Part 4- Turn away from evil, repent, and forgive… the devil

The She Devil

The She Devil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MMF wrote (in response to parts 1-3):

“Very well written and easy to follow. Makes sense, too, although human nature (that’s one of my famous excuses) makes it hard for me to “accept” what I perceive as evil, or as you explain, turn away from, rather than attack and defame.

I think we (our ancestors) set up a faulty system of currency. I don’t know what would have been better. But I am happy to know that it will be unnecessary in the next life!”


JR replies:

What if in this life it is unnecessary to condemn or vilify? What if this life is the one in which to repent and to forgive?

Ultimately, fear is the root of labeling something evil. Remember that if God creates all things for a purpose, that includes the feeling of fear and of everything you have ever feared. As a child, I feared big bridges. They scared me- like a stampeding herd of rhinos would scare me today. Adrenalin and cortisol (the fear hormones or stress hormones) are not “a mistake.”


Iwfne70.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next, there is the issue of defaming or condemning. Again, these ways of relating are reserved for things that are feared, deemed repulsive or disturbing or disgusting. There is a practical value and functionality to defaming and condemning. However, we may have been exposed to a teaching to cease condemnation. Why? Because the panic of condemnation is not peace of mind.

The word dia-bolos means to throw a label across something, like to hide it’s true value or neglect it’s sacred purpose. All things are created by God so all things have a sacred purpose. So there is vilifying or demonizing or defaming something or someone, even though everything and everyone are sacred creations of God. So, that condemning is a panic that is disrespectful of God.

Fear God, not a particular person or group or event. Respect God and all that God creates. Beware of the spirit of condemnation or divisiveness or slander. Beware of being diabolical in defaming anything created by God, being devilish. Do not condemn even the devil.


Neptune (Photo credit: p medved)

The Devil means “one who condemns, who slanders, who defames.” The Spanish word Diablo and the English word Devil come from the Greek roots dia-bolos, meaning to throw a label across, to defame, to slander, to vilify.

Focus on God. Beware of focusing on any so-called devil or villain or “threat to an all-powerful God.” There is no creation of God that cannot threaten the Almighty. There is nothing except creations of God.

Austin Anti-Defamation League Presents: True C...

Austin Anti-Defamation League Presents: True Colors – Celebrate Diversity, See With Your Heart (Photo credit:

Repent from vilification. God created vilification for a purpose as well. Respect God and recognize the purposes of God. Anywhere you look, you can find the purposes of God if your spirit is pure. Nothing else exists except for God and the various purposes and creations of God, including you and I and this conversation and every human language. Be at peace.

No one knows the day or the hour when heaven is revealed. So, be at peace now. Let this life be the one. Let this day be the one. Let this hour be the one.


Neptune (Photo credit: CarbonNYC)


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