In praise of “heroic victims” who defeat villains

trying to change the world

The recent blog about ” stop trying to Change the world” (which featured the above image) was specifically a response to a subculture that showed up on my Facebook stream. I empathize with the suffering of people, but at some point [all of the various agonies of terrified condemnations] can seem  rather boring.

However, it can be quite interesting (for a while at least) to watch the behavior pattern of how to agonize. I appreciate people sharing their sincerity, but when there is curiosity for “how am I relating to the world,” that is much more powerful. (When there is no such curiosity in the agonizing, then there can be a lot of momentum to the programmed practice of agonizing. We are trained how to agonize, when to know that we should agonize about something, exactly what to agonize about, and of course what to tune in to- which media outlet or website or church or personal development program- to be dictated the “real” solution, the proper route from hell to heaven, the salvation of humanity, and so on.)

So, I recently wrote a piece on the “holy trinity” of saviors saving victims from villains. The “heroic victim” is the classic theme of every myth: the valiant messiah.

Cover of

Cover of Rocky

[In the ancient texts of every culture, there are several heroic victims who rise from great challenges to win the war, get the girl, attain spiritual liberation, please god (or find god), and all of those kinds of things. It could even be an “underdog” story in sports, like the fictitious “Rocky” or, in real life, Jackie Robinson. Some of these are of course very real triumphs over very real adversity. Jackie Robinson’s “heroism” was symbolic to a huge group of people, even if it was trivial relative to the “heroism” of MLK or Gandhi. Cultures always have their heroes, most of whom will always be “heroic victims,” such as the wealthy, slave-owning Free Masons who claimed to be victimized by a “gun control maniac” who was the King of England. Those heroic rebels then became the glorious “founding fathers” of the most sacred church in the entire history of North America since the 18th century: the united States of America.]

Jackie Robinson swinging a bat in Dodgers unif...

Jackie Robinson swinging a bat in Dodgers uniform, 1954. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people have a theme in which they are the valiant, patriotic, morally-justified hero (or one of the elite group who truly represent the 99%). I might have done the same ego trip a few times myself, right? In their fantasy, they invite people like you and JR to identify with the role of victim. That is a perfectly reasonable invitation.

They say “we are victims, oh yes, the most victimized victims in the history of history! However, we will be heroic about our victimhood! Want to join me? We will be extremely heroic eventually because we really deserve so much more glory and justice and, lo, yet we have so little now.”

Then of course they go on about the various villains and victimizations. “Fight the FDA” (and their superstitious “junk science”) is one that can hook me in- or that I have been hooking in to.

In reality, I think that the FDA and the entire priesthood of medical professionals have a valued role to play in the holy religions of modern partisan politics. I will get to an objective detailing of their role below.

First, here is the “critical” point of view.

However sincerely, those trusted people do routinely deceive the masses and trick their victims in to ridiculously unhealthy dietary practices like hysterically avoiding all fat. It is a hugely profitable business. Of course, the doctors focus on the most profitable ways to manage the symptoms of the predictable degeneration (just like in the old 1930s Syphilis experiments at the Tuskegee Institute in the US):


just reviewed some of the above two links, and my sincere recollection was that 399 poor black men were intentionally infected with syphilis as part of that study. Apparently, however, that may have been an extra vilification that was not in the actual history! The 399 people with syphilis already had it (even if it was not full-blown or even showing any symptoms) before the study started.

Nevertheless, it is widely acknowledged that the researchers knew that there were viable treatments for syphilis being studied elsewhere and “simply did not care.” They just were not especially focused on improving the health of the participants in the study. To the best of my knowledge, they really were primarily monitoring the decay of the participants and I think it is widely recognized that they intentionally deceived the participants in regard to professing to be very interested in improving health when in fact their explicit primary intent was simply to monitor the decay. Relating to these issues, the below paragraph is from the second link above (from the website of the Tuskegee University itself):

Researchers had not informed the men of the actual name of the study, i.e. “Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male,” its purpose, and potential consequences of the treatment or non-treatment that they would receive during the study. The men never knew of the debilitating and life threatening consequences of the treatments they were to receive, the impact on their wives, girlfriends, and children they may have conceived once involved in the research. The panel also concluded that there were no choices given to the participants to quit the study when penicillin became available as a treatment and cure for syphilis.

English: US government material.

English: US government material. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, at best, there are some weird things about that paragraph above (and note that a $9 million settlement to the families of the “victims” came several decades after the 1932 launching of the 15-year study, at which time all of the participants may have already died- mostly, of course, from syphilis). What do I find weird? First, the study’s name has the phrase “untreated syphilis” and yet there are references to the use of treatments that we can assume were known to at least be potentially debilitating and life-threatening. However, “researchers did not bother to tell participants of the risks” because the participants already had a debilitating and life-threatening medical condition, so “risky” treatment methods would have seemed justifiable and “incidental.”

