Can carrying a gun discourage rape?

Granny's Got a Gun

Granny’s Got a Gun (Photo credit: Impact Tarmac)


Rape (Photo credit: Valeri Pizhanski)

Consider first that women are not the only group of people who can be raped. Consider that you may be interacting with someone who has been raped right at this moment. Consider that someone who has been raped (at least once) could say “my favorite protection against rape is not my cell phone to call for the police to come and save me with their guns, but my own loaded gun.”

Note also that, like in the movie “a few good men,” (if I am recalling right), sometimes the rapist is “someone we trusted” (like a judge or a cop). So, why should I depend on cops to protect me if, in my own experience, cops have not always been reliable or even sincere and safe?

Next, then a liberal comes along and says “I wish that parents would let the government protect children by confiscating all guns from the public.” Even to the person who has been raped, that may sound very naive- or sound especially naive to them. Even to the person who has been raped, the basic issue is not rape specifically, but the reality that guns are dangerous. That is the whole point.


Oddly enough, the image above is not primarily about rape. It is primarily about guns.

Mushroom clouds over Hiroshima (left) and Naga...

Mushroom clouds over Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When an ultra-conservative person considers how the US government (for instance) has killed huge numbers of civilians (like in Nagasaki and Hiroshima or Vietnam or Korea or, more recently, Iraq), then we may be extremely skeptical about relying on any government to protect us. We want to be safe from governments. We want guns so that we can be safe from governments.

Victim of Atomic Bomb of Hiroshima. 日本語: 似島検疫所...

Victim of Atomic Bomb of Hiroshima. 日本語: 似島検疫所にて。全身に大やけどをおった犠牲者。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We want locked doors and tall fences and barbed wire and attack dogs and guns (and armies) so that we can be safe from humans. Is that clear so far?

Those “threatening” humans might be rapists, but they might just be hungry, desperate, frenzied rioters in a hysteria from a medical condition like rabies. This is not about blaming rapists or anyone else. This about safety.

To some people, guns EQUAL safety. That’s it. (A cop without a gun may be quite unsafe in many neighborhoods, by the way….)

Further, some ultra-conservatives go so far as to promote imperialism. We want to invade Iraq and Afghanistan and have standing armies in dozens of countries like Germany and Japan and the middle-east. When are we going to bring the US troops home from Iraq? Right after we bring them home from Japan!

Some ultra-conservatives may even LIE and pretend to be liberals and say things like “I promise that once elected, I will quickly bring home all of the troops from Iraq.” So, then the new political figurehead gets elected, like on some extremely vague slogan like “change” or “hope,” and then basically keeps things the same. why? Because that is what the corporate sponsors hired him to do. He is their puppet- an actor playing a role. Or, at least that is what some people think of him (such as the ones who spent several million dollars in bribes- I mean campaign contributions- to fund both his campaign AND that of his opponent).

We want passionate public debates about rape and guns and drugs and health care and gay marriage. Do we really care about any of those issues? Well… by conservative, I mean conserving energy, like not focusing too much on any one thing.

Also, if there is one thing we focus on, some of us want the most destructive weaponry like nuclear warheads and we do not want our political targets to have them. We want a monopoly on weapons- and we do not want some government to target us for a confiscation of our weapons.

We know that the basis of all court systems of violence. We know that the basis of all currency systems is the organized violence of court systems (and their despotic demands for tax payments to be made with a particular currency, which is how that currency comes in to public demand). Notice, by the way, that when the organized coercion operation of the US Confederacy ceased to function, public demand fell more than slightly for confederate dollars to pay taxes to a government that was no longer operating. Is that also clear?


Iraq (Photo credit: The U.S. Army)

Now, we may also say things that some people consider insensitive because we are committed to the possibility of toughness, solidity, firmness. We do not want our soldiers being too sensitive or our cops or our friends. We value interacting with people who are courageous, even if that means introducing subject matter that is scary and even divisive and thus creating a breakdown of horror in which a breakthrough to courage is possible.

A generic U.S. World War II tank, a derivate o...

A generic U.S. World War II tank, a derivate of Image:TM-9-374-T25E1-1.jpg, background removed (transparent), hue set to steel blue, reduced size and colors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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