Gratitude, Fear, and Courage: Arch-Enemies or Allies?

Gratitude, Fear, and Courage: Arch-Enemies or Allies?
Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, you should not ever be grateful. For one thing, being grateful can make other people feel envy, and, if there is one thing that you do not want to happen, it is for other people to envy you. After all, they may do like Cain did to his brother Abel and just sneak up on you one day and gently convince you that eating grains (especially the highly-processed oils from certain seed grains) are at least as valuable and precious as the fat of a very healthy lamb… even if eating those grains often leads to irritability, neurological inflammation, frustration, yeast infections, bloating from all of the gas of that fungus (yeast is a type of fungus), abdominal pain from the bloating, emotional over-reaction, lasting resentments, mental illness, envy, animosity, rage, and then of course conducting ritual human sacrifices through public political assassinations, right?
Now, that was a bit complex, so let’s simplify a bit. The point of all that above is that one option in life is to be in a constant state of fear, of anxiety, of hysteria. Do I really think that you should be paranoid about being too grateful? Well, maybe I do not really care at the moment whether or not you are paranoid about anything or not. Maybe it is not a problem to me if you are paranoid and yet not a problem to me if you are not paranoid (like not in a state of ongoing dread, worry, or “dis-ease“). 
Maybe you are relaxed and at ease and in peace. Or, maybe you are practicing the activity of agonizing to sustain a hysterical panic about which problems to have and which possible solutions to chase after desperately in order to escape from being too paranoid or too fat or too skinny or not paranoid enough… or whatever little neurotic, psychotic addiction you have identified as the most important to you as of right now. 
Franklin D. Roosevelt after giving one of his ...

Franklin D. Roosevelt after giving one of his fireside chats. The predecessor to the Weekly Address. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you like to believe that gratitude is dangerous, that is fine with me. Sometimes, it could be favorable to keep your gratitude private. Maybe you should even hide from yourself what you value most. Or, maybe fearing gratitude is evil and must be eradicated from the planet by going door to door and killing everyone who might in the future ever fear gratitude.
Gratitude is one possible experience. So is fear. If people fear expressing gratitude publicly, then it may be adaptive to actually suppress the conscious recognition of gratitude. The facial gestures of gratitude can be repressed. The tears of gratitude can be tightly prevented.
Also, you might fear being the recipient of an expression of gratitude. Public displays of gratitude could make grain-eaters like Cain very envious. You may favor being publicly dismissive of public displays of gratitude. You may favor appearing humble or even incompetent. Maybe you will go so far in the service of appearing incompetent that you will even take the actions of someone incompetent and thus sabotage your results.
Why? Well, be aware that it can be dangerous to be recognized as successful and prosperous and healthy. Your insane, grain-eating brother might concoct some justification to physically attack you, like because you ate a dead animal (and probably even killed it), so in order to prove that violence is morally wrong, your brother vilifies you and then tortures you with a whip and then kills you by nailing you to a cross and leaving you there for a few days until you die (because everyone knows that it takes a healthy person at least 24 hours to die from crucifixion, so anyone that was crucified late on Friday and then, after passing out, is removed from the cross that same evening would of course recover the ability to walk within, for instance, 3 days).
Masaccio, Crucifixion

Masaccio, Crucifixion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, keep your gratitude very secret. Keep your wealth very secret. If other people are grateful of you, make sure it is all kept very secret. 
Secrecy can be very adaptive, right? You may even want to occasionally concoct distractions to help prevent attention to certain ridiculous fantasies that are absolutely not possible and thus anyone who suggests otherwise must be severely punished in order to make sure that everyone knows that all conspiracy theories are just ridiculous conspiracy theories (except if the US President shares a theory about a conspiracy involving the Iraqi Taliban blowing up 4 world trade center buildings, in which case the conspiracy is not a mythological fantasy, but a sacred dogma of the independent senate commission on scientific religion- not to be confused with the other senate commission that is influenced by political lobbying bribes and so on, but the other one… the totally independent one).
Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve (Photo credit: jimforest)

Now, if you ever feel startled or alerted or alarmed or scared or afraid, keep that secret. You must fear displaying fear to the public because the only thing that the US President has to fear is fear itself. Actually, because I am not the US President, but the one who guides things from behind the scenes like the director of a movie while the audience is attentive only to the actors who are not actors as they conform to the script which is not a script, I do not fear you experiencing fear itself. Really, consider that if I am producing a horror movie about a terrifying war on terror, it is fine with me if you experience fear- even desirable- yet you may want to suppress the facial gestures so that no one else knows that you are afraid of anything, including afraid of gratitude.
Fear is your enemy. Therefore, you must fear it.
Gratitude is also your enemy. In particular, do not ever be grateful for fear, because that can lead to courage, and every US President knows that the only thing that we have to fear is courage itself. However, if you ever do accidentally experience courage, be sure to keep it a secret!
English: U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to...

English: U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to the press the same day the White House released the long form of his birth certificate to dispel conspiracy theories surrounding his place of birth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In conclusion, always eat a lot of grains because things like obesity, diabetes, and celiac disease are myths that the communist anti-communists have spread in order to make your neurological function extremely efficient and sharp and bright. You should never eat the fat of a healthy, first-born lamb because fat contains a lot of fat and if there is one thing that you do not want inside your body, it is any of the things that your body naturally makes, such as fat or blood or bones or cells or chemistry. 
In particular, do not gnaw on bones like dogs do because that can lead to the minerals in the bones attacking your stomach, causing it to have a lot of minerals in it which can lead to those minerals being distributed to other parts of your body, such as your bones. That is very bad. Having strong bones that are dense with the ideal proportions of minerals can lead directly to things like paranoia, dis-ease, and states of persistent mental anxiety, such as the quite rational fear of being killed by your envious, grain-eating brother, who probably is suffering from a deficiency in psychiatric pharmaceutical medications, which is very sad. So, if your brother is in denial about his deficiency, just get a court order or whatever and we can force him to avoid danger by fearing anything unusual.
Cain killing Abel

Cain killing Abel (Photo credit: jimforest)

If you ever shift your attention to something new and surprising and unfamiliar, like a startling sound that you did not specifically expect, please do not do that. Then, you must apologize. 
Do not be ever grateful for fear. Fear is not your ally. Fear is your arch-enemy (and so is any brain or nervous system that is capable of producing the hormonal state of fear through adrenalin and cortisol and so on).
To be honest, if you seriously ever are grateful for fear or even merely pretend to be, then I personally will promise that in the future I might not threaten you with punishments in order to teach you that fear should not exist. Reverse psychology, on the other hand, should exist, yet unfortunately it simply does not, if only because it cannot.
Temple of Horus: possibly reconstruction section

Temple of Horus: possibly reconstruction section (Photo credit: Penn State Libraries Pictures Collection)

Nazi Priests Salute Hitler

Nazi Priests Salute Hitler (Photo credit: fewsaved)


Now, let us prey. Heavenly Father, you alone are holy. We praise your Almighty, Eternal, Catholic Empire as we invoke this God spell according to the court-room ritual of the secret order of the Masonic Babylonian Talmud of the Rich Reich of His Royal Magi, King Rex the Righteous, asking these things in the precious name of the Society of Jesus, Amen-Ra!

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