Libertarians agonize over “free market interference”

English: The Seal of the Drug Enforcement Admi...

English: The Seal of the Drug Enforcement Administration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The presumption that certain activities are inherently “market interference” while other activities are not… is questionable. Who says what is “legitimate economic activity” and what is a crime? Who says what should be and what should not be?

What is “interference?” Are any of these interference:

Taxation? Extortion? Tariffs? Subsidies? Embargoes? War? Government-sponsored manufacturing? Government-supported public education? Health-care? Mandated health insurance?

English: A North American Free Trade Agreement...

English: A North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Logo. Español: Logotipo del Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte (TLCAN). Français : Logo de Accord de libre-échange nord-américain (ALENA). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ultimately, all activity influences the entire rest of “the market.” What happens in China or Libya does (eventually) influence all of the rest of reality. Hurricanes and wars and theft are all possible forms of “market interference.” Disease and drought and termites are all “free market interference,” too, right?

In Colorado and Washington, the state governments will not criminalize marijuana, but what if the US DEA and other Federal Agents still prosecute marijuana-related crimes in Colorado? What happens to state prisoners convicted of marijuana offenses? Any change? What if the UN and the local county government get in to a dispute about the proper interpretation of a clause of an agreement of NAFTA or NATO? How will disputes between different operations of organized coercion (governments) be resolved?

Drug Enforcement Administration badge.

Drug Enforcement Administration badge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ultimately, the court system is force. A court system attempts to monopolize force (coercion, extortion, execution) by punishing unauthorized/unlicensed coercion, extortion, execution. Court systems extort their domestic population through taxation, dictating what forms of payment are acceptable. If that is Euro or silver or a lamb, that is at the discretion of courts. Court violence creates local demand for a particular form of payment.

Governments define “unauthorized interference,” then, typically, eventually break their own rules and hide the fact that they broke the rules that they enforce on others and even promised to keep. But who will hold them accountable? Since there is no one to police the top levels of the police, we can call the top levels of any modern police state “the ruling warlords.”

Drug Enforcement Administration N999ZY

Drug Enforcement Administration N999ZY (Photo credit: Drewski2112)

So, borrowing is interference (at least sometimes). Selling is interference (at least sometimes). Stealing is interference (at least sometimes). Buying is interference (at least sometimes). Taxing is interference (at least sometimes). Government is interference (at least sometimes). Commerce is interference.


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