For recovering libertarians / “gold bugs”


Sophiendukat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, you hate the Federal Reserve and the IRS because they are mean, rude, unfair and powerful. I used to have the same opinion. In fact, I may still agree completely with those opinions, but all that may be quite irrelevant (and immature).

Here are my basic points, again, for “gold bugs” who religiously worship the holy ideal of a currency backed by a gold-standard:

Rockefeller Plaza

Rockefeller Plaza (Photo credit: sscalavera)

1) Demand for gold is not primarily for some practical application, but simply as a speculative “store of value” (for resale, for converting in to some other valuable- like food, fuel, rent money, etc…).

2) For thousands of years, governments have cultivated demand for gold by accepting it as a payment for taxes.

Note that in ancient times, governments monopolized access to gold mines. They protected their monopoly by using armies to protect the mines from the long lines of people who wanted to mine gold for their private personal use- oops, no, just kidding. (Common people had absolutely no interest in gold for personal use. The common people wanted gold when governments demanded that people pay taxes using gold.).

North Penn Tactical Response Team of Montgomer...

Soldiers or “Peace Officers:” North Penn Tactical Response Team of Montgomery County Pennsylvania, practicing Cellular Team Tactics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the 1840s, the gold rush was a rational opportunism. Many governments still accepted gold for payment of taxes. However, as masses of people could easily access gold, that reduced the attractiveness of gold from the perspective of governments who wanted to maintain elitist monopolies. The idea of fiat currencies to control the masses was soon to follow.

English: Polish State Police (Policja Państwow...

English: Polish State Police (Policja Państwowa) before 1939 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Seat of Government

The Seat of Government (Photo credit: Ewan-M)

3) The organized extortion rackets of governments is the basis of all currencies as well as for all consumer demand for those currencies, including the “pseudo-currencies” of gold and silver.

G Masonry

G Masonry (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

4) Religions govern. They teach values, as in valuations, as in promote certain behaviors and discourage others.

That one may not be important to you yet, but your lack of clarity about it may be a factor in not getting the connection between the Vatican’s 50 tons of gold, the crusades, the inquisition, the UN, the IMF, the coronation of monarchs throughout the Holy Roman Empire, the rituals of court proceedings throughout the civilized world for the last several thousand years, the creation of port authorities, passports, and birth certificates to facilitate commerce within the Holy Roman Empire, the advance of merchant admiralty law/UCC, and so many other details. If you lack clarity or familiarity with how all of these relate directly to gold markets, that would be normal and predictable. You probably also think that the destruction of World Trade Center #7 on 9/11/2001 was a strange mystery that “the media really should have covered more.” But what was stored in vaults under building #7? What “disappeared” from those vaults that morning in the midst of the great distraction of the two towers? How does the Vatican use the mass media to govern the attention, perception, and behavior of it’s target audience? Wasn’t 9/11 exactly what George W Bush and Colin Powell said it was? Why would they lie? Why would Mr. Rockefeller have any interest in the value of his own investments? Why would the Vatican? Why was a rare metal like gold selected by ancient Talmudic priesthoods as both a target of worship and of shame? Why do the perceptions and behaviors of the masses matter so much to the elite? 😉

Riot Squad on Yonge Street

Riot Squad on Yonge Street (Photo credit: Christos Tsirbas)

Mason G

Mason G (Photo credit: firemind)


Storm Trooper @ LucasArts HQ

Storm Trooper @ LucasArts HQ (Photo credit: Chris Makarsky)


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