English: Logo of the .

English: Logo of the . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Generally speaking, the specific focus of all of allopathic medicine is to interfere with the functioning of the human immune system. Allo-pathic means against symptoms. Symptoms are the enemy. Interruption of symptoms is the goal.

When human resources need to be returned to the battlefield or the plantation fields or the factories, suppressing symptoms is the primary goal of medical care. The functioning of the immune system, such as coughing, can also lead to the spread of germs. Thus the immune system is an enemy of public schools and conventional farming (in which livestock are not raised for maximum long-term health, but for maximum profit, so anti-biotics allow for them to survive in quite unfavorable circumstances).

Anti-biotic medications (Latin for “anti-life”) are a primary tool for attacking the immune system. Cough suppressants are for suppressing coughing. Human resource managers are for managing human resources. Licensed physicians are, generally speaking, just high-ranking members in the profession of human resource management.

They are the low-level priests of the modern theocratic religions. Court magistrates are the higher-level magi or magicians or holy men.

English: Publicity photo of Jackie Robinson as...

English: Publicity photo of Jackie Robinson as an ABC broadcaster for “Major League Championship Baseball”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, back to “heroic victims” like Jackie Robinson (or, in present day,  Barack Obama), are they hand-picked “Uncle Toms” that are used by the media to be made in to glorified evidence of progress while the overall patterns of exploitation continue? I think the answer is clear enough. I also think that there is no need to vilify the media for making “heroic victims” in to deities and saviors to perpetuate the exploitation of the masses of human resources.

Exploitation is simply a fact. Vilifying it tends to obscure the widespread social demand for (value of) exploitation.

Consider: do we really oppose all exploitation? If we buy stuff at Walmart because “they have good prices,” then we are “voting for” the “exploitation” of everyone else in the system: the employees of Walmart, the truckers who deliver goods, the poor peasants who manufacture and grow the stuff we buy, plus of course the licensed physician “human resource managers” who suppress the symptoms of the employees and truckers and peasants.

We actually do not oppose exploitation. We say that we do. Yet we actively support a wide variety of forms of exploitation. However, we want other people to think that we would never exploit them. So, saying that we oppose exploitation is part of our pretense and deception- part of our pattern of exploitation.

However, even calling it “exploitation” is also entirely optional. We have been exploited (treated as relatively disposable human resources). If you have ever been fired from a job (or divorced), that is an example of what I mean by “disposable.”

We could be grateful. We could be vindictive and vilifying. We could be actively exploitative. We could say “we will protect all of you from exploitation” as part of the mythology of our operations of exploitation.

The extremely athletic Supreme Hero of the US (center) is shown here supporting “our” troops, who have been victimized by enemies who unjustly initiated surprise attacks against US peace-keeping missionaries sent to Iraq to spread Islam to the masses of Iraqis who were being systematically exploited by Christian Slater (and other Christians).

We could present ourselves as heroic victims. But the approach that appears more modest is to glorify others for their heroic victimhood: Ron Paul, Barack Obama, Jackie Robinson, Rocky Balboa, the Jews in general, and of course in particular Jesus Christ.

In pro wrestling, there are “good guy” wrestlers who overcome adversity to be heroic in spite of their victimhood. In Israel, there are “innocent victims” of terrorists (truly) and they may be glorified across TV screens and youtube and facebook as “the reason why we must continue to exploit the evil Palestinian villains.” In World War 2, there were also “innocent victims” that we “must” save, “justifying the bombing of civilians in Germany in order to save humanity from violence.”

The Holy Trinity of saviors who save victims from villains is ancient. Those who incite wars and then supply weapons and loans to both of the opposing sides are always the biggest winners in the business of warfare. After all, actually being a combatant is extremely dangerous! Further, soldiers are often treated as nothing more than disposable human resources (“disposable heroes” is the phrase used in a song by the hard rock band Metallica).

But are the soldiers fully informed that some of the medical treatments they receive may have long-term risks? Are they fully warned that their diets may actually not be designed for promoting long-term health, independent thinking, creativity, and peace of mind (rather than blind conformity, irritability, rage, and hatred)?

Are they programmed to think of themselves as heroic martyrs who save victims from villains? What priesthoods would be so manipulative as to benefit from warfare by exploiting soldiers? What politicians would be so crass as to use veterans and soldiers to further their political aspirations- such as by sending soldiers off to fight in far-off wars simply to promote the political and economic interests of the aggressor nation who is going all over the planet defending foreign countries from violence and evil and imperialism and colonial exploitation?

Heroic US President George W. Bush returns from his final mission as a US jet fighter pilot in Iraq, finally winning the war in a decisive victory on September 11, 2001. Bush and other heroic US soldiers saved the Iraqis from a violent, dishonest, exploitative political system.


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