the fear of propaganda

Cover to the propaganda comic book "Is Th...

Cover to the propaganda comic book “Is This Tomorrow”‘ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


C.M. replied to my prior post (regarding “be the change” and “we should be outraged!”).


Sounds fascinating how you came to that conclusion and I will assume you mean as your own point of view, a vision of what you believe to be, and by the use of heaven and such seems like all propaganda to me. I could sit there and dissect it and attempt figure out what you mean based on what you know or I can just tell you knowing starts with the trivium and quadrivium and detecting fallacies to achieve knowledge and understanding of what is.


F()ck the fear, my man- its a figment of your imagination and one’s own ignorance. I do not subscribe to it. Trivium and quadrivium. That’s it.


J.R. replied:


C.M., the word fear refers the source of someone saying “f()ck that!” We can use anatomical terms and biochemical terms like amygdala and cortisone and adrenalin, but the bottom line is that the word fear is a familiar word to you. You may even fear that word.


(Also, I consider all forms of anger to be more extreme versions of fear- like in objective, concrete terms of the concentrations of adrenalin and cortisone and the sequence of neurological processes. So, outrage is just one of the more extreme forms of frightened anger.)


Consider that everything that is presented to a mass audience is what I mean by propaganda, so that would include all religious scripture, all books, all mass media programming, all PR, all commercial advertising, and even an article I write on a blog or a painting or song that is created with some political theme designed to influence people to “be the change” or “practice non-violence” or “just say no to fear.” All of that is propaganda.


Incidentally, I am using the word in the classic Roman Catholic sense of the propagating of doctrine or dogma or values. The Vatican is not against propaganda and indoctrination. They openly admit that symbols in the form of words are essential to the perpetuation of their operations, which include the UN, the IMF, the US, the USSR, the UK, and all of the other branches of human culture which use the Roman calendar system (as in A.D. dating like “December 27, 2013“) and their 7-day week and their court systems which still use the ancient magic words of Latin like “pro bono” and “amicus curiae” and so on. (To be fair, I recognize that the Holy Roman Empire is itself just a branch of the Ancient Babylonian Talmudists that grew out of the Egyptian and Hebrew evolutions.)


Military flag of the Holy Roman Empire between...

Military flag of the Holy Roman Empire between 1200 and 1350. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




C.M. replied:




Correct. So have you ever heard any or all of these podcast www.peacerevolution.orgusing the trivium and quadrivium to disassemble the fear is the best method I have come across according to what I know now…now…now. One of my favorite videos on youtube is the one on who actually has the contract on greenwich meridian time. If you want real books help me find the unlisted secret archives of vatican. Fascinating reads I am told.




J.R. replied further:


No, I have not heard any of those. However, why would you want to disassemble fear? Are you not grateful for it? Do you fear it?


The idea of fearing fear is optional. You should fear it- sometimes. You should fear other things- sometimes- like when a vehicle crosses in to the wrong lane of traffic and is speeding toward you or when you hear a loud sound that wakes you up from sleep. As for deprogramming of propaganda, hysteria, paranoia, and so on, there are many forms of that, but no form is needed at all except the awareness which has always been eternally present.




Roman soldiers

Roman soldiers – note that each Centurion carries a “red shield” or, in German, “rothschild” (Photo credit: Dale Gillard)


Rotschild Canticles, f. 6v. 13th-14th centures...

Rotschild Canticles, f. 6v. 13th-14th centures (end of 13th). Northern France. Yale University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






English: coats of arms of the Holy Roman Empire

English: coats of arms of the Holy Roman Empire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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