The truth about language: access to new forms of bias

Werner Erhard and Associates v. Christopher Co...

Werner Erhard and Associates v. Christopher Cox for Congress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Truth (Photo credit: d4vidbruce)

Consider the idea that at some point in the future, media will be free of bias- or that it should be and that we should be champions to free media of bias. I assert that such an idea is from the beginning utter nonsense.

One cannot use language without bias. One cannot communicate without bias. The whole point of communication is to influence the attention of others, as well as the perceptions of others, and of course the behavior of others.

Communication is the essence of governing (of the organizing of social groups of humans). When the Hebrew prophet Noah “received” the 7 commandments (long before Moses), that was not a minor development in human history.

So let’s consider an elementary review of the obvious. First, language is not the pathway to truth. Truth is already eternal and then language came along and labeled various portions of the truth and made a whole new subcategory of truth which we could call “the truth about language,” which includes jokes, encoded puzzles, and other perceptual oddities such as the truth about deception.

English: Icon for Template:Cognitive-psych-stu...

English: Icon for Template:Cognitive-psych-stub illustrating classic Stroop test. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, if language is not the pathway to truth, then what is it? Language is a system of ways to relate to the truth, like we can reject it, like only in language can we reject or condemn the truth: “things should not be how they are!”

Language creates way of relating. Language organizes different ways of relating to the truth.

Language does not “create” biochemistry. Language organizes new relationships with the truths of biochemistry, including some “truths” which may conflict with prior constructions in language (as in beliefs about how low-fat diets are good or bad or whatever). Humans did not create biochemistry or suddenly create the earth going around the sun (as if that had not already been happening).

Humans experienced new ways of relating to life through variations in the use of language. Humans experienced new forms of bias. That is what language is for. So that we can have access to new forms of perspective or new biases or new ways of relating.

דוגמא לגופן "פרנק-ריהל" הגופן ששימש ...

דוגמא לגופן “פרנק-ריהל” הגופן ששימש לדוגמא: Frank-Ruehl, של קולמוס. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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