Of all the formations made by God, does God fear the devil most?

God, the Father watches us all everywhere.

God, the Father watches us all everywhere. (Photo credit: angelofsweetbitter2009)

In regard to the previous post [“rules written in the water”], a correspondent wrote:
“Your poem was picturesque!  I had to go back and read it a couple more times.  It also occurs to me as very personal.  Which begs the following question from me…. What inspired you write this poem JR?/ Assuming you did write it?”
Yes, I wrote the lyrics and everything else in the song. The first verse is about how most people operate in relationships, including how I have operated. The second verse is about how most people relate to politics (and religion), and you can look on Facebook for evidence of what I mean.
Overall, most people worship words, including  the word “devil”, which means a spirit or character of divisiveness, antagonism, isolation, alienation, blame, resentment, animosity, and misery. A related idea is “one who has fallen… from grace.” The English word “devil” derives from dia-bolo(s), similar to diablo in Spanish. The idea or pattern referenced by that word is much older than Christianity or the Hebrew tradition and is found basically worldwide, just like pattern of “red” (redness) is older than the actual word “red.”
So, this song is for people who have been worshiping in the manner of the devil as well as worshiping the devil and worshiping the word “devil,” which is a similar idolatry to worshiping the word “god” or any other word in any other language. By the way, that covers almost everyone….

English: “FLORIDA INDIANS WORSHIPING A COLUMN. From an engraving after Jacques Le Moyne ae Morgues, published by Theodore de Bry (Brevis Narratio, Frankfort, 1591). The column was set up by the French in 1562 as a symbol of royal authority in Florida. The indians considered it a god.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is easy to identify anyone who worships the devil. They fear the devil.
They do that instead of being attentive to god, which is a normal stage of development. Being attentive to god results in inner peace rather than frustration, distress, antagonism, and hatred and so on, which are the results or “fruit” of worshiping the devil.
The one who is spiritually mature has empathy for the worshipers of the devil and their agonizing. The ability to “save” others from their worship of the devil is of course a total mystery to other worshipers of the devil (to other deniers of the Almighty power of god, who do not appreciate the logic of the “speculation” that for one who is Almighty, it could only be easy to save devil worshipers from their religious rituals of agonizing and misery and hell-making- what could be “hard” for the Almighty, or what contrary power would resist or oppose the Almighty, Eternal, Omnipresent?).
So, some have the humility and courage and faith to “be saved.” However, Many will continue to worship their favorite hell even when exposed to the possibility of salvation, which is a possibility that is so terrifying to devil worshipers that they often insist that they are already saved, and yet it is obvious that they operate in terror and panic and misery and agonizing.
By the way, it is also idolatry to worship words like “saved” and “devil worshipers.” Words are just tools- all of them.
The one with the ability to save, who could be called God or Christ or Messiah or Savior or other words in other languages, does not worship any word. God does not need to worship words. God creates all things including all words.
God recognizes God everywhere (in all of the forms of God or formations of God). God recognizes that the worshiping of hell is part of the will of God as well as the worshiping of the devil (or of the idea of a terrifying enemy, like imperialism or fascism or communism or capitalism or poverty or gun control or homosexuality or racism or whatever), which is all part of the will of god. There is nothing that happens that god is intimidated by or afraid of.
English: This image showing Jesus Christ as a ...

English: This image showing Jesus Christ as a pig, and two foreigners worshiping him. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God allows for all of those things (racism, gun control, abortion, homosexuality) because God is all-allowing. If God did not allow something to happen, it simply would not.
If a particular institutional hierarchy discourages people from a certain behavior, such as playing with matches or flying an airplane without proper training, that is a practical instruction. It is not immoral to breastfeed in public, but it may be so disruptive to the functioning of a community that it is prohibited. God does not get in to moral debates about anything- not homosexuality or abortion or gun control or breast-feeding in public. God simply causes for practical instructions (and even punishments and rewards) to be issued. Some behaviors are criminalized, at least for those without a government license to perform them. (Of course, God also creates moral debates among the argumentative, but that arguing about morality is just an entirely distinct issue from the practicality of bureaucratic guidelines and instructions and procedural standards- all of which eventually get revised or maybe even discarded.)
Inside of Saint Ananias taken in 2006

