How language “divides” us.

[Abraham Lincoln, candidate for U.S. president...

[Abraham Lincoln, candidate for U.S. president. Head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right, June 3, 1860] (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

Lincoln Memorial/Washington Monument, Aug 2009...

A statue of one of the sacred deities of modern American Mythology. Lincoln Memorial/Washington Monument, Aug 2009 – 10 (Photo credit: Ed Yourdon)

T.D. wrote: “Just saw [the new movie] Lincoln, A country born on war, division and violence has no positive foundation to stand on..A new Foundation must be created to build a beautiful house..”


J.R. replied: “What if all countries are born of war, borders, divisiveness, and organized coercion?”


T.D. then replied: “Then we must as individuals change our illusionary ways of being and within this cause a true change where there is no blame of anything outside ourselves. All ideas of nations, religion, and concepts create division and violence are confining ideals that stagnate the beauty of the gifts we have been been given.. The ability to think,,,use logic, have opinions, etc,, are what makes us human.. it can be our biggest curse or our biggest asset.. So far it has been the bane of our existence..”


An optical illusion. Square A is exactly the s...

An optical illusion. Square A is exactly the same shade of grey as square B. See demonstration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

J.R. then replied: “Notice the words that correspond to division: dividing human life from other life, what we must do from what we must not do/must stop doing, so-called illusory ways of being from some imagined ideal way of being which may or may not be realistic, and so on. Language is not an illusion, is it?

Language is a distinct subcategory of reality from physical sensation. However, there is no dividing outside of language.

Language. Sex. Violence. Other? (video)

Language. Sex. Violence. Other? (video) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine a stack of twigs. I unstack them and place the long ones on the right and the short ones to the left. I can call that “destroying the stack” and “dividing the short twigs from the long twigs.” So what?

Language isolates or “divides.” So what?

So I said earlier that language is a distinct subcategory of reality from physical sensation, but what isolates perception of physical sensation from perception of ideas or thoughts or language? Only language can do that isolating or dividing. To use the label “physical sensation” already presumes the operating of language (and the presence of consciousness or perceiving).

Is the capacity of language to isolate or divide a curse or an asset? Well it depends on how you LABEL it (relate to it)!

So, beware of blaming language. Using language to blame language might only be a way to divide you from it and it from you.”

Blaming the keeper

Blaming the keeper (the goal-keeper, a position on a soccer team) (Photo credit: illuminaut)


Distribution of language families and isolates...

Distribution of language families and isolates north of Mexico at first contact. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Polish-language map of North American continen...

Polish-language map of North American continent drainage divides (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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