on demonic possession by pathogenic diagnostic labels

My super-brief statement of “the problem” that I propose to resolve is this:

“…I rebuke those who make the naive presumption that when people notice a set of symptoms and then invent a label for that set of symptoms, then that means that the new label (such as “scurvy, cancer, diabetes, etc”) is an incurable pathogenic demon that is possessing the organism, thereby causing the various symptoms (… which the word was invented to label as distinct from other sets of symptoms). That is simply faulty logic (as in “voodoo” science, pathological pathology).

case in point: “well, clearly you have no hair because of your baldness.”


Sarah Kay responded (after requesting that I write about this subject):

“AWESOME!! I got it.”


I then added:

Notably, the vast majority of diagnostic communications seem to me to be based on a basic lack of comprehension of the nature of diagnostic labels. Baldness is not a physical substance, but a linguistic unit. However, because physical brains can respond to language, that means that the “curses” of the licensed high priests (toward whom I have the utmost respect, but no reverence whatsoever) can be very powerful (creative).

“You have a tumor because you have cancer.” That is simply false. Cancer is a diagnostic label, not a physical substance.

“You have high blood sugar because you have diabetes.” That is also false. Diabetes is a diagnostic label, not a physical substance.

“You are deficient in Vitamin C because you have scurvy.” Again, that is simply absurd. Furthermore, all that follows from such an absurd misunderstanding will be actions that are, at best, inefficient.


Then, just moments ago, Sarah called me and asked me to re-state the purpose of me sharing all of this. She took these notes from what I said to her and typed them up to have me refine them:


“(My purpose for sharing is to) Establish that our context for listening (to or relating to diagnostic terminology) is inaccurate (presumptive, disempowering).  People (who “get” this content) will no longer be at the effect of diagnostic words (“curses” of demonic possession by “allegedly pathogenic” diagnostic labels). They’ll have freedom. (New actions will be recognized as relevant and so new outcomes will be available.)

List out the resources. . . (such as The Institute of Functional Medicine, http://www.ppnf.org, Dr. Nora Gedgoudas, Dr. Cate Shanahan, etc)

I [will] present a short version of the recovery (from MS) of Terry Wahls, M.D.. To tell recovery stories is powerful, so I will tell several.

That’s where it is gonna start to enter the realm of “there is [really] something I can do to have power. . .!” [The resignation that most people have been trained to have about well-being and even so-called incurable conditions… will simply vanish.]






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