part 3- what is a mature perspective on the modern world?

What is a mature perspective on the modern world?


As a human in modern civilization, I respect the Holy Empire of the Vatican, which is based on the ancient tradition of the Talmud. I will clarify this next. First, note that for many hundreds of years, the Roman Catholic Pope has claimed explicitly to rule over all other regional governments worldwide, such as might be called “the King of Kings.”

So, through the Hebrew Prophet Noah, a set commandments were issued, totaling 7. The first was for the establishment of courts of justice. These courts are the operations of organized coercion which bring order to civil society (cities and networks of cities).
These courts enforce rewards and punishments. Those who deliver economic value to the courts (such as tithes or taxes) are rewarded and those who do not are punished (imprisoned, separated from their property, killed, etc…).
When these courts demand payment in a particular form only, that is called currency. The organized coercion (or extortion) of the court officials is what creates demand for the currency that they declare acceptable to them.
At one time, gold was extremely rare to the general public, so court officials monopolized access to gold and then created demand for that particular metal by demanding that people purchase gold coins from the courts in order to discharge debts that the courts declared that the civilians owed to the court officials. At various times, the public demand for gold has declined when courts have decreased their manipulations to create demand for gold.


Lincoln memorial cent, with the S mintmark of ...

Lincoln memorial cent, with the S mintmark of the San Francisco mint. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When a court system that has been creating demand for any form of payment ceases to create demand for that form of payment (such as when the US Confederacy was “invaded by the Union”), then the market value or practical purchasing power of that currency disappears. In contrast, when a court system increases a tax rate without a proportionate increase in the amount of currency in circulation, that increases the demand or purchasing power of that currency. Demand for a particular currency is generally measurable in terms of three factors: the fundamental efficiency of a court to effectively conduct it’s extortion racket, the specific amount of currency in circulation which a court declares acceptable within the jurisdiction of the court’s operations, and the specific tax rates invented by the ruling court officials. 
Note that when a court’s operation ceases, it does not matter how many units of currency are in circulation. The number of  currency units in circulation is a secondary issue. Without the operation of organized coercion, no court’s currency has any practical value whatsoever. 



tokens (Photo credit: Token Company)

Currency is like a casino token. When the casino is in operation, the casino token (or currency) can be used there at the casino. If the casino ceases to operate, the tokens have no practical value- no matter how many are in circulation.
Currency is like a ticket at carnival or amusement park. When the carnival is open, the tickets can be exchanged to ride on a roller coaster or to go to a booth and attempt to knock down wooden ducks with an airgun. When the carnival is closed, the tickets have no practical value- no matter how many are in circulation.
So, when a court system’s operation of organized extortion is influential, only then people are interested in the currency that the court demands from the civilians or peasants in the payment of taxes. When a court ceases to adequately terrify the civilians, then the currency demanded by the court officials has no practical value- no matter how many are in circulation.
Is the existence of court systems of organized coercion “wrong?” Without any moral immaturity, we can recognize that court operations do exist. They also promote certain patterns of orderliness or economic activity within a civil society. Court systems regulate or govern or organize people. Courts influence the attention, perception, and behavior of the civilians within their system. 
Courts also compete against each other over human migration based on perceptions of economic opportunity and an orderly “business climate. ” Courts even compete with each other through the art of diplomacy, which includes all forms of war and blackmail and political assassinations.
Some say “this system of organized crime is wrong and it must be changed!” They may focus on a particular nation and a particular party or issue, or on the entire UN/Vatican network. Others say “this system of organized crime is what has developed and it may be practical to respect the fact that when a system of organized crime criminalizes certain forms of competition, it is not personal. They mean business! They severely punish unauthorized extortion and unlicensed coercion. The rulers even have the accepted discretion to pardon their own allies who have been convicted of crime. Consider the pardon given to Lt. Colonel Oliver North after his conviction, or the granting of amnesty to rebel soldiers after a successful revolution or civil war- or even rewarding them with government privileges!”
Al Capone. Mugshot information from Science an...

Al Capone. Mugshot information from Science and Society Picture Gallery: Al Capone (1899-1947), American gangster, 17 June 1931. ‘Al Capone sent to prison. This picture shows the Bertillon photographs of Capone made by the US Dept of Justice. His rogue’s gallery number is C 28169’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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