Beware of promoters of civil disobedience

B 2nd 504-10 Civil Disobedience Training Smoke...

B 2nd 504-10 Civil Disobedience Training Smoke Bomb Hill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“I think that Civil Disobedience is the best way to rebel, a great way of starving the beast.”


How is civil disobedience starving the beast? Growing a garden is a radical counter-globalist economic action. Carrying a sign down the street is a trivial social parade. . . . Civil disobedience is the darling of imperial propaganda: Gandhi, MLK, etc….


Mohandas K. Gandhi

Mohandas K. Gandhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Think about a place like El Salvador or Iraq. The CIA stirs up some civil disobedience with agent provocateurs. Then, when the “rebels” gather in the streets, there are a few alternatives- publicity stunts with mass arrests and assassinations of leaders (then possibly glorification of the assassinated leaders in history books) is not the only one.


Consider that the Romans LOVED to spread a religion with a central story featuring the Romans performing a ritual human sacrifice on a political opponent. That psychological association is so powerful that the loyal Roman subjects even wear little crucifixes around their neck to remind people of things like the Inquisition and the Crucifixion and generally the Imperial power of Rome and their huge “death cult.”


So, when the UN-Vatican rulers promote civil disobedience, then they can EITHER crush civil disobedience or let public hatred bloom for the region’s government, and then the distant rulers (in Rome) can destabilize the bureaucracies of their own local pawns, such as in the US (or Iraq, El Salvador, India), and that may NOT be a good thing for the masses, many of whom today are addicted to pharmaceutical drugs and would FREAK at the instability of even a one-month interruption to their dependency.


Unclesam wanting something

Unclesam wanting something (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So, I do not know if you are ready for me to tell some more stories here, but I will simply say that when there was a civil war in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, consider that the biggest winners were the arms dealers (and the financiers), like in any other war. The powerful set the weak in to conflicts with each other. Serbia and the other ethnic groups in the Roman invention called “Yugoslavia” were fed antagonistic propaganda for decades by the arms dealers. Then, when a civil war finally developed, consider that the arms dealers were not disappointed but were thrilled.


Their industry relies on mass hysteria. If there is not enough mass hysteria, they provoke some.


Nowadays, if the arms dealers can rely on their Asian peasants to perform the manufacturing functions to perpetuate their industry, then it is natural to them to sacrifice prior allies, whether that is Hussein or Noriega or Nixon or JFK or Mark Foley (a US Senator who was “removed” in a scandal that I could see coming for a decade because I had met him personally). Most of the high-level pawns can only get in position if the shot-callers have an abundance of blackmail material on them.


That is why any major candidate in the US always comes through the funnel of a political party. Political parties are ESSENTIAL to the UN-Vatican system, at least in jurisdictions where some trivial voting rights are extended to the masses of taxpayers. Even someone like Nixon was brought down (forced to resign) just because of something that someone on his staff did. Maybe he personally was not a crook, but since his resignation, if someone has not been cultivated by the CFR and Tavistock and the Jesuits and so on, how far are they realistically going to get in US politics? I think it is safe to assume that since before Free Masons like Washington and the other founders, the same European- based secret societies have dominated the US.


Anyway, back to the basic point- if the UN did not LOVE civil disobedience, then they would not have put chapter after chapter glorifying it in to the public school curriculums that they have used in their branch operations like the US and Brazil and India. Imagine a plantation-owner who buys a new slave and sends that slave in among his other slaves with instructions to promote civil disobedience. What a great way to “tease” out the most antagonistic and then after the civil disobedience reaches a critical point in which the masses start to invest some hope emotionally and psychologically in it, then the time is right to whip a few of the leaders or kill a few right out in the open in front of the others to REALLY demoralize the herd. Then you can put pictures of the MLK and Jesus all over the place to remind people what happens to the “opponents” (pawns?) of the Holy Roman Empire.





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12 Responses to “Beware of promoters of civil disobedience”

  1. towardchange Says:

    I have read and shared your blog.

    You left out many other people, for example President Kennedy who was also killed. Also, you leave out the great works, King did do, before his death. You refuse to mention the fact that those you do mention, in their quest promoting civil disobedience achieved many great things, for their people, community and society as a whole. Gandi promoted civil disobedience, because he believes once you rock the establishment you maybe picked on by them and if you are never resort to violence, this worked from him and many others, including me. The easier root would have been to be killed in prison, but all peaceful men never resisted arrest. Do you want me to mention many African warriors too?

