Anti-fat hysteria and the silly question of whether immune system activity is good or bad

English: Source: FDA-OCI

English: Source: FDA-OCI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog. I am writing this as a response to the blogger who re-blogged a recent post of mine here: Here is an excerpt of that author’s comment (published on their own blog) about my recent post titled “How severe obesity is a sign of starvation (malnutrition),” which was about how hunger is a sign of unmet nutritional demand (which makes sense, right), especially unmet demand for the highest-quality fuel which a human can consume: raw fat.

I found this post fascinating…I often write about my “indigent experience.” One thing I have not explored, in writing, is why so many indigent people are so overweight. I, myself, am often quite hungry in my daily struggle for food, but I make a concerted effort to consume vegetables, nuts, grains, fruits, etc. Additionally, though I prefer a vegan diet, or at least, a vegetarian one, because “beggars cannot be choosers,” I will eat “flesh” when my only other option is not to eat, at all…. 

Thank you for sharing my blog. For reference, I am a former vegetarian and even a former vegan, all of which preceded my loss of the ability to walk due to malnutrition (in the particular form known as Multiple Sclerosis– from which I have fully recovered due to conforming my diet with the natural design of the human digestive system). In general, I invite you to read some of the other recent posts on my blog in which I address diet and health more broadly. For now, I will give a summary comment which stretches across the topics of a number of my blogs.

Note first that I promote a diet abundant in raw fats, such as avocado, coconut, olive, flax, hemp, and ESPECIALLY all forms of high-quality animal fats, such as in eggs, seafood, as well as wild and grass-fed flesh and organs. In other words, I favor the diet that that has been the core dietary practice of humans for all of pre-history.

A raw, paleolithic-style dish: A sashimi (raw ...

A raw, paleolithic-style dish: A sashimi (raw fish) dinner set (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Also, as a point of lesser emphasis, I note that in the last 40,000 years or so, many cultures have thrived with the use of fresh (unpasteurized) dairy products from healthy mammals kept in herds, including fermented dairy such as yogurt and cottage cheese. While many “radical traditionalists” in the nutrition field regard dairy (besides a mother’s breastmilk for her infant) with about the same repulsion as the average vegan, I am very grateful for my OVERNIGHT recovery of the ability to walk after consuming a single pint of raw cream (from a healthy, grass-fed cow), which cost me only $4.50 plus shipping. Given the immense struggle and pain of my experience with Multiple Sclerosis (during which my typical WEEKLY total sleep would be under 3 hours), a meager $4.50 was a price that I was “more than happy” to pay….

So, the advances in human evolution over other species could be said to be “topped” by the advanced neurological formations of humans. Largely, all researchers that I am aware of agree that these advances were due to a much higher availability of omega-3 fatty acids in the diets of ancient humans (compared to other primates). Simply put, humans were better at hunting animals. That is how we got the brains (and the DNA) that we have. Humans who do not consume an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids will have less intellectual capacity (while eating more omega-3s,  especially the DHA and EPA found in animal sources,  will increase intelligence, concentration, coordination, athletic performance, etc.) Again, this is a simple matter of clear scientific research and also a rather simple thing for someone to test on their own.

English: Fish oil plant. Operated by Equateq, ...

English: Fish oil plant. Operated by Equateq, this plant opened in 2005 to process fish into omega-3 oils and fatty acids for the pharmaceutical sector. A big investment in an otherwise non-industrialised part of the Outer Hebrides. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Naturally, however, in any culture in which a primary value is the brainwashing and dependency of the “human resources,” it is predictable that propaganda that directs the masses AWAY from any nutritional practices that promote intelligence would be a priority for the ruling system of governing, regulating behavior, mind control, etc. So, the anti-fat propaganda launched by the FDA around 1984 (and in other countries as well) was a crowning achievement in the anti-health educational indoctrination managed by the FDA through public schools. Obesity rates have multiplied several times over as a result of the anti-fat campaigns. Not only is pharmaceutical drug dependency at all-time highs (which is very favorable for terrifying the addicts with threats of reducing free health care socialism and so on), but the overall health of the masses is historically low, as well as critical-thinking skills. (Note for instance the deteriorating respectfulness of the public in their political debates of passionate arguing and partisan animosity.)

The primary nutrient (though second to water) for humans is fat. Without a bit of credible scientific evidence, fat has been demonized in a massive religious indoctrination campaign by the FDA priests of the leading religion of the modern world, the United States of America (a very imperialist denomination within the Vatican’s UN network). Devout followers of that religion have avoided fat (as directed), resulting in malnutrition, obesity, and, ironically, cholesterol irregularities. (That is ironic because avoiding fat was presented to the domesticated herds as a solution to the cholesterol “panic,” when in fact avoiding fat LEADS to cholesterol issues and cardiovascular dysfunction.)

However, the herds have largely accepted blindly both the belief systems and ritual practices promoted by the priesthood of the FDA. Now that the public is catching on, if only rather slowly, the health of the masses has already been greatly reduced from prior standards. How things will proceed from here has been speculated about for a long time by many leaders of the global “domestication” programs. Some find the subject terrifying and riveting, while others find it to be simply a practical issue as to how personally to refine one’s own presumptions and any rituals that one may still be blindly repeating. The more omega-3 fatty acids that someone is eating, the more important it may be to them to continue that dietary “ritual,” above other lesser priorities like those suggested by the commercial advertisements and public indoctrination programs of the culture of imperialist consumerism.

