from contempt to humility: the key to The Kingdom of Heaven


Imagine saying to a nursing infant that “you are so selfish in drinking all of that milk from out of your mother’s breast! Why are you so mindlessly destructive of your mother’s total nutritional resources like that? You should be ashamed of your egotistical arrogance!”

breastfeedingvirgin mary breastfeeding baby jesusbreastfeeding
That is the nature of all shaming. That is the nature of all condemning of selfishness, of arrogance, of egotism, of desire, etc….  It is a panic, like a fright.

Shaming is a form of selfishness and competitiveness, which are all unavoidable manifestations of the normal and universal desire to receive (the egoic desire). The maximum extreme of competitiveness or divisiveness is to condemn others for competitiveness (for their egoic desire to receive).

In other words, condemning competitiveness is a form of competitiveness- a focus on what “the other” should not be doing (or should be doing). That is jealousy. The reason that someone else’s normal and innate desire to receive is perceived as a threat is because of one’s own desire to receive being unfulfilled. That jealousy or envy can lead to arrogant shaming.

“My way is the only right way! Your way must be wrong because it is only 93% alike with my way. Wait- no, holy mother of God, your way is like only 87% alike with my way. That is just disturbing and disgusting and totally unacceptable!”

mother nursing infantbreastfeeding

This is also called both arrogance and naivete. All arrogance is inherently naive (innocent, ignorant, immature). Condemning arrogance, again, would just be another instance of arrogance. Condemning naivete is itself an instance of naivete.

(Just as the condemning of any instance of condemning is itself another instance of condemning. Societies shame. Get over it. Some of them even have legal systems to punish “anti-social” behavior. Get over it. Some people even protest how a particular societies regulate behavior. Get over that, too. If some people shame other people for protesting something, get over that as well. In the famously concise words of Jesus: “Condemn not.”)

breastfeeding protestnursing breastfeeding

protester arrestedwomen strip

activist arrestedspraying milk on cop

Humility is the gateway or key to The Kingdom of Heaven. However, humility is impossible until arrogance has manifested. Arrogance is the branch from which humility grows. Without the contrasting pattern of arrogance, humility is not distinctly recognizable.

Another word for humility is repentance, as well as the word forgiveness. Can we forgive others for their condemnations, their terrified shamings, their panicked animosity, their insecure arrogance, their sinfulness, their offensiveness, their trespasses?

Another word for arrogant naivete is sin (as well as guilt). When there is a guilt for the egoic desire to receive, then there may be an outward or externalized/projected condemnation of others for the universal human quality of the desire to receive.

court gavel

That condemning is also known as contempt. There can be dramatic consequences for the practice of contempt, especially contempt for well-organized operations of violence and coercion. In fact, disobedience (non-compliance) even without contempt can result in various types of punishment.

spankingnun ruler

jesus whippedcrucifixion

Systematic punishment for violations of social norms (as dictated by local warlords, gang leaders, judges, legislators and so on) are not considered contempt, though there can be tremendous violence in such systems of punishment or “correction.” These systems of organized aggression monopolize the use of coercion and extortion (to collect tax claims which are dictated “out of thin air”). What gives purchasing power to the currencies declared by those court systems to be acceptable in payment of the invented debts of the taxpayers/underwriters) is the unmitigated threat of violence made by the armed officers of the court systems of coercive justice.

Is there a reflexive reaction of contempt for all “fiat currency” systems and the court systems behind them, for all governments, all armies, all operations of violence? Can there be a simple recognition of what they are, of how common they are throughout the last several thousand years, of why so many people continue to create them and sustain them and participate in them by “consenting under duress to their coercion?”

Thousands of years ago, court systems mined from the earth rare minerals like gold and silver, then demanded that the masses use that specific currency token (the coin of the realm) to pay the invented tax debts of the masses. This stimulated demand for gold and silver, as well as for fiat currencies today. Because the court backed that “casino token” with acts of premeditated violence, people used that token and were willing to accept it from other civilians, knowing that later they would be forced to pay taxes (using that form of currency) by the thugs or soldiers of the court system.

cops in blockade

gaza bombingiran missiles

Beyond the extremes of contempt, a total humility is possible. Contempt, sin, arrogance, and guilt are great allies in the developing of humility and the desire to bestow. This is the origin of sayings like “it is better to be generous than to be so terrified that one is greedy” or “it is better to give than to receive” or “if you are willing to receive, then give.” However, to abuse or bash or shame people with the idea that they should be more giving (or less shaming, less violent, less competitive and more cooperative) is, again, the hypocritical extreme of contempt, of guilt, of sin, of divisiveness, of competitiveness, of inner distress, of panic, of hysteria.

You cannot shame a hurricane in to becoming a breeze. You cannot shame an army in to pacifism. You cannot shame a missile to not detonate. You cannot shame an empire in to a truce.

iran coverage - shock and awe

Or can you? Demoralization of enemy combatants is the first principle of psychological warfare, right?

police beating civilianprotester injured

gaza violence

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Madonna of humility by Fra Angelico, c. 1430.

Madonna of humility by Fra Angelico, c. 1430. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A meeting of the North American Compe...

English: A meeting of the North American Competitiveness Council. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

prostrate to pope


good friday

cross bloody

Corcovado jesus

Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)



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  1. jrfibonacci Says:

    Naima wrote [english translation]:

    “there is no more extraordinary and wonderful [thing than] a mother breastfeeding her baby.”

    (french with unknown Arabic at end:) “ya pas plus extraordinaire et plus formidable qu’une maman allaite son bebe SOUBHANA ALLAH WA BI HAMDIH!”

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