If you read my other blog on homosexuality, I framed URBAN male homosexuality as a coping mechanism for over-stimulation from constant exposure to women. I did not say “urban” in the article, but you can notice the huge cultural gap between urban and rural sexual norms. In 1850s San Francisco, there simply were virtually no women, so male homosexuality there was more like in prison- just a temporary lifestyle choice, certainly not an identity that people say “I was born this way.” What bullshit!

    It is urban males who are incredibly attracted to women but are not well developed socially to compete in masculine aggressiveness with other men… who claim to have been “born” gay. If they were raised on a farm area that had a ratio of 4 women to every 1 guy, or if they ever find themselves in that situation for a long period of time, I wonder if their “gay” thing would disappear because the women would simply not accept them as being “born gay” and would demand masculinity from them- and fatherhood. In a WEALTHY urban setting when women are constantly trying to both stimulate men sexually and also to stifle men, then lots of the women will be “pro-gay” because they like having lots of male friends and they do not want to be constantly hit on or even raped. I know some of this may seem strange, but “it all adds up.” The same kind of issue applies to lesbians- they are just withdrawing from the “heterosexual” competition against the herds of women who want to be mothers and are not terrified of trusting a man (because they are afraid that the man will not be committed). Notice that some of the most reproductively active groups of women (mormons, catholics, etc) are not known for having lots of bitchy, pushy women. Aggressiveness is more isolated to males in those groups- and while a woman may nag her own husband, they are not as likely to be raging anti-war demonstrators (anti-establishment). They are politically conservative. They are family-oriented. Even within those groups, the aggression of conservative males tends to be rather gentlemanly, like cops or soldiers.

    Obviously there are exceptions to the stereotypes I am using, but the reality is that women tend to be less aggressive then men and men tend to be less talkative than women. If you do not like certain stereotypes, then that is your own warped little form of prejudice. Isn’t it realistic to contrast a stereotypical infant with a stereotypical teenager and with a stereotypical 90 year-old? Aren’t people from Florida stereotypically unique from people from Montana? The anti-stereotype thing is… typical (stereotypical) of a certain kind of urban culture of arrogance. That’s my opinion at least. 😉 “I don’t like racists” is… prejudice. “I am afraid of aggression” is honest.

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