    By the way was Gandi murdered?
    Your article is interesting, but I believe that you aim to stop people standing up to be counted, if it was not for them the word progress would not exist. You are trying to promote fear. Fear is a negative and sadly this is how I do view your post, a negative, because you do not offer any solutions.

    Thanks for sharing, because your post is interesting. As a direct result from reading your post I approached the people who tried to murder me, wished them a good day and told them I look forward to our day in court, because I am not letting them get away with it.

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    I did not leave out President Kennedy. “JFK” refers to him, but I left out lots of people who have not been mythologized as heroes by the systems of public indoctrination. I make no judgments about great works or horrible works, for I make no judgments at all. I am not issuing propaganda and glorifying some behavior as great or heroic to try to get you to do that yourself. This is not a public indoctrination ritual like in school or on mainstream TV.

    Your choice of words that I “refuse” to mention things that I did not mention is hilariously arrogant to me. I also refused to mention chocolate, refused to reference the war of 1812, and I vehemently refused to use the word “encyclopedia.” So sue me.

    I have nothing against warriors. The fact that Mandela was an anti-government terrorist and is now presented as a hero is no shock to me. Many of the leading killers of our time are celebrated as heroes.

    As for Gandhi, note first that he was a lawyer practicing in South Africa. He was trained in the UK. Consider that he was “groomed” to do what he did. No, he was not murdered. So what?

    I am inviting people to face fear and stop fearing it and calling it negative, being ashamed of it. I am inviting them to experience courage. I am inviting them to wake up from propaganda and be sane. But there is no reason that you should think of that as heroic. You might think of it as extremely dangerous and that is fine.

    I do not offer solutions to the rejecting of fear. I invite you to notice that you have been rejecting it and you can stop or not. You can keep calling fear a problem. You can keep labeling elements of reality as a problem, such as the element zinc or the element silver or the element aluminum. If you choose to relate to any element of reality as a problem, that is up to you. I do not have any solutions to offer for preventing the world from having any silver in it.

    I apologize for refusing to mention chocolate. Next time I will mention it three times so that I am giving you the solution that you seem to feel that I owe you to the problems that you have been trained to presume are real.

    You must save humanity from corruption or else you will go to hell eventually, but not yet. I am sure that you are delighted about the grace and ease at which you are going about compensating for the idea that you are a problem and that the world is your problem which you must solve by preventing silver from existing (or promoting silver over chocolate or whatever).

    As a personal note, I advise caution in regard to people who attempt murder. There are many ways to die, but being targeted for murder may indicate that you have offended someone deeply and threatened them. There is at least one famous teacher who suggested that forgiving others (after being offended) and asking their forgiveness (after offending someone) can be important steps in achieving inner peace. As for the court’s process, let the court decide.

    Otherwise, you could “not let them get away with it” by killing them tomorrow or today. But that course of action also demands quite a bit of caution.

    In other words, I advise caution. Feel fear, be cautious, then curios and courageous. Or ignore my advice. Whatever…. 😉

    • towardchange Says:

      “As a personal note, I advise caution in regard to people who attempt murder. There are many ways to die, but being targeted for murder may indicate that you have offended someone deeply and threatened them. There is a famous teacher who suggests that asking forgiveness is an important step in achieving inner peace. Let the court decide.”

      You have just contradicted yourself somewhere. It appears that you are stating that if I have offended or threatened a person, to attempt murder is understandable?

      What has chocolate got to do with the price or fish or are you having a dig?
      Do not bother to reply, because I have no interest.

      Look do not send any back links to my blog and do not comment on my blog either and I will respect the same. All the best!

      • jrfibonacci Says:

        First, yes I was joking about chocolate (and many other things). I actually edited my prior comments to be clearer about forgiveness.

        My one point was that if you have offended someone, you could apologize for offending them and ask their forgiveness. Of course, that may no longer be effective if you have offended them severely and repeatedly, which is typical in a case where someone is out to murder you. So that is actually a bit of a joke. Apologizing for offending them might be a smart thing to do in a court case though- if only to surprise and disorient and bait them….

        If you resent them for doing what you say that they shouldn’t do, that is your “sin,” not theirs. I could resent a shark for wanting to eat me. That would do no good. If you have offended a mafia boss or a well-connected CIA agent, then your life is in danger and any resentment you might have toward them is going to reduce your lifespan.

