Part 2- Besides the maintaining of inner peace, why would I turn away from evil?

Besides the maintaining of inner peace, why would I turn away from evil?

The Adoration of the Golden Calf'

The Adoration of the Golden Calf’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As it says in the ancient Hebrew teachings of Ecclesiastes, “there is a time for every purpose.” There is a value and function for every pattern: both for loving and hating, for sowing and reaping, for making war and making treaties, even for condemning and refraining from condemning.

If the idea of an almighty Divine Ordering is rejected and replaced with the idea of some conflicting authority that could form patterns instead of the Divine Ordering, only then would one be so arrogant as to condemn a select set of forms created by the Divine Ordering. Of course, because immaturity is required for the developing of maturity, the Divine Ordering also may cause the rejecting of the authority of the Divine Ordering and the condemning of certain particular patterns created by the Divine Ordering. That is what is meant by “worship at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil [idolatry and vilification]” rather than “respecting the entire tree of life,” which is a metaphor about a tree that includes all the branches of life, all the patterns formed by the Divine Ordering, all of God‘s images or formations or identities. 


English: Bronnbach Abbey. Choir stalls by Dani...

English: Bronnbach Abbey. Choir stalls by Daniel Aschauer (1778): Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Deutsch: Kloster Bronnbach. Chorgestühl von Daniel Aschauer (1778): Baum der Erkenntnis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To worship any particular form or pattern is idolatry. To respect every form is maturity.
When some quote sayings that “each creature is a perfect image of the Divine,” this simply refers to our formation as a set of patterns established by a Divine Ordering. You are the manifestation of the Will of the Divine. So is everything else.
Observe that I am an activity of Creation and so is everything else. Every form has been molded or intelligently designed by Evolution.  This is not an obscure, secret teaching, but a simple recognition which is completely in accord with all scientific statements made in any language or vocabulary.
Incomplete understanding of the nature of language can be a predictable source of tremendous confusion and conflict for some (the immature or “spiritually dead”/unenlightened). When there is irritability and presumptiveness and terror and shame and panic, it is easy for confusion to lead to frustration, then to blame, then to animosity and arguing. 
Beware of sincere arguing. It is a sign of presumptiveness (as in naivete or foolishness or immaturity).
Saint Mary's, Cork

Saint Mary’s, Cork (Photo credit: Fergal of Claddagh)

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