The propaganda myth of equality

Just as an infant has less power than mom does, and just as mom may have less power/influence than grandpa, wolves are able to kill and eat sheep. So what?


My new facebook friend “R.L” recently posted the above image. You, dear reader, may know that the above image is similar to images posted a few years ago featuring President George W. Bush.


Here are my comments to R.L., plus part of his reply:

What do you think is meant by “frauds?” Does that mean that influencing public perception is important to institutions? Does that mean that propaganda is important to them? Yes, some people exert more political power (directing perception of the masses) than others. So what?

R.L: exactly as it says.… Yes propaganda keeps you in line………. Bread and circuses!


-my reply back to him:


R.L., propaganda keeps some in line and also incites some to rebel in certain specific ways, like the tea party started by the ultra-rich Koch brothers (or the occupy movement, which might as well have also been started by them). Further, tanks and tear gas and bullets and bombs and handcuffs and chains are used to keep some in line.

If you think that there should be no lines, so what? There are lines.

There is propaganda. There is organized coercion. “There should be no lines” is to me a clear statement of propaganda programming. I have said such things, but what if they are ridiculous, naive, arrogant, and delusional?




hitler and obama


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