lyrics: “so (so what? so open wide!)”

christmas card

christmas card (Photo credit: JogiBaer2)

So, Remember the day you woke up with just that one single thing in mind.              So, You couldn’t wait to get up and go for it. Failure was not a crime,

 cause…        You knew that this was a thing that you wouldn’t regret unless you didn’t try     So, You had the faith to move any mountain, but now it’s been a long, long, long time…
So, You got some things that you said you wanted, but now they don’t mean any thing     So, You got some friends then you lost some friends, but you miss you how it used to be     when…            You had someone to count on, someone to be there,  someone who really cared      So, what ever happened to all of the good times that you and I used to share
oh yeah, we got jobs and moved on                   oh yeah, we grew up and grew apart
oh yeah, we got scared of reaching out            oh yeah, we just send a Christmas card    now….
So, Remember the reason you used to have for risking to live every day                       So, don’t think that you didn’t take any chances cause you know that once you were brave
but… you got so smart that life got so easy then courage started to fade          So, now that you’re wiser, here’s a reminder that you were not always afraid of being afraid
so what if it hurts             so what if it’s hard              so what if I’m scared             to be in the dark
so what if it burns            so what if it stings             so what if it aches             breaking my heart
so open wide                      that I can’t speak         that I can’t breathe    that I can’t cry
so open wide                     that I can’t fake             that I can’t lie               that I can’t make any excuses why I’m not giving my life… for you
so now I am giving my life… for you                so now I am giving my life… for you              so now I am giving my life… for you         so now I am giving my life

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