Diamond cartels, “bubble values,” & cheating

This is a reply to a private correspondence. Let’s review some basics before we get in to the idea of prices, valuation, and legal definitions of cheating/fraud.

A rose-cut synthetic diamond created by Apollo...

A rose-cut synthetic diamond created by Apollo Diamond using a patented chemical vapour deposition process. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many distinct cultures in the world today (& across history). Each of them involve influencing the attention and perception and behavior of individuals. You can call that good or bad, but even any values/evaluations of “good” and “bad” are culturally specific, not universal.

If we broaden our scope to biology & ecology, we see that many species of animal are social, with behavioral norms and also occasional deviance from the norms. Maybe some of the behavioral norms are genetic and maybe some of the deviance is from genetic mutation (as in evolution, but also the “epigenetics” of things like how what we EAT triggers different code within the DNA sequence, so two identical twins with identical DNA can have very different physiology, neurochemistry, and behavior because of different diets and so forth).

English: 2 of diamonds.

English: 2 of diamonds. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, now let’s look at “cheating.” In the card game of poker, deceiving the opponents is a common part of the game. In many sports, competing athletes fake one direction & then go another.

Cheating is a broad category that may include lying, stealing, and extortion. I am saying that all currency systems (and all court systems) are based on extortion (AKA taxes). I am not condemning taxation or extortion or “cheating.” In fact, the reality is that because court systems have so much concentration of military power (deputy soldiers), the various courts can define “cheating” in different ways- maybe to drive without a license is cheating in one jurisdiction, but in another jurisdiction, it is simply illegal for women to drive (or perhaps only women between the ages of 20 and 60) – they do not have the right to obtain a license at all.

Jewellery and other luxury goods are used for ...

Jewellery and other luxury goods are used for conspicuous and/or invidious consumption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So let’s be clear that not only across human history, but even today, there are vast ranges of social norms. With the diamond industry, there is a tight control of the supply of diamonds to the general public. Why? Because controlling supply allows for the maintenance of artificial scarcity.

Once the diamond cartel had control of supply, then they went on a big campaign to make diamonds popular- to manufacture demand through funding Hollywood movies that were 90 minute advertisements climaxing in the romantic emotional scene in which the handsome leading man offers the diamond ring to the gorgeous model actress. This was not “product placement,” but the writing of movies around the product.

DeBeers set up photo-ops with the Hollywood stars and also with British royalty to wear “free” diamond jewelry supplied by the cartel. The cartel set up the media showcase of diamond jewelry, including at huge media orgies called “award shows.”

So, that marketing campaign was hugely successful, with diamonds becoming associated first with wedding rings, then with anniversary jewelry and engagement rings. The success of their ploy is distinctive.

(When a lot of people started re-selling their diamond jewelry, then the DeBeers slogan changed from “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” to “diamonds are forever.” They wanted to make people feel guilty- like they were hexing their marriage or being somehow unfaithful- if they sold their old anniversary jewelry. The new marketing campaign, like the others before it, worked very well.)

The diamond cartel was behind all of those cultural values- from glamourizing diamond rings to discouraging people from pawning old diamond jewelry. “Pawn other jewelry, but not the diamonds, because those diamonds are forever.”

When synthetic diamond production was invented a few decades back, the cartel swung in to action to make sure that only small “industrial grade” diamond were synthesized. Otherwise, there tight restrictions on supply would collapse and prices would plummet.

I mention all this because the history of the diamond cartel is recent (in the last 150 years) and rather well-documented. They created wars, forcing masses of people in to armies and slavery conditions in work camps, also creating the Apartheid regime to supply compliant workers to their mines. We could call their campaign “evil” or “cheating,” but you probably have some diamond jewelry and as long as you can exchange it for other things of value, that is the real social valuation (price) that you can obtain for that item. If their supply controls ceased, any diamond jewelry you own would plummet in value.

carats (0 mg) round diamond engagement ring.

carats (0 mg) round diamond engagement ring. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, it is not cheating to sell a home for $200,000 shortly before it drops in price to $100,000. The same is true for a stock or an ounce of gold or a diamond. Prices fluctuate.

Demand is social. Demand is manufactured by advertising- influenced by marketing and coercion and wars, such as the invasion of resource-rich regions (and other “diplomatic” influence such as assassinations).

Certain powerful people (as in judges AKA warlords, popes, etc) define what is cheating and what is not. To the diamond cartel, they effectively defined synthetic production of jewelry-grade diamonds as cheating. They lobbied and protected a monopoly.

If a court system monopolized access to diamond mines (and protected their monopoly through coercion so that synthetic production of diamonds did not interfere with their monopoly), then the court system could claim tax liabilities from people (which is otherwise known as extortion) and the court system could require that the taxes (extorted protection money) be paid in whatever form of payment the court system dictates, such as diamonds or gold. If the physical substance used in the  currency is rare and access to it is monopolized by the court system, that is a viable currency.

In fact, that is how gold coins came to be used as money. Gold was rare, so it was easy for secret societies like the Vatican and the Babylonian Kabbalists to obtain a monopoly or near monopoly on gold and gold mines, and then demand payment in the substance that only they possessed. They could have done the same thing with platinum or palladium, but gold along with silver were the main currency metals within the imperial churches of Babylon, Egypt, and Rome (which still rules today).

When court systems compete against reach other, then you have forex markets in which there are very precise measurements of how currency values fluctuate. How much organized violence does a particular currency buy from the soldiers of a particular court system? When the US Confederacy was defeated in the US Civil War, their currency went from having purchasing power (representing the military force AKA “full faith and credit” of the Confederacy) to having no purchasing power, since there was no network of coercion to back the little coupons of ink on paper.

So, what I promote is refraining from condemnation (see my prior blog post) to promote clarity. What you are terrified by and ashamed of, you cannot calmly study and understand. So, it is important that the Zionists and the Vatican traumatize the masses with emotional repulsion from certain subjects so as to keep people from recognizing the simplicity of their systems of social influence, to forbid most people from clarity and knowledge about “good and evil.” On the other hand, I have no condemnation for their system. In fact, I may be quite committed to maintaining it.

Vatican Gardens

Vatican Gardens (Photo credit: MarcelGermain)


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