Inside of Saint Ananias taken in 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, God is the creator of all. All developments are the will of the Almighty, who has no competitor or rival or challenger or opponent. In contrast, the devil sees god and all of god’s creation as an insult, a threat, a problem, something to judge against, comparing to worshiped ideals and then to condemn  (as “the problem which causes my life to be hell”) and of course to struggle to fix, which is a source of misery and also a hope for future personal glory, which is futile and in vain and exhausting, kind of like resentment.
Next, God recognizes the devil worshipers as the children of god operating at a particular stage of development or maturity. God recognizes their tantrums and their layers of presumptuous misperceptions, similar to a teacher listening to young students make errors as they learn or listening to people in the 29th century insist that Santa Claus was the primary deity of the ancient Christians back in the 21st century and isn’t it amazing that they were so primitive and idiotic to believe in and worship such a childish idea? How could they not know that it was just a story? How could they worship such an obviously mythological contrivance? Doesn’t it remind us of how much better our religious practice is than theirs… whenever we consider how dumb they were to worship childish myths which are so much less glorious than our sacred ritual phrases, like “love one another” and “only god is holy” and “choose the right.” 😉
Anyway, God recognizes all of that as arrogance and vanity and contempt and terror (self-doubt). God knows that such a stage of development (or stage of worship) has a totally valid function… temporarily. However, there is a huge difference between purgatory and heaven, which god also knows directly (clearly) and without any argumentativeness or divisiveness or terror or misery.
English: Rama and Sita, worshiping a lingam

English: Rama and Sita, worshiping a lingam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God does not fear hell. God recognizes hell as one of many creations by God.
God does not fear the devil or worship the devil with hatred. God recognizes the devil as one of the many creations of God, formations of God, forms of God.
Did God create “fearing hell?” Yes. Did God create “fearing the devil?” Yes. Did God create “worshiping the devil with hatred?” Yes.
So, what exactly does God fear the most? The thing that God fears the most is words because words allow for people to joke around and misinterpret and mistranslate and be embarrassed at their naivete (being humbled). God is totally terrified of the possibility of people thinking that God is naive. God needs their approval and worship or else God will stop being the Almighty and become some wuss who is always agonizing over how to be perceived as good and worthy by others. Or wait- was that the devil?
Anyway, I really do not know much about these kinds of things because I have never been officially recognized in a public ceremony as having the ability to tell the difference between the actual color red and the actual word “red.” I hope that you can make sense of some of this crazy salad of totally random poetic speculation. Unfortunately, because I have no expertise in the area of spiritual development, I am very sorry to tell you that I have no authority or experience with reverse psychology, which I do not believe in anyway. However, I do have a copy of some ancient scriptures of some ancient language that I personally cannot read at all, but I hear that it is very good for saving your soul as well as an excellent source of fuel for a wood stove. Let me know if you would like me to give you an entirely free copy.
A man dressed up as Santa Claus fundraising fo...

A man dressed up as Santa Claus fundraising for Volunteers of America on the sidewalk of street in Chicago, Illinois, in 1902. He is wearing a mask with a beard attached. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, an assembly of people will be gathering this weekend to sing songs about how this book is the best book that humanity will ever produce because other books are just not as bookish as it. This book is a true book, a real book, a booky book. Unlike all other books, this book is a written record or transcript of conversations passed down for generations by oral tradition. This is the only book of it’s kind- and indeed my personal copy is the only approved version with a handwritten note and signature from God himself inside the front cover. You really should worship it, too, unless you are not interested in being part of a community of people who worship one book as the best book of all books.
Also, this book lists which color is the best color, which letter is the best letter, which number is the best number, and which human language is the most linguistic. It is for people who are the best people, the elect, the elite, and of course the most humble. Yeah, no, I get it, of course not, that’s  not at all what I meant, so you probably would not be at all interested, right, I mean, exactly, I’m sorry, hey, just forget it, okay, thanks, whatever, great, nice chatting, um, how do we, oh man, I can’t expect any, sure, we should totally do that instead, why would I mind, wow, just a minute though, can you hold, damn, I really hate to do this but I have to catch this other call real quick…. <click>
Loki vs Al

Loki vs Al (Photo credit: greyloch)


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