propaganda to “be the change” (and to be outraged)

This is from a conversation on facebook:
Have you ever heard about the tragedy at Waco? The government burned these people alive.
“Have you ever heard about the tragedy at Waco? The government burned these people alive.”
J.R. wrote: When people perceive a threat (react in terror), then outrage may arise. Most people do not personally perceive it to be a threat when the ATF or FBI targets a group of “extremists,” but some people certainly do and so many of them expressed their terrified outrage (if they were not “too paranoid” AKA more private or discrete in their fear) .
When the US military kills kids in school in Iraq or Japan, that is also not perceived as a threat by most people in the US. However, when an unexpected violation of expectations happens, like on 9/11 or with the Columbine school shootings, then many people “take it personally” and relate to the news item as a personal threat.
"the state is the only terrorist"

“the state is the only terrorist” (Photo credit: ruSSeLL hiGGs)

C.M. wrote: As in a false flag?
English: Schemata of Webster Tarpley's model o...

English: Schemata of Webster Tarpley’s model of state-sponsored false flag terror operations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

J.R. replied:  Carlos, the false flag issue is not primary in my reference. Imagine the UK or Nazi Germany. If There is an event killing lots of civilians intentionally, the local people get scared, right? However, people in India may not even hear about the deaths, or may hear about it and then may be a little scared and passively mourn, or more scared and say “what can we do to promote safety and security (here)” or very scared – so much that they are outraged – and say “someone must pay for this. Let’s invade Pakistan to make them pay!” As for whether anyone in Pakistan had anything to do with the deaths, that is a totally distinct issue., right?
The people who write newspapers and history books will tell you what to believe and by the time that a small portion of the population knows what false flag means, they will have totally accepted so many decades of propaganda that they will think things like “false flag operations were invented in 1984″ or 1863 or 1776 or some such naivete. The reality may be that most people in most countries have no interest in challenging the local militias of police and armies.
For instance, the killings of US citizens by the Us government at Waco TX and Kent State in Ohio (etc etc) were not false flag operations. Some people got upset, but even if you were certain that the government of the USSR killed dozens of millions of its own citizens, what would do about it? If you lived there, you might secretly plan to defect, but you would not get far by trying to reform the system. You might as well go and try and intimidate the mafia in to getting out of the gambling industry! It would be suicide.
C.M. replied: Change the NOUS ( and I guess call me Dead Man Walking because I truly believe we must reform our system and that we can. If not I would not be doing what I do and so openly even on the government watched and tracked social media device. The news controls the nous because people sit back and accept it. How did the news beat the cops to the Koresh compound? Waco was used as a distraction event. The nonviolent peaceful action of becoming aware and knowing is the action and while many have been completely in the dark as I was just years ago some of us are now inerconnected with more aware like minded people than ever before. There is a tipping point and im not going to sit around and watch it without being the change I want to see in the world.
American Soldiers .. US military: 2 US soldier...

American Soldiers .. US military: 2 US soldiers killed in southern Iraq (June 14, 2011) …item 5.. THE MOODY BLUES — A Question Of Balance — 1970 … (Photo credit: marsmet461)

J.R. then replied: Yes, if you reject or condemn anything external to you, like because of propaganda which trained you to do so, then there will be that internal conflict in you which is a compulsion or addiction to a particular ideal of change which was also planted in you by propaganda. You will seek to reform the world or yourself in accord with that propaganda ideal until you relax and sit around enough to get clear about the value of propaganda and stop rejecting what the propaganda has trained you to reject (condemn).
English: Badge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobac...

English: Badge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The bottom line is about fear and courage. If you feel compelled to save the world from fear because you are ashamed that you ever felt fear, then there will be a persisting anxiety or fear. “What if I die without saving the world from fear and sin first?” Trying to earn your way in to heaven (by becoming the “ideal” change promoted by propaganda) is a reliable way to avoid the issue that this may be as good as it gets and, if there is a heaven, this is it and all that propaganda about you rejecting certain parts of reality has been blinding you to simply accepting what is(to having peace of mind).
Governments train us to rebel against them. That gives them a spin to justify things like the Waco and Kent State killings.
You can experience shame at the thought of just sitting around and being happy already. There is that background of anxiety or distress or dis-ease… Until you recognize it as simply a product of propaganda and totally optional. At that point, ironically, you would have a huge increase in your ability to intuitively lead because you would no longer be putting all that energy in to chasing propaganda ideals.
911: President George W. Bush Tours Federal Bu...

911: President George W. Bush Tours Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Headquarters, 09/25/2001. (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)


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