        Forgive them for being how you presume that they should not. Forgive their corruption. That is not to say to pretend it does not exist. Just do not resent them for it- no more than you would resent a shark for being a predator. Forgive your predators of their aggression just as you might desire to be forgiven for your resentments and animosities and presumptions and so on. That is the ancient teaching I referenced.

        And, I have no issue with you trying to kill a mafia boss or a well-connected CIA or DOJ official. I just expect it to be far beyond your military competence to successfully complete. You are too afraid. That is not a criticism. That is just a plain word of caution. You are scared even of my jokes, so you certainly should not attempt to take my jokes as advice!

  3. Vivien E. Zazzau Says:

    JR: I have read both your post and the succeeding comments. Here’s my take: Few things are as simple as they seem. I see your post as stating the ‘what-should-be-obvious.’ The scenarios your present are not only possible, but probable. And more’s the pity…

    Admittedly, it would be easy for someone to take your post to mean that civil disobedience is, itself, not so effective — except for the fact that you titled this post “Beware of *promoters* of civil disobedience,” not “Beware of practicing civil disobedience because you’ll just get ‘used’.”

    In my experience, most people, when speaking of ‘civil disobedience,’ are referring to non-violent strategies. In ‘reality,’ the nature of civil disobedience has never been strictly defined or agreed on; in other words, many of us have had the sneaking suspicion that ‘civil disobedience’ could just as well be violent as non-violent…

    Though some, or many, might disagree with me, I believe that what ‘violent’ and ‘non-violent’ civil disobedience have in common is that either way, one must be willing to die… And I would use your same example regarding the suppression of everything from slave disgruntlement to slave insurrections. Certainly, seeing pregnant women made to lie down with their bellies in a hole, and then be whipped to within an inch of their lives, made an impression on the rest of the slaves, but obviously, it wasn’t a lasting impression… They kept on running, and when they couldn’t do that, they resorted to infanticide, daily subversion, or the patience required of those satisfied to wait for ‘title’ to their “mansion in the sky.”

    In my opinion, whether or not the ‘practitioner’ resorts to violence, they bear the same risk of dying (should it be that type of ’cause’); this is why their commitment must far surpass their fear. And of course, while we cannot allow our fear to master us, its presence or absence is indicative of intelligence or psychosis, respectively (again, in my personal opinion).

    So, I take this post as a boost to my information armament inventory, i.e., I’d find it a helpful ‘reality check’ when engaged in making a decision regarding what type of ‘civil disobedience’ I need to ‘practice.’

    “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” –Sun Tzu

    In other words, it’s not a good idea to go into battle knowing only yourself…

  4. jrfibonacci Says:

    Thanks for your reply, Vivien. A really short version of this post would be: “if the US and the various other leading members of the UN think civil disobedience is so wonderful, then why do thy spend so much money on armies and missiles and nuclear weapons?”note that I am not condemning their militancy or their propaganda. I am actually noticing the tremendous effectiveness of both- but without celebrating it- just respecting it.

  5. jessemathewson Says:

    Each person is an individual, each individual must decide for themselves. Regardless reason, unless the state is dethroned permenantly no true freedom or peace can ever exist. Civil disobedience can be light hearted and deadly serious.

    Best of luck, great article thank you.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Thanks, Jesse. Freedom and peace are actually just words. If you say that you have no freedom, I say that you are free to say that and to believe it and to “act like it” (whatever that means).

      • jessemathewson Says:

        All words have definitions, which allow us too easily communicate with others. Freedom and liberty are just words, with meaning, that only those willing to sacrifice themselves for will understand.
        Fighting foreign wars for political and monetary gain is not sacrifice or freedom. Ending our own slavery to a system bent on complete control, however, is. Freedom is completely free, and extremely difficult to maintain.

        Take it if you dare, keep it if you can, or ignore that it is possible.

      • jessemathewson Says:

        On a side note I have lived in Arizona for quite awhile, over two decades. And I appreciate your other articles.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Thank you again. I recommend for you the more recent “panic to peace” article here:

      As for different people’s different use of words like “freedom” or “liberty” or “peace,” it is inevitable that people will use the same word in slightly different ways or even radically different ways. Imagine two armies who both shout “we are fighting for peace” as they charge in to battle against each other.

      Anyway, if not for political or monetary gain, what other reason would there be for a foreign war? “Political gain” is a rather broad category, don’t you agree?

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