the cure for common medical misconceptions

A BOLD CLARITY: the cure for common medical misconceptions

A brief statement of “the problem” that we propose to resolve is this:

Currently, there is a certain way that it is popular to relate to health in general and, in particular, to the language of diagnostic labels (such as a phrase like “incurable scurvy”). I am identifying that way of relating as “resigned,” “despondent,” and “helplessly victimized.”

People tend to think of diagnostic labels as “having power over them.” They say things that fit the “logic” of statements like this: “I have incurable scurvy which is causing my vitamin C deficiency.”

Now, let’s investigate very briefly how this issue is important to you, then how this pattern of relating to diagnostic language developed, and finally what is available for those who mature beyond that “old model” of how to communicate about well-being. First, here are some more examples of the kind of statements that people may make without really thinking about what they are saying:

Cure For Baldness?

Cure For Baldness? (Photo credit: D’oh Boy (Mark Holloway))

“Well, clearly you have no hair because of your baldness.”

That is obviously nonsense, right? But next let’s look at a very similar linguistic construction that may seem “obviously true” simply because it is so familiar….

“You have a tumor because you have cancer.”

That is simply false. Cancer is a diagnostic label, not a physical substance. Cancer does not cause tumors. Cancer is a label for the presence of physical tumors, like “receding hairline” is simply a label for the presence of a certain pattern of hair growth. When people say “you are genetically predisposed to cancer,” could they be making any inaccurate presumptions about epigenetics (how an issue of gene EXPRESSION is often mistaken as an issue of actual genetics)?

“Your tonsils are inflamed because you have tonsillitis.”

Tonsillitis is merely a label for an inflammation of the tonsils. The label for the symptom does not cause the symptom.

“You have high blood sugarbecause you have diabetes, which runs in your family.”

That is also false. Diabetes is a diagnostic label, not a physical substance.

“You are deficient in Vitamin C because you have contracted scurvy, probably from one of your parents. You do know that scurvy is contagious and incurable, right?”

Again, that is all simply absurd. Furthermore, all that follows from such an absurd misunderstanding of diagnostic labels will be actions that are, at best, inefficient.

So, I gently rebuke those who make the naive presumption that when people notice a set of symptoms and then invent a label for that set of symptoms, then that might mean that the new label (such as “scurvy, cancer, diabetes, etc”) is an incurable pathogenic demon that is “possessing” the organism, thereby causing the various symptoms. That is absurd.

Consider that the label on a jar of of food does not cause the jar to have a particular kind of food in it, does it? If one removes a label from a jar, does that change the contents? What if one adds a second label or covers an old label with a new label? What happens to the contents of the jar when altering the labeling of the jar?

Now, when a diagnostic label is invented for a particular physiological pattern, that label is used to distinguish that physiological pattern from other physiological patterns. That is all. The label does not intrinsically cause physiological patterns or alter physiological patterns.

If you take your dog to the veterinarian and the vet says to the dog “your tonsils are inflamed because you have tonsillitis,” then does that effect any inflammation of the dog’s tonsils? Labels simply do not cause symptoms! So, cancer does not cause tumors. Cancer is a label for the presence of tumors.

Likewise, the diagnostic label “diabetes” does not cause blood sugar imbalance or “insulin resistance.” Diabetes is simply a label for the presence of blood sugar imbalances and insulin resistance and, eventually, for all of the predictable effects of the excessive presence in the blood of simple sugars and complex sugars (carbohydrates)- which all arise very predictably from a single cause: the consumption of excessive amounts of carbohydrates.

Notably, the vast majority of diagnostic communications seem to me to be based on a basic lack of comprehension of the nature of diagnostic labels. Saying things like that “baldness causes hair loss” is absurd. That is simply faulty logic (as in “voodoo” science or “psychopathological” pathology).

Clearly, baldness is clearly not a physical substance, but a linguistic unit (a label). However, because physical brains can respond to language, that means that the “curses” of the licensed high priests (toward whom I have the utmost respect for their technical expertise, but no reverence whatsoever) can be very powerful (creative).

So, to summarize, my purpose for sharing is to clearly establish that our culture’s primary context for relating to diagnostic terminology is presumptive, naive, inaccurate, and disempowering. People who “get” this content will no longer be at the effect of diagnostic terminology (dissolving the sincere “curses” of demonic possession by “allegedly pathogenic” diagnostic labels). They’ll have a huge breakthrough in peace of mind and freedom.

Plus, new actions will be recognized as relevant and so new outcomes will be available. We will detail a variety of well-established resources, such as The Institute of Functional Medicine, as well as offer a brief catalog of the recoveries produced in the work of, Dr. Nora Gedgoudas, Dr. Cate Shanahan, & Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci(human nutrition).

First, I will feature a short version of the recovery (from Multiple Sclerosis) of medical doctor Terry Wahls. To tell recovery stories is powerful, so I will tell several of them, including the story of my own overnight recovery of the ability to walk (after suffering “from” Multiple Sclerosis- as in after I experienced the symptoms that would be labeled as “Multiple Sclerosis”).

That’s where this content will begin to have you saying things to yourself like “there really is something I can do to have power and produce new results with my health and well-being!” The resignation that most people have been trained to have about well-being and even so-called incurable conditions… will simply vanish.



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