Jan. 6, 2009; Atlanta, GA – Looking for possib...

Jan. 6, 2009; Atlanta, GA – Looking for possible bacterial contamination in food, an FDA microbiologist prepares DNA samples for analysis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Note that one of the most precious superstitions of the FDA’s religion is hysteria about any activity of the immune system, such as sneezing or vomiting or even profuse sweating (especially when the sweat smells like the toxins being released). Because the eating of foods rich in bacteria can lead, for those with an abundance of toxins, to a sudden release of toxins through dramatic (and truly inconvenient!) mechanisms such as vomiting and diarrhea, followers of the FDA’s religion may think of bacteria as merely the CAUSE of health-diminishing illness rather than as the CATALYST for healing detoxification. Realistically, for those without a basic level of economic stability, all illness impairs their capacity to be a good, reliable union employee/human resource.

Related to the anti-bacterial hysteria (and the pro-sterility hysteria in general) is the anti-meat hysteria and, in particular, the anti-raw hysteria (especially in regard to the consumption of raw animal products, including, quite famously in recent legal cases, raw dairy products). I address the anti-dairy hysteria in posts like these:



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2 Responses to “Anti-fat hysteria and the silly question of whether immune system activity is good or bad”

  1. Vivien E. Zazzau Says:

    I adopted the vegan lifestyle when I discovered that I am lactose intolerant. Despite my eating habits, I was informed, several years ago, that I was not a vegan, at all, because I still wore leather… And I still do…

    Though I’ve seen very little literature differentiating between lactose intolerance and outright dairy allergies, I believe I have the former because it is almost impossible to avoid dairy products, and I feel fine if I simply avoid items like ice cream, straight milk (which I find repulsive, anyway) and cheese. Straight dairy literally makes me ill — though I’ve found that using Lactaid prevents this… And I used Lactaid quite a bit, for a while, until I read an article arguing that if your body rejects milk and milk products naturally, it’s probably not a good idea to ‘force feed’ yourself by utilizing ‘artificial digestion’ products.

    Additionally, there’s a great deal of literature which claims that the great majority of black people, among whom I number, are lactose intolerant by the time they reach adulthood. My research reveals that the “most black adults are lactose intolerant” argument is rather “20th century.” There is a great deal of literature published since then that states that this ‘phenomenon’ may have been greatly exaggerated… Nonetheless, I am part Asian, and most Asian people I know are also either lactose intolerant, and in some cases, outright allergic to dairy. It’s my understanding that Latinos also have this problem. But again, I have not done much research…

    That said, I love cheese, as well as ice cream, but my body just can’t handle them — naturally. And this occurred sometime after I reached adulthood. It used to be ‘nothing’ for me to eat an entire pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream at one sitting; but the last time I did that I ended up in the emergency room. Though the doctors weren’t able to figure out what happened that day, on that day, we figured it out, soon enough, by a process of ‘introduction and elimination.’ No other food source makes me violently ill…

    Again, I am fascinated to discover that one 16-ounce serving of dairy had such an effect on your well-being. I don’t know if you are familiar with the Shirley Temple movie, Heidi, but as I recall, a young child who was quite unhealthy experienced amazing healing effects with the introduction of fresh dairy (milk, I believe) into her diet. I don’t know your “race,” but it’s my understanding that the lactose intolerance/milk allergy issue is least problematic among Caucasians. I wonder if you have found this to be the case, yourself. I also wonder what you think about the argument that among mammals, ‘man’ is the only one who continues to drink milk beyond ‘infancy.’

    Finally, it was my pleasure to reblog your excellent post. You are so very welcome! And I certainly appreciate your equally interesting, and detailed, response to my own comments. I will definitely follow your suggestion to explore other writings of this nature on your own blog site.

    All my best,

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    Hi Vivien, thank you for your reply.

    I will start with the idea that “since humans are the only mammal to consume dairy after childhood,” then we presumably should avoid doing ANYTHING that only adult humans do, such as wipe our butts or use the phone or use the internet. I am in to science. That means that when Dr. Pottenger fed the fresh raw milk of cows to cats and also fed pasteurized cow milk to a similar group of cats, we can actually observe the results, right? The actual results are conclusive. If you are interested in that specific research, you can find it.

    As for “race,” it is a limited concept. Due to mixed racial/ethnic backgrounds, racial categories may not be especially relevant. I look “basically Caucausian,” but I am actually half-Cuban (with a heavy dose of Spaniard, but also a bit of African). In a place like Cuba or Jamaica, we can identify for instance 5 legally distinct racial categories from dark-skinned negroes to light-skinned and on up. Those countries may have social and legal boundaries that are more precise than in the US. I simply do not care either way about any of that, at least certainly not as it relates to nutrition. My comments are for all humans and, indeed, for most other mammals, too, but only incidentally.

    My understanding in relation to dairy is that adult humans stop making their own lactase (lactose-digesting enzyme) and also lose the ability to process casein after no exposure. So, fermented dairy products (unpasteurized!) can be used to gently re-introduce the relevant living factors in to the digestive tracts of most civilized folks, whose intestines tend to be rather sterile (sterilized, dead).

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