language is sacred, so beware of using it in vain/in vanity

Words have a power all their own

Words have a power all their own (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)


I will keep the identity of the below correspondent private for now. Note that this is an exchange that continues the conversation of the prior blog post. My words are in bold italics. The other correspondent’s are as just below:
So what your saying [is] their is no sickness no health no right no wiring
no good no evil.
Not at all. Of course there are contrasting patterns like vomiting and fever and so on.
English: Example of a subject in a Ganzfeld ex...

English: Example of a subject in a Ganzfeld experiment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We exist based on what we can feel touch hear and see with our “bodies” yet who/what created the mountains, the water, the mind, the body and evolution is out due to the concept of we came from primates. Primates are still here.

Dinosaurs were here. They aren’t now. God was here in physical form named Jesus yet He physically isn’t here now. Just because we cannot see feel hear or listen from the ways we have learned that I’d what we are doing at these times with our bodies in language doesn’t mean God wasn’t here and it doesn’t mean God didn’t create it.

I do not agree that God is not physically here now. In fact, I consider that a bit of a ridiculous statement, but I understand that the statement is based on a particular, limited understanding of the word God which you have adopted as the natural result of a long sequence of communications.

A belief is just that a belief without valid evidence we can hear, touch, see or feel.

I was referencing labels. Imagine that two people see a rose and one says “that is a flower” and the other says “no, that is a rose!” Then they argue whether to call the color light red or dark pink or rouge or rosa or rott (or whatever other word in whatever other human language).
The label is distinct from the “evidence” of sight sensations and olfactory sensations and so on. That was the point.

That is like saying air and wind doesn’t exsust excepted when we breath and feel it on our face.

Air and wind and water is all around us so we are one and the same of everything through atoms and molecules yet something created the first atom before its kept splitting over and over.

My question JR is why not publish this article for everyone to see and make an assessment?

Let me review. I sent you a link to a published article with published videos and then you ask me why don’t I publish it. I did a long time ago. 
Why would you presume otherwise and then take a condescending tone with me? Were you seeking to humiliate me or seeking your own humiliation… or both?

You went out of your way to show me this privately as just me yet didn’t public ally post it on Facebook for everyone.

Post it publically.

Your tone is distinctive. I will be unfriending you shortly, but you can send me a friend request again if you wish. In fact, if I can, after I unfriend you, I will send you a friend request! Also, if you have a private reply for someone, then be aware when you are sending it to 3 people at once, not just that person.

See what many point of views are not just yours and mine privately.

Thanks for sharing.

Your talented and your IQ of intelligence and being open minded is high creating extremely interesting conversation.

I admire your work. It’s extraordinary and thank you for sharing so much for me to grasp the other side to a coin as in heads is Gods way and tails is everything else.

If God is the only creative force, then there is no way that is not God’s way. The relevant question is which of God’s ways is the best way for you?

It’s impressive and yet labels are what keep realities which aren’t reality just perceptions, opinions and judgements con-formulated into what could be called a topic or subject or belief or religion all man made doctrines I agree yet if two atoms believe in something they create the reality if that belief such as God yet nobody knows how the earth was made yet all of us have theory’s and agreements from others backing these claims yet something did happen.

There can be clarity about labels how various linguistic categories contrast or overlap: perceptions, opinions, etc….

If you just believe everything exists in words that’s preposterous from a standpoint of what we see, feel, touch and hear is man made and we create language to describe it.

So who created language?

Language is, so to speak, eternal (what some ancient Greek people called “Logos” and what some English folks have translated with such words as “Christos” and “Christ”). All linguistic units arise within what is referenced by that single word of “language.”

Jesus in the Word

Jesus in the Word (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Without language nothing exists as labels or description of; yet they still are there whether we speak or not.

If your blind, deaf, mute, no arms and legs do you that someone cannot see, hear, touch or feel still exist or could that just be a world for the individual circumstance?

Take on things existed and were created long before language defines what that “thing” is that was created.

Aka God is what we call it in the bible of language.


You fill in the rest that’s your language reality yet before language creation took place.




As in if everyone had Down syndrome and one or too looked like us we could say we are the abnormal aka Down syndrome. Language wasn’t invented first creation was so JR me, SK and the one other I don’t know you sent this too only your looking to create an agreement to your view as I am mine as SK is hers and so on. It doesn’t change the fact we were a creation.
Perhaps I am completely uninterested in your agreement. Perhaps I simply presenting a new model in language which you may either recognize or ridicule or ignore or study.
Reality is eternal. Nothing preceded it or created it as a result or effect. 
“Creation” is another word for the whole of reality. Then, through language, divisions were made between light and dark, heaven and heaven, night and day, male and female, and so on. In one popular ancient tradition, the English translation is “let there be light.”
In fact, there is no such thing as “a darkness” except in language. Light has some tangible qualities which can be further sub-divided and categorized, like brightness and color and so on (red light, green light, traffic light, sun light, black light). Darkness cannot be meaningfully subcategorized because darkness is just a linguistic label for the absence of light.
English: A Led Traffic lights

English: A Led Traffic lights (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before language their was telepathy

Consider that what you are calling language is just one very advanced form of telepathy, now in our modern years newly enhanced by “telepathic” networks of emails and cell phone towers.
and sign “language” isn’t language but a form of communication as in creation is with something we cannot explain see touch hear or grasp as it was designed.

If everything in your view is just language then if your tongue was cut out and you can’t hear or see or feel anything your. Saying you don’t exist. According to the theory everything is created in language which isn’t so.

It the beginning was the “word” the “word” Was God and is God. That’s the first thug ever said validating your point of words are the beginning of anything we can grasp yet the word was created thousands of years AFTER what happened was created and took place.
I am not validating my commentary by past references. I am offering to clarify your understanding of the ancient teachings and offering the references so that you can have new insight in to them. You may of course resist that possibility. 
Go beyond your worship of the words of a particular translation and distinguish for yourself directly what is available through a consideration of those teachings. You might begin with Luke 7:7 about the vanity (foolishness, ineffectiveness, idolatry) of those who worship words rather than “spirit.”
I will give the following short reminder. Have no God but God, for there is no God but God. Be careful of error or inaccuracy or imprecision. The word God is not to be worshiped. It is not to be used in vain. Stop using it in vain. Get the fullness of what that word (and similar words like “divinity”) reference. 
As for all other words, use all words only with power and authority and creativity and influence and awareness and responsibility. Words are sacred. Do not use them in vain.
Thanks for the share bud.


You’re welcome. Thank you for sharing your interest and questions and even your challenges!





One last thing is it possible something we cannot explain gives us ideas to live by or create from nothing?

Could it be possible the were created by an everything that choose to give us the idea in our head through a simple concept only humans understand which is language?


Food for thought.







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