the linguistic symbol of an Almighty God

The idea of an Almighty implies that everything that actually happens is already the will of the almighty. God is not opposed to anything- not to fun, not to seriousness, nor to anything else. God creates all, including the devil and the experience of hell and so on.

The Ghent Altarpiece: God Almighty ( )

The Ghent Altarpiece: God Almighty (Notice the tiara of the King of Kings of the Holy Roman Empire/Babylonian Empire) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An almighty power would be like a trunk of a tree from which all other powers branch. There would be no conflicting power to an Almighty power. There would be no power beyond it or outside of the boundary of the category of “all power” as in all-powerful.

Yet, a devil may say “sure, God is almighty but only in accord with what I say and what I think. God is Almighty in general, but not in the specific matter of my personal salvation. In my own case, I obviously know better than god. I know how to identify what to be proud of and what to be ashamed of. I know the way to get to salvation eventually someday maybe.”

However, that last statement may presume many things that could be false, like that salvation is not immediately available and takes time to earn. What if salvation can be called a result of prior actions as well as a way of being? What if salvation itself is eternal, but it can take time to recognize salvation? The perception or recognition of salvation may arise at a particular time, perhaps as a result of a specific process or ritual sequence. But that is just the perception of something. What if the thing perceived is in fact eternal?


People may speak of God returning or God leaving and coming back. However, God is always here, never away.

Is god directly recognized now as Almighty or is that just a concept still, just a word that we repeat without understanding, like if we were learning a foreign language or the words to a song or new vocabulary? God is not Almighty because someone says so, like only as a result of the devil eventually conceding to be the instrument of God Almighty for the entirety of the existence of the devil.

crop of :File:MemlingJudgementOpen.jpg

crop of :File:MemlingJudgementOpen.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God is Almighty. God is not going to eventually become Almighty through some ritual. Rituals may be formulated by the Almighty God, as well as various religions, as a way for the branches of God to recognize what they have been from the beginning: branches of God Almighty.

Show me a branch and I will show you the branch of God. Show me a face and I will show you the face of God. Show me a word and I will show you the word of God. Speak and I will show you the voice of God. Breathe and I will show you the breath of God. Show me a temple and I will show you the temple of God. Show me a religion and I will show you the religion of God.

Who else can create a religion but the Almighty? Who else can create any creature but the Almighty? Name one creation of the Almighty that is not a creation of the Almighty. Name one threat to the Almighty. Name one competitor!

If God is Almighty, then everything you do is already the activity of God. If God is Almighty, then everything that is ever done is the activity of the Almighty.

(In the audio linked above from youtube, I elaborate further on how the capacity to perceive is the eternal creativity of the Almighty God.)

Almighty Records

Almighty Records (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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