Holy Roman Imperial temples in London and Washington

It’s one of the most recognized buildings in the world:

st pauls cathedral

st pauls cathedral london

st pauls cathedral

It’s the seat of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of England in the City of London: St. Paul’s Cathedral. For perspective, let’s keep in mind that Latin is the language of the elite in the UK, from which the system of the US emerged (the secret or occult language of the royalty and of the agents or priests of the court system- barristers, lawyers, attorneys). If you want to be a practitioner in the field of law in the the UK, in order to seek admission, you first can choose to join the club of the Inner Temple or Middle Temple. (Those are the names of the actual organizations through which one can become a legal practitioner in the UK.)

city of london

That is the crest of the corporation of the City of London (an elite banking center in downtown London). That 1 square mile territory within London is where what some people call “the financial rulers of the world” are headquartered.

Here is the UK flag featuring the “double cross:”

britihs flag

Here are some similar buildings:

us capitol


us capitol

Millions of people have tremendous emotional affinity to these buildings and consider these buildings holy, even going on pilgrimages just to visit the holy sites in Washington, London, and of course the Vatican in Rome.

capitol building

st peter's rome

Herds of people flock to these locations to hear what their leaders dictate to them as to what behaviors are good or bad, right or wrong, lawful or criminal, subsidized or penalized. They learn what Santa Claus promises to reward and what the soldiers of the Holy Empire will punish. Long before Moses and Abraham, this system began in Babylon with the priesthoods that claimed authority as the exclusive descendents of the Supreme, Almighty God (whether named  in various middle eastern languages Mithras or Ra or Jehovah), hence the phrase “the divine right of kings.”




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One Response to “Holy Roman Imperial temples in London and Washington”

  1. catholicboyrichard Says:

    Thanks for leaving a referral to my blog! Interestingly, we are studying the history of Cathedrals in my Anglican History class this week, so these images are eerily familiar…

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