On the nature of “Law” and government and the mental health industry

Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I expect this to be an unwelcome and terrifying perspective, but you may find it very practical and sensible. First, be aware that the entire industry of mental health & psychiatry was created as a for-profit enterprise (at the initiative of the Tavistock Institute/Rockefellers/etc) with at least two main purposes: to promote profits from drugs sales (of course) and to use as a political weapon when targeting “politically incorrect” opponents and labeling them “mentally ill” as a method of (1) slander of their reputation and (2) justification for forced institutionalization, such as how the Nazis defined people as mentally ill and then put them in facilities called concentration camps as a way to go around the regular legal process that would normally require someone to actually face a jury and be indicted and charged with a crime and so on before they could be sentenced to indefinite detention (life imprisonment).


Note that the British aristocracy is the primary drug-dealing operation in human history, including with obvious instances like the Opium Wars (which was very lucrative for the people selling opium to addicts at enormous profit margins), but also in their involvement with the CIA’s drug trading activities. It is a common pattern that the rulers make something illegal for the general public, which can block the public from competing, and then the rulers claim to be opposed to the use of drugs (at least illegal drugs), which fits with having programs to identify unaffiliated drug dealers and punish them (to discourage competition by force). In other words, it is an operation of organized coercion.


English: Opium Wars: Military train going up t...

English: Opium Wars: Military train going up to Canton, 1858. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We see the same pattern in regard to taxes. Organized extortion performed by a government is called taxes. They discourage competition by criminalizing extortion by unlicensed competitors and call it “extortion.”


With the premeditated killing of people, we have wars and rituals of human sacrifice by the criminal justice system, but then mass murder and manslaughter are crimes which the system uses to discourage competition. I could go on and on with examples, because it is the essential nature of governments so of course most everything government does involves prohibition of competition and monopolizing a particular pattern of behavior, then calling it evil in schools and media to indoctrinate the public with messages to avoid and repress those behavior patterns (killing, extorting, drug-dealing, etc…).


So, the legal industry is about small-scale wars. Let’s be realistic.


English: india against corruption

English: india against corruption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If a priest of the inner circle (such as a licensed attorney) does not adhere loyally to the ritual and culture and political correctness, then, like in the case of wanting to stop working for the mafia, the psychological warfare (and any other kind of warfare) that may be directed at such a “traitor” can be extreme. The court process is about targeting the enemies of the state and then punishing them, causing them stress and physiological ruin, extorting their assets with levies and taxes and fines and garnishments, and so on.


Rally against Political Corruption In Slovakia...

Rally against Political Corruption In Slovakia: People At Home Have No More Bananas (money) For Gorillas (corrupted politicians) (Photo credit: infomatique)


To complain about government corruption or a corrupt court implies that there is a presumption that corruption is not the basis of all government and court operations. Corruption is their business… and business is good.


Military flag of the Holy Roman Empire between...

Military flag of the Holy Roman Empire between 1200 and 1350. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


All of the modern nations have their court systems rooted in the Holy Roman Empire (and Vatican/UN network), which is the center of corruption. We use the Roman calendar, we use the Roman court ritual with cryptic Latin code words- and with our holy temples called courthouses often built in the style with Roman columns out front, which we occasionally also see in the architecture of the other buildings of the corruption system, banks (like the Federal Reserve buildings or IRS buildings). The Roman system is based on the older empires and roots back to the first commandment issued through/by the Hebrew prophet Noah: to establish courts of justice (organized coercion). That was long before the commandments given through/by Moses.





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  1. Vivien E. Zazzau Says:

    Reblogged this on Dark Acts Bible: Glass Half Empty, Base Cracked… and commented:
    Y’all *know* I couldn’t resist this… It’s exactly what I’ve experienced with that bunch of soul-less bloodsuckers aka “The American Psychological Association” (APA). Think what you will, but think! Intellectual growth is like a huge game of “Twister.” We’ve got to continuously strive to make connections, no matter how uncomfortable it gets… And there’s nothing ‘fun-ny’ about this…

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