Gratitude or Contempt? A brief comment on governments and currencies

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe (Photo credit:


As a brief point of background, I am not a farmer or fisherman. So, in other words, when I get hungry, I get food from other people- and mostly from stores.




English: Icon of U.S. currency.

English: Icon of U.S. currency. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Also, I use currency to conduct my business (to earn money) and then to spend to access food and so forth- like to use the internet, too. That currency is backed by the full faith and credit (and violence) of the government of the United States of America and their court systems of coercion and extortion (taxes)- and by nothing else.


However, that backing is enough. The latest US currency is in it’s 100th year of circulation, right?




6 Confederate States of America currency notes...

6 Confederate States of America currency notes three $10 notes 3 $20 notes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Consider that if the courts in the US stopped demanding tax payments in that US currency, then demand for the currency would plummet. As in the case of when the organized violence of the US Confederacy ceased to function, there was a collapse in the purchasing power of the currency (the Confederate Dollar) that their court systems demanded in payment for their tax extortion system of invented liabilities.




Anyway, I “need” the system to provide me food and electricity and internet service and so on (including currency). I did not build this house or this chair or this lamp or this keyboard.




So, I can thank “the system” for my wealth and my life and my internet connection. Or, I can condemn the system which provides me food and shelter and electricity and facebook.




Internet Access Here Sign

Internet Access Here Sign (Photo credit: Steve Rhode)


My main choices are gratitude or contempt. That is basically it.




I can also choose to alter behaviors like my dietary practices. I could get food from farmers or gardeners instead of from a store- and sometimes I do- but not usually.




English: Logo of the U.S. Food and Drug Admini...

English: Logo of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (2006) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


But that also depends on the basic spiritual alternatives of gratitude or contempt. Shall I have so much contempt for the FDA (or USA or UN or CBS) that I invest huge amounts of time saying that I do not like their policies? If I am reacting to mainstream media provocations, then I probably would.  However, that would take time away from researching health and growing food and making more money, right?




English: Twenty dollar bill, currency issued b...

English: Twenty dollar bill, currency issued by the Confederate States of America, engraved. Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I already gave a lot of sincere time and devotion to a religion of contempt and, frankly, what I learned from that is that gratitude is more functional than contempt. If you can learn from my mistakes, go ahead and choose gratitude over contempt. If you insist on learning from your own mistakes, then choose contempt over gratitude.




Rather than have contempt for the FDA or Monsanto or the government of the lobbyists, for the lobbyist and by the lobbyists, we could be grateful for even the smallest availability of high quality food- even if you have to be very diligent to find it. Your gratitude will lead you to networking with people (like me) who may even share some of our resources with you (like scientific insight as well as contacts to small, traditional farmers, etc…).




Or, you can invest in contempt. Expect to eventually serve jailtime for that or worse. Expect to have severely restricted dietary alternatives in jail. Expect to earn no money in jail. Expect to be evicted from wherever you have been living and have all your possessions auctioned to pay off your debts to your landlord (or to the bank that foreclosed on your home while you were in jail contemplating your next patriotically rebellious act of arrogant contempt).


Will eat for food

Will eat for food (Photo credit: altemark)






Or, consider that contempt can be extremely expensive. Maybe it is just not worth the investment.




But don’t take my word for it. I’ve been in jail for arrogantly defying courts. So, if you are sincere in wanting to arrogantly defy courts, go ahead. I can’t condemn for being as naive as I have also been.


Plus, maybe I will start a bail bonds company to make money off of defiant, arrogant folks like you. Maybe I will lobby for CBS to promote defiance and arrogance and contempt.





Maybe I will even say that gratitude is for sissies and Republicans and ugly people. You do not want to be an ugly Republican sissy, do you? Then do not be grateful!




People with scowling looks of contempt are obviously the sexiest, right? People who are grateful are repulsive, right?




Ehdokas Merja Vanhanen (Keskusta)

Ehdokas Merja Vanhanen (Keskusta) (Photo credit: Eurooppalainen Suomi ry)






Don’t be so grateful, PLEASE, because it is giving me a headache just to be around your quiet attentiveness. If you can’t find something negative to say, then please shut your dirty little lips before I throw heavy things at you.


Grateful people are what is wrong with the world today. They make me puke. I am so jealous of them that I have contempt for them.


Wait- did I just think that out loud? I’m sorry. I take that back. I am not jealous of you. I just hate you because you are wrong and evil and disgusting and… way more grateful than I am.












Grace and Gratitude

Grace and Gratitude (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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  1. The RunningFather Blog Says:

    Good article. If I ever become a ugly Republican sissy, put me down gently.

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