on fear, courage, condemnation, and discernment

When I notice something unfamiliar, I may experience curiosity… or fright!  Whenever I fear something (familiar or unfamiliar), I may eventually say “that should not be,” which is a frightened judgment (based on the prior feeling of fear). 
I can even fear the loss of something, like in the case of jealousy… with a fear of the loss of a relationship, which is a specific kind or worry or anxiety. “What should I do,” I may ask- to prevent what I do not want, to protect my interests/promote my desires.
Scared child

Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A distinct way of relating (besides fearing something and then condemning it out of fear) is to champion something, which could be out of fear as well. I may want to build a dike or levy for protection from flooding (fear of loss due to flooding). I may champion that cause.
Another way of relating is curiosity. I can be curious about developments and patterns and then attempt to discern relationships and trends and make predictions (forecasts).
Now, about the case of certain trends in Arizona or in the US, many may say “I was surprised by them! I still do not like them. I fear the trend that I notice. Further, I blame a particular group (or even a single individual).”
Others may say about the same trends: “I noticed them earlier than most. I studied them. I have some speculations about what is going on and why. I even have some forecasts about what is predictable or at least probable. Here are some alternative actions and the risks and opportunities that I have identified.”
The first way of relating involves judgments. The second way of relating involves discernment. There may be some ongoing refinement for precision in the case of discernment, but there is no terrified condemnation required.
I can say a lot about many trends in Arizona, the US and elsewhere. For now, what I will say is that IF you did not understand them when they happened, THEN you would not have been able to confidently predict them. They would have surprised you. You might have even been disappointed or disturbed or disoriented by some recent developments. So, you might be on the verge of… curiosity (and learning).



Curiosity (Photo credit: Adam Crowe)

It is interesting how people respond to different statements that I make. People may show no interest or a lot. The interest may be shown through ridicule or enthusiastic conversation. Others may be very interested, but slow to show any particular interest.
Yes, certain economic and political trends are changing. No, not every forum or relationship is not a fit for the specific purpose of addressing what is changing and how and why. We can honor the opportunity to show our interests and then to recognize the ways that we show interest (condemnation, ridicule, curiosity, and so on). Okay!


– Bear dancing on the bones of the bulls



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One Response to “on fear, courage, condemnation, and discernment”

  1. santahatchronicles Says:

    I appreciate your thoughtfulness and care in this post. Thank you, too, for the ping back. Here’s to curiosity!

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